"Metal Injection" Compilation CD Released (11/19/98)

"Metal Injection", a heavy metal compilation cd featuring the demo version of "The Chosen One" (as well as bands such as Sorceror, Gothic Knights, and Iron Rainbow) has been released by Bad Posture Records. For more info, write:

Bad Posture Records
P.O. Box 92
Middle Island, NY USA

Or if you want to order it online, go HERE and follow the links to "Metal" and then "CDs". They also carry "The Fire Awaits You" as well!

Band News Update (10/29/98)

Here is a band update from the words of King Fowley...

"OCTOBER 31 is all set to begin writing and recording their new LP "Meet Thy Maker" for R.I.P Records who released their debut "The Fire Awaits You" last year. The line-up will again be the Fowley/Williams/Lewis/Hunter team that put out the recent "Visions of the End" EP. The new record will continue in the band's quest to bring the sound, spirit, and attitude of the 80's heavy metal movement back to the forefront of today's music scene. Some new titles set to be included are 'Behind the Castle Walls', 'The Verdict', 'The Temple of Secrets', 'Around Her Neck The Cross', 'Just An Illusion', and 'Timeless Flight'. As for the usual heavy metal cover tunes that have become standard with the band's recordings, a few being considered this time around are Ostrogoth's 'Queen of Desire', The Michael Schenker Group's 'But I Want More', and Saxon's 'Motorcycle Man'. No release date is set for the record quite yet but the band hopes to have all recording finished by February 1999! After this there is a good possibility that OCTOBER 31 will finally play a few live shows on the East Coast to fellow heavy metal fanatics that have supported their cause."

"Visions of the End" is Officially Sold Out! (10/20/98)

Old Metal Records has sold out of their copies of the "Visions of the End" EP. However don't give up hope yet, the fine folks at Sentinel Steel Mailorder still have many copies available for purchase. Write for their catalog full of heavy metal goodies at good prices! Don't forget to include a .33 cent stamp inside your envelope if you're from the US or $1 if you're not!

Sentinel Steel
P.O. Box 123
Rockaway, NJ 07866 USA

"Visions of the End" is Unleashed! (08/02/98)

The long-delayed EP is finally ready for purchase! You can order them directly from the band for $10 (US) $12 (Elsewhere). Send well-concealed cash or money orders payable to: Old Metal Records. They are a limited edition of 500 so get yours today! The address is:

Old Metal Records
5953 N.10th St.
Arlington, VA 22205 USA

Iron Maiden Song Recorded for Tribute (08/02/98)

The band entered Oblivion Studios on July 26 to record "Public Enema Number One" for the sequel to the "A Call to Irons" Iron Maiden tribute released by Dwell Records. The release date for the CD is not known at this time.

"The Fire Awaits You" T-Shirts Available (08/02/98)

There are now full-color T-shirts available (size XL only) with the "The Fire Awaits You" cd artwork on the front and "Heavy Metal Warlocks" written on the back. The prices are $14 (US) and $17 (Elsewhere). Send well-concealed cash or money orders payable to: Stan Koson to:

R.I.P Records
P.O.Box 41182
Chicago, IL 60641 USA

"Visions of the End" Samples Added (04/10/98)

Three MP3 samples from the forthcoming EP have been added to the sound samples page. Check them out!

October 31 featured at Heavy Metal at the Mining Company (02/28/98)

October 31 has been given a spotlight at the Heavy Metal at the Mining Company site here. Make sure you check out the rest of the site too, it rules!!!

Kevin Lewis Rejoins Band and New EP Recorded (02/23/98)

Kevin Lewis has rejoined the band on rhythm guitar just in time to be involved in the writing and recording of the new "Visions of the End" ep. The ep features three new tracks ("Visions of the End", "Servants and Slaves", and "The Legend of the Haunted Sea"), "When Darkness Covers the Sun" (re-recorded version), and a cover of the Lizzy Borden classic "Give 'Em the Axe". A release date for the ep is not yet known.

New EP To Be Recorded (01/06/98)

The band will enter Oblivion Studios in late February to record the "Visions of the End" EP. The EP will feature a cover of Krokus "Headhunter", two new songs ("Visions of the End" and "Servants and Slaves"), and other goodies.