Ahhh...the bliss of finding a truely great underground metal band is almost as good as sex! Bands like Germany's Wolfs Moon are one of the main reasons I spend hours on the web each day looking for the true hidden gems in the Heavy metal world. They have it all, musical Power, Vocal Power and a Heavy Metal attitude. But most importantly they have an incredible passion for the music they play. Wolfs Moon does not simply play Heavy Metal, they pay tribute to the Metal Gods!!! Their personal offering to the Metal Gods is music to my ears, literally!! Having sought after their CDs "Elysium Dreams" and "Black Knight Legacy" for quite awhile before I was able to find them, they turned out to worth all the work to find them. And I must admit if your a fan of good old fashion metal made for no other reason then cause Heavy Metal FUCKING RULES, then Wolfs Moon is the band for you! And to prove it I tracked down Guitarist Sammy so he can enlighten me on how and why Wolfs Moon plays their Heavy Metal LOUD AND PROUD and to never be ashamed of being a LONEWOLF.

Prof.ManiC: Ok, I guess I’ll grab the bull by the horns and ask…How the hell does a band as good as WOLFS MOON with such unique guitars and vocals get passed by the labels? Has the band passed on offers or do you guys just do it to pay tribute to the metal gods and don’t care if you guys ever make it big?

Well…We Had Some Bad Experiences In The Past With Our Second Album Eternal Flame. It Was Re-Released With A Different Cover-Artwork Without Our Permission And Stuff Like That. We Never Got The Money For The Sold CD´s, Too.
So After That That We Decided To Choose A Very Small Label Near Our Hometown So We Are Able To Discuss Things.

By The Way…..We Are A 100 % Self-Made Band.
In This Situation We Have Full Control Over The Music-Lyrics-Cover.
So In My Opinion It`s Better To Put Out A Record That Makes You Proud Than Something Like A Bad Compromise.
To Answer Your Question : Yes, It`s The Metal-Music That Counts.

Prof.ManiC: Do you think the fact that you guys don’t sound like Hammerfall condemn you guys to forever being in the underground?

If That Is Our Destiny…Well….Why Not.

We Never Choose The Easy Way. I Still Want To Play Stuff With A Raw Edge. I Know That Most Of The Fans Are More Into That Melodic Kind Of Heavy Sound. And That`s Okay I Think. But I`m Not Able To
Change. It Still Comes From The Heart And Soul And I Have To Be Honest To Myself.

If That Means To Be Underground….Welcome : That`s Our Home .

Prof.ManiC: How did Wolfs Moon come into being? Who formed it? Why that name? How long have you and the other members known each other?
SAMMY: The Birthhour Of The Band Was In January 1992 When We Were Only Two Members :
My First Bass-Player Kanone And Me. We Had The Chance To Join A Rehearsing-Room But They Only Let Bands In. So I Had To Find A Name For This Two-Member-Band. At That Time I Wanted A Name That Combines Mystic And Wildness.
I Was Inspired By A Novel Called Moon And The Misfits-Record Wolfs Blood. Well….Then The Band Was Born.
A Few Weeks Later We Found Andi On Drums, Christian On Keyboards And Maxe On Vocals. I Know Andi From Another Band And Christian From A Body-Building-Gym. With That Line-Up We Made Our First Steps With Two
Demos And A Few Live-Gigs. After Our First CD Solitary Lunacy – Which Was More Heavy Rock – Kanone And Christian Left The Band. With Pete On Bass We Started Again With The Heavy Style You Know.
Prof.ManiC: I consider your song “Lone Wolf” to be one of the greatest metal anthems ever. How did you guys come up with the lyrics and music? What inspired it?
SAMMY: Interesting Question Which I`m Not Able To Answer. I Never Know How A Song Comes Together. Sometimes It`s Just Like A Jigsaw. I Do It All With The Attitude Of a Pure Metal-Fan. With That Point Of View I Wrote The Lyrics And The Music…As I Do Today. Nothing Changes. Lone Wolf As Example Is My Explanation To Be a Metal-Fan.
I Try To Express That It`s More Than Music. I Often Talk To People Who Told Me I´m To Old And That It`s Just Noise. In My Opinion You Are Never To Old And It`s A Way Of Life. If That Means To Be A Lone Wolf…Okay.
Prof.ManiC: How much of an influence does H.P Lovecraft have on you and the band? If any, what are your favorite stories and characters from him?
SAMMY: Believe It Or Not….Most Of The Inspirations For The Lyrics Comes From Comic-Books From Marvel/DC And Image And Action Figures Like The Curse Of The Spawn Characters. The Title Spirit Of Medusa Is A Direct Outcome Of That. Since Maybe 8 Years I Read A German Noves-Series Called Vampira – "Das Volk Der Nacht " Which Means People Of The Night. One Character – The Warlock Robert Craven – Inherits The Necronomicon To Fight Against The Creatures Of H.P.Lovecraft`s World. That`s All.
Prof.ManiC: How much time, money and energy did you put into the last couple WOLF MOONS albums to get them released?
SAMMY: As I Told You …We Are A 100 % Self-Made Band Involved In The Underground. To Understand Our Situation I Have To Tell You That We Are Four Working Guys With A Full-Time Job And Families. I For Example Have A Wife And One Daughter.
We Finance The Whole Thing On Our Own With A Little Help From The Label. But We Don`t Sell Enough CD´s To Pay All The Productions Bills Of The Last Production. It Always Costs Us Sweat And Heart-Blood To Put Out A Record. In These Days We Prepare Our Fifth Record In Our Rehearsal Room. It Took Me More Than Eight Months To Write The Lyrics And The New Story. For The Riffs Of The Ten New Songs I Needed More Than Ten Months. But That`s Not all . After That The Other Three Guys Put Their Talent Into The Songs And Arrangements To
Make Them Even Better.
Prof.ManiC: Has the response been worth it? Or do you just do it for the Metal?
SAMMY: I Think Yes. We Have A Small But Fine World-Wide Fan-Base That Supports Us As Good As They Can. We Know That This Is A Very Special Time In Our Life To Make Our Vision Of Heavy Metal Come True. We Don`t Do It For The Money Because We Found So Many New Friends And Fans With Our Music….It Sounds Strange But We Do It For The Metal Because I Don`t Want To Play Nothing Else.
Prof.ManiC: Will there be a follow up to BLACK KNIGHT LEGACY? If so will it continue the story? Or will it be a fresh start?
SAMMY: Yes…..The Upcoming Fifth Album “ T.H. 5 Keep Metal Alive “ Will Conclude The Saga Around The Duke Of Damnation. The Duke Starts A Holy War On The Territory Of The Elysium Between Angels And Vampires. There`s Gonna Be A Vampire Messiah Called Kayne and A Mystic Blood Grail. I Really Hope You Will Enjoy The Story.
Prof.ManiC: When will the new album be coming out? Can you give me an idea on what the songs will be like? Any song titles?

Well….A Release-Date Is Difficult To Say. We Have Plans For The Recording-Sessions In October. The Ten New Songs Will Sound Very Very Heavy . No Ballads. Only Pure
Metal Stuff With All Kinds Of Hard Rock –Metal- Doom- Chords And Thrash-Riffing.
The Songs Will Have More Double-Bass,Too. Claude- Our Cover-Artist Still Works On
The New Illustrations. Here Are The Titles :


# 1 Is Called I Still Believe in Metal. It`s The Follow Up To Lone Wolf And
Loud And Proud. A Classic Anthem I Think.
# 2 Is Reborn With A Black Heart. Put On The Black-Knight-CD And Listen To The Last Track. That Ghost Song Prepared That Track.
# 3 Timestream Horrorsphere
# 4 Temple Of Eternity
# 5 Lonely At The Gates
# 6 Demon-Skull
# 7 Vampire-Wasteland
# 8 Bloodstorm On A Nightwing
# 9 Power And Desaster
# 10 I Hate This Universe

Prof.ManiC: How often do you guys play out? Where do you guys play? What are your live shows like? How much of a crowd do you guys get? What songs do you play?
SAMMY: To Be Serious….It`s Not Often To Get The Chance For A Live-Gig. For BKL We Played Eleven Gigs . A Few Near Our Home Town , A Few Far Away On Our Costs. That Means We Had To Pay For Fuel And The Bus Etc. One gig In Hamburg With Bäd Influence Was Great. The Festival Gig At The Bands Battle In The East Of Germany Was Great, Too. And One Festival-Gig In The South Of Germany Was Fun Cause I Met My Cousins There. The Whole Gigs Were Kind Of Familiar. We Played In Front Of 100-
150 Fans. So No Big Deal. In The Set-List Were Songs Like Alley, Spirit, United Forces, Necronomicon, Underdog ( From Eternal Flame ), Witch-Goddess And Stuff Like BKL.
Prof.ManiC: What kind of equipment to you use? What scales/chords do you think makes up a bulk of your songs and style?
SAMMY: Classic Euipment. I Use No Effects. Just Amp And Guitar. I Use Two ESP Guitars And Marshall Stuff. Funny Question
Prof.ManiC: What is your proudest moment of being a member of WOLFS MOON?
SAMMY: The Last Years 10 Years Heavy Birthday Party. Each Letter And Mail From A Fan Is A Special Moment. To Hold A New Wolfs Moon Record In Hands Is Cool, Too.
Prof.ManiC: What are your proudest moments of being a metalhead?

Meeting Members Of My Faves Overkill, Armored Saint & Anvil. Check Out Our The Gallery On Our Homepage. That Explains All.
Prof.ManiC: What do you think are some of the best Underground bands still around nowadays?
SAMMY: Bäd Influence From Hamburg.
Prof.ManiC: What Singers and Guitarists just blow your mind?

Well……Many. All Cool Classic Bands Like Overkill-Slayer-Testament-Dio-Maiden-
Priest-Armored Saint-Anvil-Jag Panzer-Danzig-Manowar-Annihilator-Savatage-Megadeth-Mercyful Fate- W.A.S.P.-Iced Earth- And Bands Like That.
Zakk Wylde And Jeff Waters Are Cool Player. Dave Linsk And Todd Youth, Too. Eric
Peterson Shreds And Kerry King And Hanneman Kill. John Bush And Glenn Danzig Are Awesome. What Else Do You Wanna Hear ?
Prof.ManiC: Any Final Comments??

Thanks For Being So Kind To Us.
Be Yourself No Matter What Others Say.
All The Best & Keep Metal Alive
Thanks And Cheerz