You know what? Metal needs women with metal mentalities and just not vocalists who are collecting a paycheck till they get their big break in REAL music (cough Nightwish,the Gathering, whatevertheirnameis Coil cough). If you like your women with attitudes then you should check out BETTYBLOW TORCH! They may not be TRUE METAL but they put on a great live show and have an entertaining cd which is more then I can say for the above mentioned LULLABY METAL bands. As I drooled over Guitarist Blare N. Bitch she told me the following about herself and BETTY BLOWTORCH.
Prof.ManiC: To start off can you give me some info on the history and how BettyBlow Torch came into existence?
Blare N. Bitch: Betty Blowtorch came out of the ashes of Butt Trumpet, myself Sharon and Bianca played together in that band. After B.T. broke up Sharon played in a band with Judy called Bobsled. After a year we missed playing with together (Sharon, Bianca and myself) and decided to form another band, more rock than punk. We asked Judy if she wanted to play and she fit right in.
Prof.ManiC: How was the band name and each member name selected?
Blare N. Bitch: It just kinda happened over time, although Judy is changing her name to Slugger.
Prof.ManiC: What influences do you and the band draw from? What odd ball influences do you or the other members draw from that surprisingly show up in the final product?
Blare N. Bitch: We listen to everything from Ramones to Poision to AC/DC to Stones. I think we draw alot from bands we play with on the road, from Nashville Pussy, Hangman, Candy Ass, Dingleberry Dynasty, Vanilla Ice :-).
Prof.ManiC: So how has the response for "Are you man enough" been? In the states? Overseas? Where seems to be your biggest following?
Blare N. Bitch: The response has been great. Detriot, Ohio, St Louis, Boston, NYC, New Orleans, Texas etc the turnout has been great ! We have not been to Canada or Europe, .....soon hopefully we have plans to head out by spring. We get alot of hits on our website from these places, it's very encouraging.
Prof.ManiC: :You gals just got back from a tour and are headed back out again. Has the response been that positive or is it just that you gals just love touring that much or is it just that you dont have anything better to do?
Blare N. Bitch: Well our goal is to spend as much of the record company money as possible. Unfortunately they're not springing for all new equipment, tour bus and five star hotels, ya know the ones with the statues/fountains outside of them. We love to tour and we are a touring band, we don't like to sit home for very long. What's the point of sitting home when we could be out rocking and causing trouble.
Prof.ManiC: Being a dumb guy and proud of it. How does "that time of the month" take its toll on the tour/show and the band morale? Or does it just make you meaner and nastier on stage!?
Blare N. Bitch: On stage is probably the happiest you'll see us during 'that' time of the month.
Prof.ManiC: What praise have you gals received that means more to you then anything else? why?
Blare N. Bitch: We played Lexington Ky recently, the show was great, those guys know how to party, after all was said and done our roadie was packing up and found a small bag of pumpkins seeds next to Sharon's amp that had her name written on every single pumpkin seed. Crazy or what that was the coolest thing.
Talk about fans !
Prof.ManiC: How does BettyBlow Torch usually write new music? Is there someone in charge of lyrics,music,etc or is it a complete band project from start to finish? Do you gals write on tour?
Blare N. Bitch: We all contribute. Sometimes someone brings in a song half finished or just a lick and we all write our own parts and arrange the songs until it feels good. We wrote Hell on Wheels on the road.
Prof.ManiC: Whats the inside word on the next cd? Pretty much the same attitude and style? Any songs already done?
Blare N. Bitch: We have lots of ideas, no songs written yet but we're starting to think about it a little more seriously these days. More rock, more sex and more attitude.
Prof.ManiC: Just Wondering, If Betty BlowTorch was locked in a big empty room with the following bands: GWAR,KITTIE,KORN,JUDAS PRIEST,POISON,LIMP BISKIT and IRON MAIDEN who would you gals kick the shit out,who would you rape and who would you cuddle with? why?
Blare N. Bitch: Personally I would kick the shit of of Korn, rape Kittie and cuddle GWAR and then shoot myself.
Prof.ManiC: Were any of you girls in the infamous CYCE SLUTS FROM HELL? If your familar with them what did you think of them,their music and their members names?
Blare N. Bitch: I think it was pretty fucked up around that time, I remembered that they we're the shit for awhile and everyone was rooting for them to conquer the world. I don't remember more than that.
Prof.ManiC: What females artists/celebrities do you think are awesome role models for others? Which ones do you think are a joke and should give it up?
Blare N. Bitch: Joan Jett rules, wish she played out more often, I think all girl bands rock, even if they suck they rule for doing it anyway. All the fucking pop stars can kiss my ass. I don't get what pleasure or inspiration anyone gets from listening to that meaningless shit.
Prof.ManiC: So how you four can play on a 10x10 ft stage in a dive bar and use cheap ass fireworks and not get messed up but Metallica cant when they have huge stages,real equiment and people to help them? What was the worst accident so far?
Blare N. Bitch: Can't really say (or wont) but we've had a couple of smokey messes and many sirens comin' our way. But we never burnt down a club, yet !
Prof.ManiC: When your depressed,pissed off or just plain miserable how do you ease the pain? What gives you sanity in insane times?
Blare N. Bitch: Listening to music really loud and play music really loud. Watching Nick-at-Nite
Prof.ManiC: Any final comments?
Blare N. Bitch: Our hearts go out to New York (& DC), we were just in NY. I want everyone who plays in a band to keep on rocking, get out there and play in clubs, bars, garages, everywhere and anywhere and play your music loud and hard - and support each other ! The music begins and ends with us, so let's kick some ass with some ROCK-N-ROLL !!!!!!!!