This time we go abit deeper into the human psyche with Tom Englund the founder/guitarist/vocalist of the band EVERGREY. Evergrey is one of those bands that are hard to describe because they are kinda of doing their own thing, but to give you my impression of them try to picture a progressive version of the SENTENCED teaching a psychology class a chapter on depression and how it leads deeper into solitude.
Prof.ManiC: Well I guess I'll start off by asking why the name Evergrey?
Tom Englund :
Well at the time when we founded the name we were in a depressive stage of our lives nothing was black or whote and nothing really mattered or affected us in any way so therefor we felt that we were stuck in an neverending Greyzone and that is why the name is as it is.
Prof.ManiC: How long has the band been in existence? Who are the founding members? How did the band end up happening?
Tom Englund:
Me and Dan started up EVERGREY in 1995 after we had been playing together since 1989 and after we had wrote some songs we quickly found Patrick and our former bassplayer Daniel
Prof.ManiC: Before "Dark Discovery" how much recording experience did you have? How hard was it to record both vocals and guitars? Did you record both at the same time?
Tom Englund:
we had recorded some demos with different bands throughout the years so we knew at least what a studio was when we record we always record everything separately so it was no problem the problems came later on when I had to learn to sing and play at the same time, but practice conquers all
Prof.ManiC: What are the Hardest songs for you to play live??
Tom Englund: No songs are nowadays to hard to paly live we are to well rehearsed for thet but the first few gigs I personally had some small problems with "a scattered me" and "Nosferatu"
Prof.ManiC: How many copies of "Dark Discovery" have you guys sold? What are the expections for "Solitude Dominance Tragedy"? How is the response to you guys from the states?
Tom Englund:
We maybe sold like 7-8000 copies of the first and up til now we have at least tripled that amount and the response have been fantastic from all over but in the USA we are having problems with finding the right label for us and since we played the Powermad festival in baltimore last year our fanbase has increased drastically!
Prof.ManiC: Who are some of the vocalists and guitar players you really admire today? Who would you love to tour with?
Tom Englund:
For vocalists I really love Russel Allen of Symphony X and as far as guitarplayers goes I really admire a good friend of mine named Mattias Ia Eklundh who plays in a band called Freak Kitchen and has released solo albums as well be sure to check him out his latest release is out on Steve Vai´s label and called Freak guitar!
Prof.ManiC: What is it like to work with a great guitarist like ANDY LA ROCQUE? What do you think of his style with King Diamond and his in your face style with the disbanded illwill? By the way next time you see him tell him to do another awesome illwill ablum!!
Tom Englund:
Nowadays it is not really that special since both us and our families are good friends but in the beginning it was a real honour and I relaly love andy´s tone and vibrato whoch I find is one of the best in the world I also found Illwill to be a cool break off from his ordinary music with the King I will be sure to tell him that!!
Prof.ManiC: Beside Producing you guys what else does he do with all the "off" time from King Diamond?
Tom Englund:
He records other bands in his studio but you should really ask him these questions
Prof.ManiC: Since I haven't been able to track down "Solitude Dominance Tragedy" yet.. what will be some of issues the lyrics bring up?
Tom Englund:
Well a bit of the same as on TDD but the whole album is involving solitude in one way or another and what it can to with you and how you read others in such circumstances
Prof.ManiC: What will be going on musically compared to "Dark Discovery"?
Tom Englund:
We have of course progressed a lot since the recording of TDD adn therefor we have also found our way more and today know where we want to take EVERGREY musically.
Prof.ManiC: In the credits of "Dark Discovery" why did you put the following phrases... "Bernt Olsson who I am sorry to say inspired me to write Dark Discovery" and "Finally huge fuck off to Tobbe Jorgensen andd Dzynamite records may you all suffer eternally" what did these people do to get on the bands bad side?
Tom Englund:
Bernt Olsson died of cancer and was a good friend of my family and he did not do anything bad I just dedicate the album to his memory Tobbe Jörgenssen is just an asshole and doeasn´t deserve any extra attention let´s just leave it at that.
Prof.ManiC: Some of your lyrics have a very doom and gloom feeling to you also suffer from depression and low self-esteem?If so what do you do to fight these feelings? Or is it just songwriting to you?
Tom Englund:
No , at least not any more but I have been through a lot of shit in my life and my lyrics reflects that. and the songwriting serves as a therapy for me
Prof.ManiC: What the coolest thing a EverGrey fan has ever done or said to show his loyalty? Whats the craziest thing a fan has ever done? .
Tom Englund:
we had a fan running after us once from our hotel and all the way up to Akropolis in Athens which is like a really long way and just to tell us that he loved us and that we were Gods that was pretty cool but also a bit scary
Prof.ManiC: What were/are some of your favorite practice methods for improving your guitar playing ability and singing? What advice would you give to some one trying to improve at either?
Tom Englund:
I actually dont practice guitar anymore at all but the singing , I always sing when I am driving in my car and when I am walking around i the house , when I am showering, in that way I always keep the singning updated and learns from it as well
Prof.ManiC: Any Final Comments?
Tom Englund:
be sure to visit for the latest news from the world of EVERGREY Stay grey and keep up the darkside