Ahhhh....the 80's the fond memories they bring back, who would of guessed in the years where the Care Bears, Smurfs and guys that looked like chicks ruled! That if you knew where to look you could find some of the best metal ever made from the bands Iron Maiden, Manowar and Judas Priest! The metal torch they carried showed the world the brillance and power of metal, and from that gleaming torch embers of molten metal drifted down under to MELBOURNE where they were caught by two growing boys who quickly absorbed them into their very being. They soon learned to harness that power and with it they would summon a PEGAZUS and spread the wisdom of "the ones who came before" to a new age.........until one day some annoying dweeb tricked them into playing "almost 20 questions".
Robbie Stoj sets the pace at which the Pegazus soars with his drum kit and as he was trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me he had this to say.......

Prof.ManiC: When you guys formed Pegazus what were your hopes for the band? Have you surpassed them?
Robbie Stoj: To be given the chance to play what we like and also to carry the flame of traditional metal. We have come a long way and we intend to keep going until we're old men with walking sticks...hahaha
Prof.ManiC: I haven't read a bad Pegazus review yet.... what do you think is your secret to having abit of something everyone will like?
Robbie Stoj: I guess that our songs have alot of our influences that coincide within the music. We don't try to play the flavour of the year music, we just strive to play kick arse metal always!
Prof.ManiC: Whats your proudest moment ever while being in Pegazus? Whats your favorite/funniest moment?
Robbie Stoj: I guess the proudest moment for me would have to be when Johnny asked me to join Pegazus when I was only 15 years old. The funniest moment would have to be when we played in a new club here in Melbourne and the stage was just built and the carpet was not secure and about one minute into our set, my drum kit started to spread out and seperate while trying to play...hahaha
Prof.ManiC: Was the Mercyful Fate part on "Witches Hex" planned ahead of time or was it something that you guys decided to add? Who does that King Diamondish laugh anyways?
Robbie Stoj: No, I guess we just didn't think of it like that, it was definitely planned and written that way actually. I was the one who did that laugh on the CD and I must say that I was very inspired by the wicked witch of the west in Wizard of Oz for that small part....hahaha
Prof.ManiC: Is the bands biggest following in Australia or is it elsewhere?
Robbie Stoj: We have quite a few Pegazus fans in Australia but definitely a larger following overseas in Europe, South America, Japan and the USA.
Prof.ManiC: I have the videos "Braveheart" and "Cry Out" and i know you have another one too. How much time and money went into making them? Was the "Twisted Sister" cheeziness on the "Cry Out" video intended or just a result of no budget and inexperience? Who thought of Prof. Harry Balsac? Will the newer fans get a chance to see the videos or hear "Pain is my friend" or "Our Father"?
Robbie Stoj: We never had a big budget when we did those clips and we were still unsigned too. Most of the props were mainly scenery and some small items that we found we could use from here and there. One of our best friends Dom plays the role of Prof.Harry Balsac and he was the one who came up with the idea of the name. I guess not too many people get to see our clips which is a bit of a shame. Our label in Europe and the USA definitely should release them for the fans. The Twisted Sister style of clip for Cry Out was definitely intended...that's what metal clips need to get back to, not all that overdone production. I think that the band is planning to release a full on home video next year that will have all the video clips and stuff which should be very cool....
Prof.ManiC: What do you and Johnny do to pay the bills outside the band??
Robbie Stoj: Well, Johnny's job is Pegazus, he eats and sleeps Pegazus day in day out...but myself, I'm a Motor Mechanic and I'm working for a Ford dealership here in Melbourne.
Prof.ManiC: What made you decide to play drums when you were growing up? Why not bass or guitar?
Robbie Stoj: I've played drums ever since I was a small child. In alot of really young photo's of me I am with a drum of some sort...always liked making noise by hitting things. I've always admired playing drums and it's a really great thing to let out frustration and anger by hitting the skins. I think the reason for not wanting to play guitar or bass would have to be because you have to have a lower IQ than a drummer...hahahaha
Prof.ManiC: I'll name a couple drummers I like and you let me know what you think about their style.... Snowy Shaw ex-member of mercyful fate/king diamond:
Robbie Stoj: Extraordinary drummer and very responsive playing and structural style...I like his playing alot!
Prof.ManiC: John Osborne of Seven Witches/Metalium (ex Savatage)?
Robbie Stoj: I've only heard a couple of tracks and from what I heard sounded very cool.
Prof.ManiC: Who are some other drummers that you think people should check out?
Robbie Stoj: Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Vinnie Appice (Dio), Tommy Aldridge, Scott Travis (Judas Priest), Charlie Benante (Anthrax), Paul Bostaf (Slayer), Virgil Donati, Dom Famaliaro, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre) and Eric Singer.
Prof.ManiC: What are some of your favorite newer metal bands around now? What part of them has you hooked?
Robbie Stoj: I don't listen to much newer stuff at all, I'm pretty much like Johnny still stuck in the 80's metal era most of the time but I do like our label mates Primal Fear...they are great!
Prof.ManiC: What effect will the Olympics have on Ausrtalia this summer? Are you into that stuff? Is it already getting crazy down there because of them?
Robbie Stoj:< There is quite alot of people talking and preparing for the Olympics but I'm not a big fan of sports...I'm more into motor racing instead. All I'd like to say anyway is, Go Australia Go!...hahahaha
Prof.ManiC: Since my page is devoted to metal and using it to help people control or at least understand their emotions, mind telling us what you like to do when your feeling down or pissed off to take you mind off it?
Robbie Stoj: Well, I've always returned to my influences and I love listening to old metal really loud or I like working with cars or just having a good solid bash on my drum kit to get rid of stress and shit.
Prof.ManiC: If you could form a "SUPERGROUP" with anyone in the world(or time) who would you pick and why? What would be the aim or message of the band?
Robbie Stoj: Bruce Dickinson (Vocals), Randy Rhoads (Guitar), Rudy Sarzo (Bass) and Nicko McBrain (Drums)
Prof.ManiC: What other hobbies or interests do you have? What are some of your favorite books and movies?
Robbie Stoj: Cars, Music, Cars, Music and more Cars......hahaha I like reading the books written by Chopper Reid who is a well known Australian criminal...a really great read! My favourite movies would have to be ScarFace and The Excorcist.
Prof.ManiC: Any final comments?
Robbie Stoj: Firstly, I'd like to thank you for this interview because it's not often at all that drummers get asked to do interviews and it's a great way for fans to get to know the other members in the band too...and to all you true Metal Maniacs out there in the USA, thank you and keep raising your fists for metal...hope to see you one day soon!
Prof.ManiC: For more info on this great power metal band check out..