One of my favorite upcoming bands nowadays is METALIUM from germany. They mix soaring vocals,singalong choruses ,thundering bass and guitar riffs worthy of whiplash to form a perfect but orginial sound of their own. So when I had a chance to get ahold of their frontman Henning Basse to worm my way into their reality i just had to jump on it. If you wanna do your own research check out their WebPage
Prof.ManiC: What kinda of feedback have you guys been getting back about "State of Triumph" so far?
Henning Basse:
99 % of the world-wide press states that "State of triumph" is even better than "Millennium Metal"
Prof.ManiC: Is it just me or is "State of Triumph" alot more complex then "Millennium Metal" in almost every aspect?Is the complexity something you guys wanted to fix from the 1st cd or is it just the result of maturing as a band? what was different in the recording of "State" compared to "Millennium"?
Henning Basse:
There was basically no difference in the recording at all, we used the same studio, same people, etc. But we definately had the idea to extend, widen or develop a little more. We wanted longer solosections, more parts in the songs, stronger vocal lines, better quires, etc. Plus the fact that we have grown together being on the road and start knowing each other way better now lead to the result you can now hear on "State of Triumph". We are very satisfied !
Prof.ManiC: How did you become part of Metalium anyways? Was there a vocalist before you?
Henning Basse:
Lars, Matthias and myself knew each other for years and had the idea to form a band for 3 years.
Prof.ManiC: Who "formed" Metalium and why?
Henning Basse:
It was Lars Ratz who made a fire out of the spark.
Prof.ManiC: The reason I ask is because your name doesnt appear under the song credits in "Millennium". How much input did you have on Lyrics and Music this time?
Henning Basse:
Back on the first cd I was also working with Brainstorm and I did not have time for the lyrics back then. Now I concentrate on Metalium 100%, there are no other bands are in my life anymore.
I'm fully intergrated in everything now on "State of Triumph" (that's why I sing better on the second cd ;-)
Prof.ManiC: Who would you consider the band Clown the band Workoholic and the Gel that holds the band together and why?
Henning Basse:
Clown - Jack Frost (without him we would have way less laughing)
Workoholic and Gel: Lars Ratz (he's is unbelivable, energy now has a name !)
Prof.ManiC: On both cd's you give thanks to Jon Schaffer is there a story to this or are you just a big Iced Earth fan?
Henning Basse:
I've met him on tour when I helped Brainstorm out for a tour. I respect his rythm-playing very much.
Prof.ManiC: What are the touring plans for Metalium?
Henning Basse:
Fri20.10.00O    slo ?

Sat21.10.00 Kopenhagen ?
Sun22.10.00 Scand
Mon23.10.00 Muenster
Tue24.10.00 Mannheim ?
Thu26.10.00 Bochum
Fri27.10.00 Offenburg
Sat28.10.00 Hamburg
Sun29.10.00 Ludwigsburg
Mon30.10.00 OFF
Tue31.10.00 Muenchen
Wed01.11.00 Nuernberg
Thu02.11.00 Wuerzburg
Fri03.11.00 Pratteln (SW)
Sat04.11.00 Piacenca (ITA)?
Mon06.11.00 OFF
Wed08.11.00 OFF
Thu09.11.00 Lyon, Rail Théâtre, (F)
Fri10.11.00 Marseille, Jas de Rod (F)
Sat11.11.00 Saintes, Rio Grande (F)
Sun12.11.00 Paris, Club Dunois (F)
Mon13.11.00 Travel
Wed15.11.00 Oviedo, El Antiguo (ES)
Thu16.11.00 OFF
Fri17.11.00 Bergara, Jam (ES)
Sat 18.11.00 Barcelona, Mephisto (ES)
Sun19.11.00 Valencia, Roxy (ES)
Mon20.11.00 OFF
Tue21.11.00 Lisboa, Paradise Garatje (P)
Wed22.11.00 Oporto, Hard Club (P)
Thu23.11.00 OFF
Fri24.11.00 Holland
Sat25.11.00 Bonn
Sun26.11.00 Strasbourg La Laiterie Festival
Mon27.11.00 OFF
Tue28.11.00 Holland
Wed29.11.00 OFF
Thu30.11.00 Budapest, E-Club
Fri01.12.00 Brno
Sat02.12.00 Praha
Sun03.12.00 Pilsen
Mon04.12.00 OFF
Tue05.12.00 Wien, Rockhaus (AUT)
Wed06.12.00 Austria
Fr08.12.00 Belgien, Biebob (BEL)
Sa09.12.00 Holland
Prof.ManiC: Any chance of coming to the states? Any talk of having Seven Witches opening?
Henning Basse:
Hopefully we will come over to the states in 2001 !
I don't think this combination will be happening !
Prof.ManiC: Since I'm a big Jack Frost fan mind telling me what he is like as a person and also as a guitarist/Bandmate?
Henning Basse:
He is a FUNNY person. We are getting along great, there's always something to laugh about when he's around
Prof.ManiC: Any past projects or future projects of the band members fans could track down to add to their collections?
Henning Basse:
We will do an EP in Spring, with an orchesta playing songs like "Dream of Doom", "Propecy", my voice with no other instruments.
Then I will sing on the next TSO.
Prof.ManiC: Who are some of you favorite singers of the past?
Henning Basse:
Freddy Mercury and Bruce Dickinson
Prof.ManiC: What was it like wearing all that make-up for the photos?
Henning Basse:
The make up wasn't a problem but it took 12 hours to apply the airbrush-bodypaint. That was too long !
Prof.ManiC: How did that idea come about?
Henning Basse:
This idea crawled out of the masters mind (Lars is a huge KISS-Fan of the old days)
Prof.ManiC: Was Gamma Ray doing their Blue with Lightning make-up for 'PowerPlant' a source of inspiration?
Henning Basse:
Not at all. We have our own concept behind, we turned into "Metalians" for the photo. Gamma Ray had no concept.
Prof.ManiC: Will the story continue in a chapter 3? or are you guys gonna move in a different direction?
Henning Basse:
Thats a surprise.
We would like to find the perfect combination of chapter 1 & 2 with a little more other aspects, let's see!
Prof.ManiC: Why does the cds keep showing the two hands giving the "metalium" sign is this leading up to something or just filling empty space?
Henning Basse:
It's part of our concept.
Prof.ManiC: Does anyone do the sign at your shows? How many people show up to see you guys?
Henning Basse:
It's getting done more and more each show.
The record was at the Moncofa Open Air in Spain this summer: 7000 people. I couldn't even move on stage anymore at the end of our show because my whole body was 100 % covered by goosebumbs !!! It was unbelivable
Prof.ManiC: When you start feeling depressed or pissed off what do you usually do to get your mind off it?
Henning Basse:
I call Lars and he makes me even more mad ...
Prof.ManiC: Any final comments?
Henning Basse:
We hopefully will come over soon to the states to kick some serious american asses !