Hidden deep in the jungles of New Jeresy lies a monster waiting to wreck havok upon the metal world. Sleeping for over a decade, a hunger unseen in recent years has grown inside the belly of this beast. AWAKENING IT! But do not fear the beast remembered in tomes as "OVERLORDE"! For this beast only seeks to destory the army of copy-cat true metal bands that have overrun the kingdom of metal. Its orginial sounding roar deafening all that hear it and sending the copy-cats running fear or in search of ways to reproduce it in order to survive the onslaught. "Overlorde" is a force of nature that like gravity cannot and will not be DENIED. Let the rampage begin!
Prof.ManiC: Why did Overlorde call it quits for all these years? Was it cause of lack of interest by fans or the band itself? Bad blood between members?
Mark Edwards Hail Ranger Damian! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to talk about Overlorde! The band broke up in very late1988 due to the frustration of not attracting any label interest, personal challenges, and vocalist issues. Also, the true metal scene was on the way out by the time we even formed in 1985 and labels weren't looking to sign bands like ours. No bad blood. Just a lack of everything falling into place.
Prof.ManiC: What kinda things happened to you and the other band members that played a part in the reforming of Overlorde? Was it something that was always juggled around in the back of your minds or did it "just happen"? Was the fact that the internet was big enough for you to promotes yourselves over a wider area an influence?
Mark Edwards: Well, I always hoped that one of us might find some success in music and provide an impetus to reform Overlorde. The material was just too good. I even kept the left over vinyl from 1987. But none of us ever had that success. Cut to Dec 1999. We were all still doing our own things, though Kong and I had remained good friends and he had just laid down a bass line for one of my recordings. Well, Dave contacts me and says someone is interested in our vinyl, that it has become a collectors item. We had a feeling it might be more than just collectors. We were right. Our 1987 EP had built us a cult following in Europe! So we reunited. But since we were totally unaware of this until December 1999, then I'd say for us, it "just happened". We had no plans to reunite. The fans demanded it! And yes, the internet is helping us achieve our goals big time.
Prof.ManiC: When you decided to make a "come back" how come the orginial vocalist wasn't a part of it?
Mark Edwards: Well, he is! Kong was our original vocalist! But seriously, you mean Pat O'Donnell, who recorded the 1987 EP. As I mentioned before, we had parted ways with Pat and Rod Tyler Loiza came in during 1988. Neither vocalist was 100% right for Overlorde. Each had his strong points, but we wanted someone that would take the music where it needed to go. And now we have found that person!
Prof.ManiC: When you met Bobby "Leather Lungs" Lucas at Powermad with his other band EXHIBITION did you even know who SEVEN WITCHES were? Did he get the lead by just what he showed you in auditions? Or by what you saw at Powermad? Did anyone else known try out with you guys?
Mark Edwards: When you're in a band, sometimes you get so involved with doing band stuff that you lose track of other bands in the underground. And myself, I had drifted into heavy rock during the 90s and totally lost track of true metal, with the exception of still listening to my old Maiden CDs , etc. So no, I didn't even know who Seven Witches was. And except for a song or two, I still haven't really heard them!

Kong and I met Bobby at Powermad the night before they played. We didn't plan to stay for the next day so we missed his show. When we got home, we heard Bobby on the Exhibition track from the POWERMAD CD sampler and were impressed. I also downloaded some of his other tunes from the web on MP3. He did play us some tunes on cassette, but the audition was really the key. He and I worked together once, going over the EP songs, before the whole band jammed and auditioned him. After the audition, there was no question of his love for Overlorde's music. No one else well known auditioned.

Ever since, Bobby's voice just keeps going and going. His voice is very strong and well-cared for. When we were recording his vocals parts for the demo, I just sat back in awe sometimes. He has such great talent, and he gets his parts done quickly. Sometimes in one take!
Prof.ManiC: How hard was it to get back into playing the old stuff? Did you guys remember it all or have to study the old EP to shake off the dust?
Mark Edwards: Well, I did brush up on the tunes somewhat, as did Dave and John. And it paid off. The first time we played together was very inspiring to us. It seemed like our last practice was 12 days ago, not 12 years! Not only hadn't anyone lost his edge, but had gained!
Prof.ManiC: Going back to the very beginning, what influences led to the formation of the band in the first place? How was the name selected?
Mark Edwards: I advertised in the EAST COAST ROCKER (also known as the AQUARIAN) classifieds. I was jamming with a drummer and vocalist, and we needed a bassist. I think the band had stopped jamming by the time John replied. John and I then hooked up with another singer's project, and were eventually kicked out! So Kong decided to sing, and we auditioned drummers. Dave came down, but when we offered the job to him he passed. So we took a drummer we had met in the band we had been fired from. But when it became obvious he wasn't going to work out, we called Dave back. This time he accepted.

The band was named on June 6. That date is the anniversary of D-Day, also known as Operation Overlord. John and I were brainstorming ideas for names, and we both said "Overlord" at the same time! I said it because of the anniversary; he said it because he had been listening to IMMIGRANT SONG, the Zeppelin tune with the line "We are your Overlord". So we decided to add the "e" and that was it. When two guys say the same name at the exact same time, that's a sign!
Prof.ManiC: :What was more work. The forming of the band or the reforming? why? what have you done different this time to show you learned from the past?
Mark Edwards: Hmm, good questions. Both times took a lot. I'd say it's been easier re-forming. We have the internet to use, and the cult following to build on. And we've tried to do things right. Like spend as little money as possible on recording, etc. The worst thing a band can do is start spending money like crazy. Like any business, spend money wisely to get the maximum return. We wanted to get more feedback this time around, and we are using the internet to obtain that feedback and help in other ways.
Prof.ManiC: How do you guys guys do your writing, and what key elements do you try to put into a song for it to have the OVERLORDE feel? What kind of chords make up a good bit of the OVERLORDE sound?
Mark Edwards : Sometimes one of us brings a full song to the group and the band does its thing. Sometimes one person brings a part and someone else adds another and it builds from there. There's no set rule, though in the future, once we've gotten all our old tunes recorded and released, we hope to do more co-writing, where we all jam together and just start coming up with ideas.

The Overlorde feel comes from a few things. First, we are musically a three piece Power trio. Bobby, as the fourth member, only sings. So our approach is determined by that fact that there is only one guitarist in the band. Then you add Kong, who is more of a "lead bassist" in the vein of a Joey DeMaio or Steve Harris. His sound is just tremendous, which really helps. He really fills in the gaps caused from not having a second guitarist. Dave goes nuts also, without ever getting sloppy. He's a real pro! John and Dave just shake the earth together!

We like to use dynamics and accents alot more than the average metal band I think, and that is important. Then we just play "balls out", going by our gut instinct. What kind of chords you asked? POWER CHORDS!
Prof.ManiC: What hopes do you have for OVERLORDE and your first official show in forever at POWERMAD in Baltimore? What are the worse case scenarios that have gone through your mind already?
Mark Edwards: Well, there's always equipment issues, band delays, poor attendance. Illness. All those things could affect our show. We did, however, play a one-set unannounced show at a Pennsylvania bar in early June, just to work out the kinks live in preparation for Powermad. No matter how much you rehearse, playing live onstage is always different. And I'm glad we did. I for one made some changes that will benefit Powermad. But overall, that unannounced show went better than we expected and really raised our hopes for Powermad. If all goes well, our performance at will be a show to remember! Then we follow that with a benefit show for Chuck Schuldiner in NJ.
Prof.ManiC: What should we expect from your guys first full length album? How long do we have to wait?
Mark Edwards: Well, you can expect a few re-recorded tracks from the 1987 EP, all the OVERLORDE 2000 tracks re-recorded, and a number of other songs. Based on how people have been responding to us, I really believe our first full CD will leave a lasting mark on the metal world, and be considered the best US Power metal CD of all time. But it has to be recorded professionally, and promoted by the right label.

How long to wait? Like I said, we want the right label. We've been in discussions, but nothing has been finalized yet. We keep hoping. Now that we are beginning to play out, maybe our live shows, when added to the great buzz behind OVERLORDE 2000, will help make a deal happen. We do have one song on the next Siegen Records QUEENSRYCHE tribute CD, due out late summer 2001. We open the CD doing QUEEN OF THE REICH. So if that CD gets released by the end of this summer, at least there will be one new tune for our fans to hear and help hold them over until we are signed!
Prof.ManiC: :For more personal stuff, What kinda things do you do to take your mind off of being depressed or upset? What gives you sanity in insane times!
Mark Edwards: Reading. Playing guitar. Yard work. Playing TOTAL ANNIHILATION (well, except when I lose). My dog, Buster. Sitting outside with my wife having a cold beer on a sunny weekend after cutting the grass. Going camping and fishing.
Prof.ManiC: If you could have anyone in the world do the OVERLORDE debut artwork and booklet, who would you choose and why? What work has he/she done in the past that has blown you away?
Mark Edwards : Well, Bobby is himself an artist so it would be cool to see what he came up with. He designed the "new" Overlorde logo. As far as known artists, I always wanted to use a Frazetta painting. Frazetta did the Molly Hatchet covers. Fantasy art. His one painting of a warrior on a snow sleigh being pulled by Polar Bears is what inspired SNOW GIANT, our best known song from the 1987 EP. I think that painting would be perfect for the first full CD, since we will be re-recording SNOW GIANT for it!

Of course, you yourself did some great artwork for us that we want to use in some way down the line. And it may be nice at some point to use Elizabeth Farrell. She did the "Coat-of-arms" logo for the 1987 EP, the "old logo" that we still use with the new logo. Among other things, she is a face-painter at Renaissance Faires, including the one in Tuxedo, NY. If anyone goes to the Faire, be sure to ask for her and have her paint an Overlorde logo on your arm or face!
Prof.ManiC: Whats the best thing about being back in OVERLORDE after all these years? Will it be short lived again or are you guys in it for the long haul?
Mark Edwards: Finally seeing some "light of the end of the tunnel" is great! Knowing that what we did in the 80's really had an affect on people after all, as does our new material is also gratifing. Playing with such talented people once again is also great. If we can just make a halfway decent living doing this, we'd be happy. And I think you'll see Overlorde together for a long time. This is the style of music we play and love best, and our fans love us for it. We'd be nuts to totally throw that away, and we are mature enough now to realize it.
Prof.ManiC: Any final comments?
Mark Edwards: All Hail our fan club, FORCE RECON, and all our other fans! Visit OVERLORDE HQ! All Hail True Metal, and all Hail Ranger Damian and METTLE PSYCHOSURGERY! Thanks again!