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(07/06) Rather now than never...! After 18 years in Metal Reactor says goodbye to all the fans, partners and supporters. Thank you very much!!!


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(08/05) Congratulations to Markus Sturz and wife and all the best to his daughter Annika, born at the 1st of August. 

- The band is working on cover set incl. some famous metal highlights like Mistreated - Between the hammer and the anvil - Fear of the dark - The Ripper - Perfect Strangers - Dr. Stein - a.o.


(02/05) Because we believe in the team, here is the "Play-Off-Discount" on Augschburg! Get the CD for 5,- Euro (incl. p+p for Germany only!) shop

(01/05) Some religious fanatics try to fill our guestbook with their garbage. If you want to send them your message, here are the adresses:

or send a letter straight to the owner of the page:

Michael Hann

Brunnerstr. 35

80804 Muenchen, Germany

We wish all the Reactor maniacs a happy new year 2005.

Discount on "No rest yet!". Get the album for 10,- Euro (incl. P&P). Have a look in the shop

(06/04) New critic from is added. Have a look on the critics page.

(05/04) 10 points out of 12 for "No rest yet!" at Heavy oder was?!. Read the critics page.

Vote for Reactor and download one new song complete (Somehow) on radio antenne bayern.

(04/04) On the media information page release infos and pictures are added.

(03/04) Finaly, it´s finished! The date for the release of the new CD "no rest yet!" is the 29th of march 2004. Every fan is welcome to the CD-release concert on 27th in Augsburg . Have a look on the information page.

(12/03) We wish all Reactor maniacs a merry x-mas and a happy nu ear!

(12/03))The band is still waiting for a feedback of the industry, concerning the new album. Meanwhile new band pictures have been made. You´ll see them soon on this page...

(10/03) The Mastering is done and the first mp3s are online. You can listen to parts of "The south strikes back", "Ragmen" or "Growing peasants".

(07/03) During the next month the Homepage is under construction.

The recordings for the new CD are almost finished. Within the next weeks you can download some parts of it. We canceled "Moron town" and "Blacksmith" from the tracklist. "Moron town" was already recorded on the 2000 demo and couldn´t fit the concept of the other songs. "Blacksmith" was simply not done yet.  We´re looking forward to release the album as soon as possible.

(08/02) The following tracks are planed to be recorded on the new CD in December 2002 and January 2003:

South strikes back , Legacy, Ragmen , Run in time , Keeper of glory Growing peasants Promises & lies Die in the last ditch ,  Moron town Pendragon Beerkilla ,  Somehow (Unplugged) , Blacksmith

The songs will be probably produced by Jan Vacik and recorded at the Dreamscape Studios Munich. The release is planed for january.

(06/02)The plans for new recordings make great strides. In July, the new songs will be tested in a one-day session at the dreamscape studios Munich. In October and November, the whole material will be produced by Reactor and Jan Vacik from Dreamscape. We´re looking forward to release the album befor christmas.


(12/01) The unplugged recordings are done. This week, we´ll mix and master three songs we´ve recorded in November and December. With "Conquer the past" and "Into blood and fire" there are two songs from Farewell to reality and one new one, called "Somehow". Probably, we´ll just release them on a demo, so they won´t be available in the moment, but we think about a release on the upcoming album.

(12/01) The unplugged version of "Augschburg" is online.

(07/01) Have a look on the first, unofficial fan page in Japan.

(07/01) Reactor handed over 1000,- German Marks for the icehockey-juniors of the Augsburg Panthers.

(03/01) Hans became father of a healthy boy on thursday the 1st. Congratulations!

(11/00) "Augschburg" is the title of the new release, recorded for the local icehockey team, the "Augsburg Panthers". The Maxi-CD includes 2 versions of the fan-song and one unreleased rough mix of "Beerkilla". Check out the Panther´s page (Only German).

(07/00) The band is in the middle of a 2-track recording. With two new songs ("Pendragon" and "Beerkilla") the band will start a promotional tour in august to check out the new line up and the feedback of the industry.

(06/00) Reactor will be a part of the "Truemetal Battle Tour" with "Morbid Jester" and "C.O.E" in December 2000 to January 2001. Locations & dates will be published soon.

(02/00) Reactor is complete! With Daniel Unzner (bass) the fith member joined the band in february.

(12/99) Former Reactor singer S.L.Coe signed at shark records. Congratulations from Reactor!

(10/99) The concert in Garching (29/10) was canceled, ´cause Robby became father of a healthy girl at the same evening. Congratulations! The gig will be repeated in february.

(10/99) Reactor are four again! Former "Trace Faire" memeber Hans Reichelt (guitar) joined the band in october. The new line-up is working on the live performance for the gigs in december.

(9/99) "The South Strikes Back" MCD is already recorded, including the following tracks: The South Strikes Back, Die In The Last Ditch, Keeper Of Glory, Moron Town. The album isn´t released yet, ´cause the band is still on the search for a record label.


(3/99) Robby & Markus are gonna be at the music fair "Popkomm" in Cologne from 19th - 21st of August 1999.

(2/99) In April, a song from "A Short Fairy Tale" will be released on the 1st "2Loud4U" Sampler.

(1/99) After the release of "A Short Fairy Tale" and several concerts in Germany, Reactor are working now on a 3-song promotional MCD. With "The South Strikes Back" (working titel), the band is setting the basics for a new album which will be the answer of 10 years "war" between them and the musical industry of Germany (most of them in the north).