Falconer is a new band on the scene that combines proven elements of epic power metal and adds elements from the theatre and folk music to give themselves a orginial sound. Guitarist Stefan Weinerhall has been kind enough to let me pick his brain about the upcoming cd, the debut and whatever dumb questions I can come up with.
Prof.ManiC: Well since the first Falconer CD was so damn awesome are you Actively trying to make the new "Chapters from a vale Forlorn" comparable to the Debut or are you trying to evolve the Falconer sound? Or are you simply making The music that comes to you without worrying about the debut?
Stefan Weinerhall: When I wrote the first album I had no expectations or formulas to work after and I didn't think it would be that well received by the crowd. Of course we have something to live up to this time but I can't say that we have paid any attention to that. I've just written songs I like, just as before. The new stuff is not identical with the old but more variated and less power metal, then it's up to you to make your own opinion. Personally I thought the first album went on in the same style the whole album through.
Prof.ManiC: Your lyrics are very BARD-LIKE, what I mean by that is they tell a story And sometimes even have a moral to the story. What inspires you to write your Lyrics that way? Are you a fan of medieval music? If so what kind of musician, writers And stories inspire you from that age??
Stefan Weinerhall: I write the lyrics from thin air, I don't know what I will write about but after a while I do and the topic can differ. The new lyrics are pretty much the same as before, some historical themes (the bard like poetry), some society picturing of today and some more emotional lyrics. I can't say I am inspired by any styles and I'm not a big fan of medieval music. I don't even know what it is, where do you get it?
Prof.ManiC: How do you go about writing your songs? Does the music come first? Or the Concept and feel for a story? Or Lyrics? Do you let Mathias come up with his own vocal harmonies or do you already have that stuff figured out ahead of time?
Stefan Weinerhall: I come up with the music first, I make the whole song. After that there have to be a lyric so I try to come up with something good. I don't pay that much attention to the feel of the song; of course a "medieval" song can't have a lyric about today's corrupted world. Otherwise the lyric writing it pretty free I'd say, I guess all the lyrics should be about the days of yore to fit the music more, but honestly I'm more interested in the music.
Prof.ManiC: Can you give me a hint of what the new CD will be like? Do you do all the writing again Or do the other band members help out? What are some of the stories about?
Stefan Weinerhall: I am the sole composer this time too, except for the cover (bonus track) and the trad. song. The topics of the lyrics are pretty much as before. I'd say the music is more varieties and less power metal, shortly. We even have a ballad this time that I am very proud of. I often thought that a lyric about the love topic always came out too silly or pathetic, but this one is ok and still in the medieval style. My favesong from the album.
Prof.ManiC: What is like to work with Andy Larocque? How do you think he shows his personality in the studio? In his mixing and engineering? In his guitar playing?
Stefan Weinerhall: He's a great guy to work with and has a easy and down to earth personality, and that's my kind of guy. He's not too drowned in the power metal scene which is good too. He will appear on solo guitar on one of the tracks on our album.
Prof.ManiC: Was he ever an influence on your playing? What do you think of his playing style? What have you learned from him as guitar player, person and engineer?
Stefan Weinerhall: He is a great player and has an original style, which is good. I can't say he has influenced me in any way and I can't say any guitar player have actually. I listen more to song structures and melodies rather than solos. You always get more insight in the scene and tour life that is good to know for a little trio like us.
Prof.ManiC: When will "Chapters from a vale Forlorn" be out? What shows are you hoping for? Was it your choice to tour or the label flexing it muscles that made you decide to play live? Who will be the bassist?
Stefan Weinerhall: It will be out on the 11:th of Marsh. After that we will do a 2 or 3-week tour in Europe and also Wacken. I know we've said that we are a studio band but after the first CD there were so many people that wanted to see us live. We felt like we had more to think of than just ourselves now. It will be interesting to play live, no doubt. And it was fun to know that there was a big interest to see us live. We still haven't searched for any additional members, but I'm kicking my self in the behind to get going.
Prof.ManiC: Heres a couple questions about the debut..What story inspired "Heresy In Disguise"? or was it just you expressing your views about religion?
Stefan Weinerhall: No, I saw "In the name of the rose" the movie and was so filled up by that story and atmosphere in the movie so I sat down and put it in ink. Sorry, it wasn't more interesting than that, but I can highly recommend that movie.
Prof.ManiC: Why do a song about the blue-collar Blacksmith? Because no one has? Or a tribute to the hard work and sweat that made the hero's well armored and armed?
Stefan Weinerhall: I don't know. It was an interesting topic to write about, but I think it's too fantasy-like. Those lyrics could have turned out better.
Prof.ManiC: Is "Mindtraveller" a tale of your own psychological journeys and evolvution as a person? Or I'm I reading too much into it? If so what have you learned about yourself from your self reflection?
Stefan Weinerhall: I think it's a bit sad that everything today is so sterile, we know everything, and the morals and ethics are sold out for money. Humanity and nature are drifting apart. In the past the religions and folklore was stronger and we were more in need of what the nature had to give in a more direct way. Now as we have realised that religions and lore is more sagas than reality we have grown to loose respect and care of our planet, which we are killing, just so we can make an easy buck.
Prof.ManiC: Was it your goal to do something different the other power metal bands or was Falconer just an extension of your grown in Mithotyn? Do you even consider Falconer Power metal?
Stefan Weinerhall: I understand that people call us that, but I don't agree. Mithotyn and Falconer have many similarities. The main difference in that we have proper vocals now. I have no idea what one should call us; listen and you get your own idea of it. If there is a personal goal I guess it would be to satisfy myself with music, isn't that the origin for all musicians. For me it's not to stand in the spotlight as it is for many artists but more to finally have your own creation in your hand. Like a painter or a sculptor.
Prof.ManiC: Are there any other projects to you are involved in now or where that have albums out besides Mithotyn? If so tell me abit about them please.
Stefan Weinerhall: During the Mithotyn days I also played in a thrash band called Indungeon and we released 2 albums, that's it. Now I only focus on Falconer.
Prof.ManiC: What bands now-a-days just put you in awe of their music? Why?
Stefan Weinerhall: "In awe"? That's a strong word. Blackmore's night, A.C.T, The Ark (Swe), that's it. Not much have that great impact on me from today's new bands. Most stuff I like is older.
Prof.ManiC: As a guitarist what chords do you consider important in the Falconer sound? What other techniques add to that sound? What do you consider your weakest guitar technique?
Stefan Weinerhall: The only thing I possibly can answer to is my weakness: solos. I've never been that much into solos at anytime, I rather do music. But who knows, maybe I'll start to show it more interest.
Prof.ManiC: When your upset, depressed or generally feel like shit what do you do to turn the tide of the mental battle in your favor? What gives you sanity in insane times?
Stefan Weinerhall: I avoid getting in that state of mind, and if I feel like it I guess I don't handle it at all, just trying to ignore it, maybe not the best way to deal with it. TV is always a good way to escape reality.
Prof.ManiC: Any Final comments?
Stefan Weinerhall: Thanks for the interview and thanks all you fans out there, I hope you'll like the new stuff from us. All the best!!