CAGE is a pure heavy metal monster from sunny SAN DIEGO, they are fronted
by a vocal monster by the name of SEAN PECK. This guy makes RIPPER OWENS
and RALF SCHEEPERS sound like jokes! He comes up with vocal harmonies that
"Ripper" only dreams of and he sings with a shitload more emotion then technical Scheepers.
Plus the fact that he and his band members come up with better music then the
has been Priest and never have been Matt Sinner, makes these guys a force.
They should be the ones getting carted around the world instead of the before mentioned bums.

But what do I know I'm only a metal fan and not a record label! But I know one thing for
sure, I know GREAT METAL when it bitch slaps me! And CAGE is it! So get off your ass
and get their CD ASTROLOGY, it will make you want to use your Priest Cd's as beer coasters!
Thanks to Sean Peck for the interview and giving me a reason to go on!!

Prof.ManiC: Can you please give me a brief musical history of yourself and how that led you being a member of CAGE?
SEAN PECK: I started singing with a cover band in college at San Diego State University, where we played Louie Louie and Beatles shit and then would bust into songs such as Iron Maiden's The Trooper and Judas Priest songs. It was killer. After that I went into NOMAD which was a sick power metal group but broke up and led to the formation of CAGE. We put this band together as metal was going way underground as the coming of the grunge era approached.
Prof.ManiC: How do you think the CAGE sound evolved from "Unveiled" to "Astrology"? How will that sound continue to evolve on the upcoming album?
SEAN PECK: Everything progressed. From the addition of Mikey Niel on drums, to the development of my voice into the upper head voice register and to the overall song writing there was a major upgrade. It is nice to hear from the fans and critics who overwhelmingly agreed that ASTROLOGY was a masterpiece and a major leap for the band. We definitely wanted to avoid the sophomore jinx, which is that so many bands suck on their second release. The new cd "DARKER THAN BLACK" is just as much a major leap forward as the last leap. The vocals are so diverse and layered people are blown away so far. The song writing is state of the art for this genre. I believe some other bands are going to be pissed when they here this, as we have just set the bar so high that most other groups won't be able to reach it.
Prof.ManiC: What will be waiting for me on the new album when I fork over $17 bucks of my hard earned cash to keep my CAGE collection up to date?
SEAN PECK: This to me is a mixture of Iced Earth's best songs mixed with Judas Priest's Painkiller on steroids. I tracked vocals with the guy who did both Rob Halford's cds and Bruce Dickinson best of disc and he was completely blown away with the vocal compositions I was arranging and delivering in the process of the cd. You are going to hear old Mercyful Fate wailing, piercing metal screams that last forever, rock opera group layering, standard CAGE head voice and new additions of Death and Black metal voices all mixed in together unlike anything anyone has ever done. I am not just saying it for my own ego, but I seriously have never heard anything like this before. And the songs are good too.
Prof.ManiC: When you worked with Roy Z on the new album, what is he like? I know he guest appears on and produces a lot of metal stuff, but his real band is kind of lame and I was wondering is he a real metalhead or just a talented musician who cashes in on working with metalheads? If he isn't one, does it bother you that non-metalheads are creating metal just to make a quick buck?
SEAN PECK: That is not the deal at all with him. If you met him, you would see this guy is a total viking and there are none whose steel is more true! The guy is a musical prodigy who has a killer ear and feel for melody. I don't know about Tribe of Gypsies because I have never heard any of their cds but he currently is totally into Soilwork and In Flames if that tells you anything. He totally hooked us up by laying some sick leads and helping with the production. He did it because he was totally digging on the sound we were creating and he believes in the music. I think in the near future he will release some of his own metal that will just destroy. When he came into do his leads he had his Yngwie Malmsteen pedal and he was dressed in black, just totally had the vibe.
Prof.ManiC: Do you think there are any vocal or musical surprises on the album for long time CAGE fans?
SEAN PECK: I already went over some but yes. I think it is important for a new release to be not totally alien from the sound the fans love, but yet offer an upgrade or an experimental song or something to let people know you are still innovating and creating. I can think of virtually every band in our genre besides Nevermore, Iced Earth and a few others that have either ran out of ideas or only had a few good ones to begin with who rehash the same tired sound over and over. We are not doing that but yet still are staying true.
Will the space and conspiracy theories motif continue on the new album? Are they just part of your own personal myths or does the band in general have the same opinions or do they just make cool lyrics?
SEAN PECK: I write all of the lyrics and set the direction and tone of the music. We all decided that we were going to make this cd dark, sinister, menacing and have an emotional feel of mean metal. The songs are about things I find interesting but dark subjects this time where ASTROLOGY was a spiritual, very positive approach. A quick summary of topics - a song about the Philadelphia Experiment, a song about the 3 secrets of Fatima, a cliché song of destruction, a stereo typical song of despair, a fictional King Diamond song about combat with satan, a song of a battle cry (anthem style), a song about the Chupacabra and a few other suprises like a song about the shadow people phenomena. As usual the lyrics are brilliant. Ha, Ha !
Prof.ManiC: When creating lyrics for music created by other band members how do you find the lyrics you will use? I mean do you come up with lyrics based solely on the music you hear or do you pull out a book of lyrics and match that way? How do you know when the lyrics and music match up perfectly?
SEAN PECK: We write all of the songs together, so I am in there working the melodies most of the time while the song is taking shape. I came up with a lot of the riffs on this album, so I had an idea what words were going to go. Usually, I work out the vocal melody before coming up with the words. It seems easier that way but there are a couple of hooks that you come up with to create songs around.
Prof.ManiC: Also how do you come up with your vocal harmonies for a song?
SEAN PECK: That happens mostly in the studio, although I have a lot of them in my head. We pre-produced almost all of the songs ahead of time and kept almost all of the harmonies from that and added some in the recording of the actual cd. These are good questions man!
Prof.ManiC: Are there any plans for a USA tour in the future?
SEAN PECK: We are always working on that stuff. Europe is for sure but we need to see what label we end up with. That will determine the US tour action.
Prof.ManiC: Did GOD or Aliens create us? And do you think that we have been abandoned by the creator / creators?
SEAN PECK: GOD created the aliens of course, that is easy. We have not been abandoned by GOD, we are about to all be saved. Stay tuned for album #4!, Ha Ha
Prof.ManiC: When you first starting singing and learning the tricks of the trade, how did you learn to increase your vocal projection and learn to do your shriek hawk like screams correctly? How do you know when to project your voice instead of scream? Were there teachers, books, websites or videos that use used?
SEAN PECK: I started by imitating Queensryche, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden songs. I eventually totally loved metal and thought that I was pretty good at imitating it, so I could probably do it for real. It is much harder to do it on stage for some reason than it is to do it in your room. I have gone full circle now and have added the black and death voices in also. I am trying to do more hawk screams live now as you call it, and become the complete metal voice. It is extremely difficult to sing these new songs, I have created something of a monster. Where as ASTROLOGY was tough for me after we recorded it, now that stuff is almost effortless as I recreate the DARKER THAN BLACK material. That is why I love metal though and making these records for the crazy results that come out. I am tired of these metal "legends" or "new kings" singing in the same safe zone for the whole cd taking no chances, their shit is flat out weak!
Prof.ManiC: How did you end up being part of the book "PRO SECRETS OF HEAVY ROCK SINGING"? What do you think of the book as a whole? Did you learn anything from it or the people involved? Who else appeared on it that made you feel really honored to be mentioned in the same book as them?
SEAN PECK: I am between Ripper Owens and Geoff Tate so that is an accomplishment in itself. The book is great and I recommend anyone reading this to buy it. I am not just saying that either, it really is interesting. I was interviewed very early on and the guy had never actually heard me sing. He was just given my number by someone who told him I was a ripping singer. Funny, how things develop. He said I was one of his top 5 interviews and really liked my stuff as he eventually heard it.
Prof.ManiC: What US vocalists and bands do you admire and learn stuff from? Is there any vocalists that just blow your mind and ears?

Matt Barlow from Iced Earth is good, Bruce Hall from Agent Steel, Warrel Dane from Nevermore still is cool, Ripper Owens of Judas Priest of course and Lance King from Balance of Power. Ripper is the guy that has the most command of everything but he doesn't write anything so that limits his status a bit. When you compose the sick songs and deliver them, that's when you have my respect fully.
Prof.ManiC: What has been your proudest moment as a member of CAGE? Why?
SEAN PECK: Playing in Europe and seeing how we touch the true metal heads like ourselves. Opening for Judas Priest and Iron Maiden of course were great moments, but to hear the reaction of the true metal people who thank us and look to us as one of the new breed to continue carrying the torch for this kind of metal. We seek to carry this brand of metal to a new generation and twist it just enough where one day our legend will be infinite and make all of this hard work truly worth it.
Prof.ManiC: Any final comments or bitches?

Thanks to all of our fans who are saying "I told you that CAGE was going to rule metal!" and people will be receiving the goods soon from DARKER THAN BLACK as we finish mastering it.