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News from 16.12.99 - 02.02.2000

inally the interview made by Ossi J. is translated and is now online. You can read the English version directly here.
oday I found very nice and new interview from "Aorta-zine". Aorta interviewed Tony from SA and there is something really nice things. Find out yourself what, I won't spoil. Too bad is the thing that interview is only in Finnish, my English is so bad that even if I would get permission to translate it, You wouldn't understand it :). Finnish visitors, check it out!!!

Also Jannes interview is now also available as .MP3! Thanks to OssiJ about that, file is 1,4mb and can be downloaded from here. [Download

o cause of me being lazy there comes much new stuff this time. First I have to mention that I saw Sonata at Nosturi-klubi and woooooh! Read about the gig at here! (Report by OssiJ)

Again, OssiJ made interview of the band at the same gig. Today it will be here in Finnish and in some days also in English. 

Also if you didn't already know, Tony was replaced from keyboards by Mikko Härkin. Now when Tony could focus only in singing, I can say the replacement was only positive, for the gigs atleast. From Mikko, I'll write something soon.

Tomi Salter, the guy who made guitar-tab for UnOpened made also tab for Blank File. Many thanks for him! (Tabs made by listening songs, they might and probably include mistakes)

inally I had enough time to put the images from gig at Jesperi, Tornio by Dragonlord to page, again thanks to her! There is now about 70 very nice jpg images of the band. They can be found from Band section and clicking the names of the guys.

Janne Kivilahti from Sonata Arctica said that Ecliptica has now sold over 5000 copys in Finland and is 23th in official Finnish chart. Way to go!

ere come the long waited pictures taken by Dragonlord from Sonata Arcticas gig at Jesperi, Tornio, Finland. Thanks again to you for letting me to use pictures here! Pictures can be found from the "Band"-section by clicking the band members and viewing their own small personal page.

Small announcment to Finnish people. Please vote for Nightwish to Finlands band at Eurovisions songcontest! How to do it? Visit Spinefarm to see how.

Last day of 20th century
o, tomorrow we'll change to next millenium (god I hate that word) and world is dead cause of Russian nuclearpowerplants or for instance it will be just as ordinary day as the one before it. Happy and creative new century to you and Sonata Arctica!
ee, well better late than never. I don't remember who was asking about Sonata Arctica guitartabs but if he visits here, he'll find what he wants. Tomi Salter has made tab to UnOpened and is now doing one for Blank File. As he said, the tab isn't perfect and is made by just listening the song but it is better than nothing. View the tab here [Click] and please visit his website.
ia "Dragonlord" Saikkonen has taken very nice pictures from Sonata Arcticas gig at Jesperi, Tornio. For now you can only find the pictures from her own page bandpage (site contains also very good imagematerial from many different bands) but soon they can be also found from Sonatas official site which they are going to update pretty soon. At Januray pictures can also be found at here, thanks to her!
ound a really really interesting link from Sonata Arcticas guestbook. Link to their former website, from times when they were called as Tricky Means. Seems that Stratovarius has had bigger influense for the band than I had ever imagined, most of the guys wearing Stratovarius t-shirts in pictures and so on. And now they will tour over Europe with their "rolemodels", nice. Also you'll find out from the page that all of thse guys like pizza and something else ;) though site hasn't been updated for while but still it's worth a visit!
Url is: www.kemi.fi/~nuoriso/trickymeans
he site has now a new option. I have been many times thinkig that I want here a poll. I don't yet have so many visitors daily that I could make weekly polss so eash vote is here for about month and then the result is released. First thing to vote is of course the best song of Ecliptica!

Click here to vote!!

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