RAGING STORM formed in 1997 by Chris Mossalos (guitars) and Harry Boudamour (bass). In that time there was no steady member in the drums position and several line ups took place, while there were some problems with military obligations. After all problems were solved, the band recruited 3 more members: George Vassaras (drums), Dimitris Delis (lead guitars) and George Drimilis (vocals). RAGING STORM is dedicated to epic metal and pays honor to all the glorious heavy metal bands of the 80s.  

The first live appearance was in October 2000 at AN club and we shared the stage with AIRGED LAMH & INNER WISH. Since then, numerous gigs were given with bands such as DREAM WEAVER, BATTLEROAR, VIOLET VORTEX, REFLECTION etc., but our biggest achievement was nothing else than our lives with PRIMAL FEAR, ANVIL, LONEWOLF and the mighty BROCAS HELM!

In the fall of 2001 a contract signed with METALFIGHTERS Record Label and Distribution Company. The debut CD released in April 2002 and it is worldwide distributed. 

New songs contnuosly are being written. Besides our own compositions we cover in our live appearances the following hymns:  Black Machine (CIRITH UNGOL), Warriors Ride On The Chariots (METALUCIFER) and Sortilege (SORTILEGE).

In November 2002, we recorded 2 new songs for the upcoming 7'' single vinyl Swords Of Doom that will be released by EAT METAL Records. This time the production is much better than our debut CD. Moreover, an exclusive studio live recording of a new song In Metal We Trust is included in Mortal Affair compilation with other Hellenic bands.

The last months of 2003 find us without Chris Mosalos, Dimitris Delis has opened his own studio, Harry Boudamour married..

January 2004 and Sword Of Doom 7'' single has been released by EAT METAL Records!!

In March of 2005, Dimitris Delis had to leave the band and the line up has been completed with the addition of 2 guitarists:
George 'Djeto' and Alexis Arnaoutoglou.

Stay tuned.. we'll return.. thanx all of you out there for your endless support!

Defend The Metal Faith!  Warriors Ride On The Chariots!