Gigreport from Nosturi (22.01.2000)
Written by Ossi Jääskeläinen
Sonata Arctica played tonight (or should I say last night, it is now 2:10 at night) at Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland. I was there (in the front row, naturally) to see their gig.

Before the gig I got a possibility to meet Sonata Arctica. I also interviewed Janne, the bass player. I'll have the interview on cassette and I'll write it with my computer and add it to Sonata Arctica fanpage (http://www.melodicmetal.com/sonata/) as soon as possible. Finnish version wiill be added tomorrow (Sunday), English version will be added Sunday or Monday.

After the interview I went to the "main hall". I was waiting maybe three and a half hours before Sonata Arctica started to play. There were two other Finnish bands before SA, Entwine and Silentium. I skip that part, nobody wants to read about those bands. Everyone will know how Sonata Arctica played...

The band played very well, Tony's singing was awesome, it was easy to notice that there wasn't use any special effects in his vocals in Ecliptica or UnOpened. He was singing well. Everyone else was also playing very good, I personally didn't notice any errors or mistakes in their playing, the songs were just perfect.

Mikko Härkin was playing the keyboards, and he really did fine job. Some keyboard solos and parts were AWESOME, but not just because of him. Why then? Sorry, I don't want to say. You must see and hear it yourself, I don't want to spoil your joy :)

The gig last over an hour (70 minutes maybe, I didn't have a clock with me) and the set was following:

Destruction Preventer
My Land
Blank File
Letter to Dana
Kingdom for a Heart
Crash and Burn (Yngwie Malmsteen)
8th Commandment
--- encore ---
Still Loving You (Scorpions)

Sonata Arctica really kicked ass :) There was only two rows of people during the first two bands, almost all were sitting next to wall or just hanging somewhere. Everything changed when Sonata Arctica came to stage, the crowd wasn't just a passive onlookers anymore, they really enjoyed the gig and lived with it.GRRRRRRRRRREAT! :) This was the second time I saw Sonata Arctica playing live, and I really need to get some more! Now, where's my Ecliptica... :)

by Kalle Karikoski (C) 1999