Shows, Shows and More Shows!!! (09/17/2001)

Sept 29 Connections Clifton, NJ (w/ DECEASED)
Oct 6 Nightcaps Chicago, IL (w/ SKULLVIEW and CAULDRON BORN)
Nov 4 Jaxx Springfield, VA (w/ PREMONITION and THE STRANGE)
Nov 15 Never on Sundays Cincinnati, OH
Nov 16 Cheers South Bend, IN
Nov 17 Harpo's Detroit, MI

Chuck Schuldiner (Death/Control Denied) Benefit Show Postponed! (09/12/2001)

In light of the recent horrific and tragic events in NYC, the show has been postponed. The new date is not yet known, but there will be an update as soon as there is more info.

OCTOBER 31 to play Chuck Schuldiner (Death/Control Denied) Benefit Show in NJ (08/21/2001)

The show will be held at Packee's in Woodbridge, NJ. There is more detailed information about the show here. Cancer sucks!!!!!!!!!!

OCTOBER 31 added to Powermad Festival! (07/30/2001)

For the 3rd year in a row, OCTOBER 31 will terrorize the Powermad Festival in Baltimore. Tenatively we are supposed to be playing on Saturday, August 18th but the actual time is unknown. This year is going to feature bands like BREAKER, MANILLA ROAD, VYNKYDATOR (formerly ATTACKER), CAULDRON BORN, OVERLORDE, and alot more so you better get your asses there!!!

Big Line Up News!!! (04/23/2001)

OCTOBER 31 has two new members, Tony Taylor (vocals) and Scott Waldrop (Guitar) from Virginia's metal monsters TWISTED TOWER DIRE. King will be returning to the drum kit once again. We are all very psyched about the changes and are excited about working on material for the next album "No Survivors". The live "debut" of this line-up will be at the Classic Metal Fest so all metalheads be there and be ready to have your ears blown off and your faces melted!!!

Upcoming Shows!!! (03/06/2001)

June 15 Classic Metal Festival Kalamazoo,MI State Theater
July 6 Jaxx Springfield, VA (w/ BANG)
July 21 Hard Rock Cafe NYC, NY (w/ DECEASED and HADES)