Here is a mental interrogation with MARK BRIODY of JAG PANZER. The music he writes and plays dances the straight line between pure emotion and pure heaviness. Being honest like I always I'm, I have to tell you I loved their last two CD's THE FORTH JUDGEMENT ,CHAIN OF COMMAND and can't wait to get my ears on the upcoming THANE TO THE THRONE.
Prof.ManiC Since the new cd is based off MACBETH will listeners need to be familiar with it or will the CD stand alone? Are the lyrics in old English?
Mark Briody: Harry did a great job of rewriting MacBeth as lyrics. Anyone should be able to following along with the story. Certain key phrases are in old english to keep the flavor of the story, but the majority of the lyrics are written in plain old modern English.
Prof.ManiC I'm betting with the classical theme you guys chose there will be more classical instruments then just violins. Am I right? Mind telling us what will be going on musically?
Mark Briody: Your are correct! Todd returns to play some killer violin lines, but in addition to him, we had The Moscow String Quartet play on the album (world renowned Russian musicians). We also had a snare drum corps appear on a few songs. In addition to guest musicians, there is some great classical guitar playing courtesy of Chris, our lead guitarist. The idea, musically, was to highlight Harry's storyline.
Prof.ManiC Can you give us some track names and a hint on what emotions are behind the songs and how does your guitar and Harry's voice achieve the desired effect?
Mark Briody:

THANE TO THE THRONE titles and writing credits

1. Thane of Cawdor (Briody / Conklin)
2. King At A Price (Briody / Conklin)
3. Bloody Crime (Broderick / Conklin)
4. The Premonitions (Broderick)
5. Treachery's Stain (Broderick / Conklin)
6. Spectres of the Past (Broderick / Conklin)
7. Banquo's Final Rest (Briody / Conklin)
8. Three Voices of Fate (Briody / Conklin)
9. Hell to Pay (Broderick / Conklin)
10. The Prophecies (Fugue in D minor) (Broderick)
11. Insanity's Mind (Broderick / Conklin)
12. Requiem for Lady MacBeth (Briody)
13. Face of Fear (Briody / Conklin)
14. Fall of Dunsinane (Broderick / Conklin)
15. Fate's Triumph (Briody / Conklin)
16. The Downward Fall (Broderick)
17. Tragedy of MacBeth (Briody / Conklin)

Musically we tried to match the music with the scene in the play. For example 'Three Voices of Fate' is very driving and epic. MacBeth is clearly in charge during this track. He rules the land and he has easily gotten away with murder. The music is very thunderous. The songs 'Insanitys Mind' and 'Requiem for Lady MacBeth' are very progressive and often chaotic. Those songs deal with the suicide of Lady MacBeth, so it was important for us to portray that musically. Harry's voice play's a huge role in this album. Harry sings with his lower growl voice for MacBeth, the parts of Banquo are sung in his mid range and the Lady MacBeth sections are sung highest. Choir sections represent the voices of the 3 witches.

Prof.ManiC Did you guys record at Morrisound again? If so what do you think Jim Morris does differently then others that just makes cds recorded there seem so SURREAL?
Mark Briody: Jim does far more then just run the equipment. He will do what it takes to make each song sound the best that it can. So many producers force the artist into a certain sound or mold. Jim is totally the opposite. His main concern is making the music the best it can be, the guy is incredible to work with. Plus Morrisound has incredible equipment!
Prof.ManiC Did you do the cover again? Will there be another skeleton? And whats with your interest with Skeletons?
Mark Briody: I didnšt do the cover this time. The music end of thing took so much time that I had none left over for art. Steve Barkus (who did the inner sleeve art for 'Age') and Travis Smith (Death, Iced Earth, Nevermore) did the artwork for 'Thane to the Throne'. Whats my interest in skeletons? My preferred medium for art is computer graphics. My favorite art style is fantasy art. So I like to combine fantasy art and computer graphics. Unfortunately I am not good enough to make 3d people so when I need a character in a scene I use a skeleton. I've been practicing though and trying to get better.
Prof.ManiC WIll there be another US tour in support of it? If so when and with who? Or at Least who would you like to tour the states with?
Mark Briody: Hopefully there will be a U.S. tour, we had a great time on the last one. We have made no plans yet, but I'm sure things will materialize when the album comes out. Who would I like to tour with? Maiden would be great, of course. Blind Guardian. I'd tour anytime with Iced Earth, those guys are great.
Prof.ManiC I know Harry isn't on Dissident Alliance. Is there any other earier cd's he isn't on? What caused him to leave and finally return to the band?
Mark Briody: The only official release without Harry is Dissident Alliance. There are some bootlegs of demos which feature other singers on them. Harry originally left the band to join Riot. Riot was a much more succesfull band then us at the time, so who could blame him. The Riot gig didn't work out, but we had another singer by then. Once we had a singer opening and Harry was available (many years later - '96) then Harry rejoined the band.
Prof.ManiC Are the cd's with Daniel Conca similar sounding with 4th and Chain or more like Ample? And whats he doing nowadays?
Mark Briody: Dissident really sounds like neither. Our other guitar player on that release was not really a melodic metal fan, so his influence tends to make it the least melodic of Jag Panzer releases. Also the recording quality doesn't help anything, it's terrible! I spoke with Daniel a few months ago, he's not singing with any bands at this point in time.
Prof.ManiC In shadow Thief is corner of Mayborne and Blythe a real place or just random names?
Mark Briody: Good question, I'll have to ask Harry. I know that they are not streets here in Colorado Springs.
Prof.ManiC What caused you guys to do "Children of the sea" for holy dio? was it your 1st pick?
Mark Briody: We asked for anything from 'Heaven and Hell'. That album was a huge influence on us. There are several good tracks on that album, so we would have been satisfied with any of them. When we were told that 'Children of the Sea' was available we snagged it.
Prof.ManiC Do you have any other projects music wise or graphics wise we might be able to check out?
Mark Briody: I just produced a demo for Christian Lesegue, our old guitar player. I donšt play on it at all, I donšt have the time for any of that, but I do the occasional engineering project. As far as graphics, I've been putting in a ton of time of the new Jag Panzer website, which should be out in early May.
Prof.ManiC In your US tour with Iced Earth and Anvil. Jon Schaffer has made comments on Anvils we are rock stars and too good to help set and move equipment attitude. What was your impression of them and the other bands?
Mark Briody: Every tour is different and there are different expectations. Some bands work well together and others do not. I found Iced Earth to be very cool to tour with. Iced Earth are a killer band and they prove that onstage and with their music. It's so common in this industry for the headlining bands to suppress the openers. Meaning bad sound, no lights, etc. But Iced Earth do none of that, they were more then fair with the other bands on the bill.
Prof.ManiC What are some of CD's you have been playing the shit out of lately?
Mark Briody: Lately, Demons and Wizards. Also some NWOBHM stuff like Demon and Angelwitch. I had to drive to Denver yesterday, so I cranked Gamma Ray's 'Land of the Free' for 3 or 4 spins.
Prof.ManiC If you could form a "SUPERGROUP" with anyone in the world(or time) who would you pick and why? What would be the aim or message of the band?
Mark Briody: Definitely Dio on vocals, he's the master. I'd say Wolf Hoffman on lead guitar, Geezer Butler on bass and Vinny Appice on drums. I'd like to take a lineup like that and see how dark we could get while still being very melodic. It would be an interesting challenge.
Prof.ManiC Since my page is devoted to metal and using it to help people control or at least understand their emotions, mind telling us what you like to do when your feeling down or pissed off to take you mind off it?
Mark Briody: I try to create something. It could be a song, a riff or a new piece of graphic art. I find that I can put my emotion into the work of art. Works wonders for me.
Prof.ManiC What advice would you give a newbie guitarist to get him though the tough times of learning? What secrets would you share with him?
Mark Briody: Set realistic goals that you can reach and enjoy the emotional benefits of reaching the goal. Be reasonable with the goals. If youšre a beginner your first goal should be just to learn a few chords and scales. Be happy when you reach that goal. Take it one step at a time. I personally think that a musician should approach the instrument from all angles. You may love only metal and play only metal, but you can learn from all types of music.
Prof.ManiC Is there a metal scene in Colorado or are you guys it? What are Must do's if I ever get to Colorado?
Mark Briody: There is a decent metal scene here in Colorado. We have The Quiet Room, Section XVI (ex-Psyco Drama), among others. Unfortunately our drummer lives in Phoenix, so we donšt play around here. So we're really not too involved in the Colorado scene (although I would like to be). If you come to Colorado you have to go to the mountains! The mountains are great. Also check out the beer here, it's incredible.
Prof.ManiC What are some of your favorite cover designers,graphic artists and web pages lately?
Mark Briody: My favorite artist is the fantasy artist Keith Parkinson. He is clearly the best in the world. We canšt afford him for album covers, but I wish we could! For graphics arts....Travis Smith is the best Photoshop guy around. The best 3D guys are the ones working at ILM and places like that. Those people rule! I think the best websites are for car companies. I don't know why that is, but places like Hummer have outstanding websites. GM is cool too.
Prof.ManiC Being a Vikings fan what do you thing of the Vikings courting Dan Marino? What do you think of the job Jeff George(whom I'm a fan of since his COLTS days) did last year? Do you think they should keep him or Randall as a backup?
Mark Briody: I think that George did a great job last year. I'd love to see him back. But you have to remember that the Vikings drafted Duante Culpepper last year with the early first round pick. He needs to be given the chance to start in a year or so. This makes signing George difficult because he wants a multi year deal. Marino is a guy that can go to Minnesota for one year, which is what makes him so attractive to the Vikings. I personally would like to see George here for 3 more years, Culpepper is young, he can wait.
Prof.ManiC Any final comments for the fans?
 Mark Briody: Keep supporting underground music! Listen to what you want to. Don't let MTV or the radio tell you whats good, make up your own minds!