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  • Members of Sonata Arctica

    (From left)

    Janne Kivilahti (-80)
    Jani Liimatainen (-80)
    Tony Kakko (-75)
    vocals and keyboard
    Tommy Portimo (-81)
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    Released records

    UnOpened (cd-single)

    Ecliptica (full album)

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    History of the band
    (edited from bands own historytale)

       Sonata Arctica started as Tricky Beans in winter 1996 and released first demo in summer 1996 and second demo Agre Pampers in winter 1997 and in March came out third demo, Peacemaker. In start band took part in some competitions as Radiomafias hitsong contest where song called Blackout was in top-40 from over 500 songs.
       New songs were rehearsed and many old ones were left out. Also Tricky Beans decided to abandon old name and new name was Tricky Means. In year 1998 Make, the basist didn't have enthusiasm to continue as basist. New basist Janne was found in November.
       January 1999 4th demo Fullmoon was recorded and Tricky Means made record contract with Spinefarm and changed name to Sonata Arctica. 
       First single, UnOpened released 15th July 1999 and their song was included in Metalliliitto 1999 compilation. The first full album, Ecliptica came out 22.11.1999 and band is now touring whit such famous names as Stratovarius and Rhapsody in Europe.
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    Images from the Band
    (images from Jesperi, Tornio by Dragonlord, thanks!)

    From stage:




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