Nowadays any band with a modern sound (what does that really mean?? open and bar chords and no soloing?) doesn't hold my interest longer then like a minute.I guess that streak is about to end because of the band DARKSIDE. They have an obviously modern sound but it is backed up by old school metal feel and song structure. And unlike many modern bands they have a guitarist who can solo for longer then 10 seconds. The best way to descibe DARKSIDE is to mix abit of WASP,JUDAS PRIEST,DOOM METAL and just enough modern vibe from Pantera to ALMOST sound like something totally new but yet familiar. As I questioned GUS the bands kilt wearing guitarist I know I would soon learn what made DARKSIDE tick.

Prof.ManiC: Can you give me some band history? What brought you guys together in the first place?? Why the name DARKSIDE?
GUS: Steve, our vocalist,started the band back in 1993.He is the only original member now.Travis Fittro(drums) joined up about 1996 or 97 ,and I (GUS,guitars) joined about a year later.Then Randy(Bassist) signed on about,well I guess it was just a few months ,after me. They Played alot of shows and had a lot of personnel changes up until this line up.We've been solid for about 4 years now.Also up until after I jumped in,DARKSIDE was always a 2 guitar band,which we are thinking of going back to.I knew Travis from a previous band that we had together,and he hooked me up.Randy was in a few bands that were also on the KC local scene.and that's how we knew him.Actually at one time ,all of our bands did shows together before we were all in Darkside. As for the name DARKSIDE, Steve came up with and owns it. But lets face it ,there is a dark side to EVERYTHING,No matter how good it is,and we are hear to scream about it.
Prof.ManiC: Well since yesterday was a DARK day in US history, I might as well ask you how you feel about what happened at the WORLD TRADE CENTERS. How much did it affected you and the other members of DARKSIDE?
GUS: I don't think ANY good American can NOT be affected by this shit.It is something that slams home the fact that there are assholes in this world and they will do fucked up shit! EVERYONES hearts in DARKSIDE goes out to everyone touched by this sickening display of anger. I don't actually speak directly for anyone else in the band on this,but I personally can't wait for the United States to take these jerks out.
Prof.ManiC: Do you see yourself being inspired to write a song about it? Do you think other bands will be influenced enough to write songs based on it? Or do you think it will be a topic that people wont touch?
GUS: I don't see myself writing anything specific about these trajedies.But that's mostly because of how we write.Basically Randy or I come up with the basic music or part of it,and then we get together and hash out the music,get the structure together as a band. Meanwhile Steve will start writing lyrics to it,and throwing in his ideas about the music also.Then we kind of piece it all together.I guess it could be possible that Steve might come up with lyrics about it. I think you will probably hear songs about this from someone.A lot of times things like this inspire people to write something.I just don't write that way myself,I don't think I could musically say anything profound enough to do justice to the gravity of the situation.
Prof.ManiC: If DARKSIDE was in charge of the punishment of the offenders what do you think would end up happening to them?
GUS: If DARKSIDE were in charge of the punishment,SHIT,I hate to think of what WE would do to them.Let's just say that no matter WHO punishes them they will be better off then if we got ahold of them.We can be a pretty sadistic bunch of mutherfuckers at times. I really doubt the mental and emotional stability of these guys sometimes,but not me I'm just fine(laughing)
Prof.ManiC: I think you guys do a very good job of taking some of the good elements of mainstreamish metal and mixing it with the proven strong points of older metal. Did this just happen cause of influences and interests of the memebers or was it the direction the band wanted to go in the first place? Or just an attempt to get label attention with something different?
GUS: It is basically because our infuences are SO varied.We all come from so many different places musically.And we are still being infuenced by new stuff also.Randy comes in with stuff from JUDAS PRIEST,PANTERA,to NEVERMORE,KISS,and MESSUGAH(I think I spelled that wrong,Oh well) Steve comes from stuff like WASP,LIZZY BORDEN,CRADLE OF FILTH and TRAVIS,well he's into some of everything from jazz,to PRIMUS,to INFECTIOUS GROOVES,to ICED EARTH,to GODSMACK.I myself,I listen to everything from old delta blues stuff like ROBERT JOHNSON,to JOHNNY CASH,CHUCK BERRY,BLACK SABBATH,SOUL FLY,SLIPKNOT.I also listen to a lot of traditional and tribal music from around the world.I don't think anything musically in this band is planned out for airplay or record execs.,basically whatever happens , happens cuz that's just who we are.
Prof.ManiC: So what made you guys do a song about Wrestling like the song "Chairshot"? Is wrestling your crack?
GUS: Chairshot was a BIG mistake(laughing)! Actually that proves what I was saying before. We enjoy watching wrestling,but Steve and Randy were just psycho about it at the time.So it just happened that we wrote that song.I would like to add that after months of medication ,Steve and Randy are much better now. (LAUGHING)
Prof.ManiC: Since you guys have a horror story vibe to you are you guys more inspired by horror movies,horror writers or the horror of reality? if so who,what and why?
GUS: I'd say all three , plus a few other random horrors.THEE UGLY was inspired by a couple of movies actually,and I think it's WICKEDNESS that was inspired by the Gulf War.I don't think Horror writers come into play so much,since none of us are very literate. I mean how scary is "See Spot run.See Spot run after Jane"(laughing)
Prof.ManiC: What has been the major hurdles in getting signed? How have you guys overcome the ones you have. Whats the worst thing a label has ever told you or said about you guys? whats the worst excuse you guys have heard from a label?
GUS: :Man,there are just SO MANY bands out there.All of the label people are just flooded with so much stuff coming to them.Some cities scenes make it a little easier,but around here(KANSAS CITY) you can't even get support from our local radio stations.Hell , PUDDLE OF MUD had to go to California to get a hook up,and they can BARELY be called a KANSAS CITY band now. And a lot of it is just timing and getting the write person to hear you. I don't think any labels have ever said anything negative.Usually you just don't hear ANYTHING back from 'em.
Prof.ManiC: Whats the metal scene like out there in the boondocks of Missouri? How many people show up when you guys play?
GUS: The Kansas City scene is kinda sad really.Most of the rock clubs are closed down.NEINER'S is the ONLY dedicated rock or metal club around.Live metal every night that they are open I think. Everyplace else around KC you get stuck playing a 20 or 30 minute set,on a weeknight when a lot of people can't go out because they have to get up the next day. We have filled NEINER'S up to 100 people OVER capacity though
Prof.ManiC: Whats the deal with the kilt and the eye contacts?
GUS: Ahh,....the Kilt. My Brother makes them for me.You see our Mother is of Scottish descent.On top of that my Brother is big into The Scottish Highland Games and stuff like that.He used to have a business selling knives,swords,and axes,and making and selling kilts. You truly can't imagine how comfortable they are until you try it.Now it's kinda become my trademark onstage,I guess. As for Steve's contacts.He just likes to fuck with people.(Laughing)He wears them around sometimes just to frighten old women and small children.
Prof.ManiC: Whats the biggest bands and metal fest you guys have played/opened for? Got any good or bad stories to share about the experience?
GUS: We,ve opened for FIGHT,FLOTSAM and JETSAM,and I don't remember who else,somethings are kinda hazy.I'd rather not tell stories involving other bands. I'd hate to incriminate anyone
Prof.ManiC: Who are the major influences to your guitar sound? what do you usually try to do to define your sound live? what guitarists do you think has the most unique sounds?
GUS: Influences on my sound....Man,DIMEBAG's sound is THE SHIT! I'd have to say Dimebag,and Dino from FEAR FACTORY. I like a lot of bottom end on my sound,and I'm always afraid that the soundman is going to crank in a bunch of mids and highs to try to "fix" it. Basically I like it booming and CRUNCHY!
Prof.ManiC: When your feeling depressed or upset what do you usually do to deal with it? What gives you sanity in insane times?
GUS: If I'm feeling depressed,I usually sit down with my guitar and start jamming on some blues,just improvising stuff.So I can play out how I'm feeling.Same if I'm pissed about something,but then I crank it up,and start slamming out some metal riffs and shit like that.
Prof.ManiC: What bands do you think give METAL a bad name? what bands do you get pissed off when people consider them metal?
GUS: :I don't think a band can really GIVE metal a bad name.Metal just HAS a bad name anyway.Maybe some people in metal do things that upset certain types of people,but those people weren't going to buy the CD's anyway.Let's face it ,Tipper Gore isn't going to become a huge MARILYN MANSON fan if he were to clean up his act. Certain people might do things ,within the metal community, that are pretty shitty,but I don't have to say who they are,everyone finds out,everyone knows who they are.
Prof.ManiC: Any final comments or bitches about this interview?

Only that my answers were TO damn long. (laughing) I hope you are going to edit my ramblings. No,dude,it was very cool,it's nice to know that someone cares to hear it.It was kick ass meeting you in Baltimore,and I hope we get to cross paths again soon. To everyone else out there,