Issue #20 - Snakepit Heavy Metal Magazine 20 Waouh, can you guys believe that we made it to issue 20 -finally?! It took like 14 years of hard work and total dedication but Snakepit is still alive and hopefully still kicking (for the latter it's you the readers who decide)!

I hope Frank Stover's initial spirit that brought Snakepit to life can still be detected -at least traces- after all those years... again it's you the readers who decide! One thing is sure, I've never envisaged to betray Frank's original vision -I've been betrayed myself enough by bands I idolized during decades who finally cheated me in the end. I'm sure many of you guys can identify to that statement...

This said, this issue was a damn pain the ass to put together... I have no idea if it's because it's number 20 and it kind of 'celebrates' something but fuck I had to deal with numerous -and SERIOUS- setbacks to the point that I even considered to let things go and not giving a fuck, I simply was that discouraged. It's like all the stars (in that case some individuals known as musicians or also known as stars) were aligned in a certain way to really fuck me up. Why some people acts like total assholes when they're between 40-55 is totally beyond me! This is the sort of attitude you would understand coming from 18 years old people but no, seems like certain people will never grow up or better... were just playing Heavy Metal without knowing its meaning which would explain why they act like total dicks. Yeah that one sounds like a good explanation.

Also considering how fucked up the situation was with this issue, don't be surprised if you find numerous typos... usually I go over and over the texts before putting the stuff into form but this time I really had no envy doing it. It's simply raw and heavy! And of course no 'label special' either this issue... that's how fucked up it is.

I tell you, enjoy what you have in your hands... you never know what will be next...

Laurent Ramadier

Laurent Ramadier



Malcolm MacMillan (U.K.)
Andreas Neuderth (Ger)
Eddy Vermeiren (Bel)
Kenneth Thomsen (Den)

Laurent Ramadier

Chris Logue & Brian East

Picture courtesy of Lisa Hoglan

Extremely limited

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