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   First of all, Sonata Arctica comes from Kemi which is very far up north in Finland. there they don't play discocrap or such, up there they play metal and metal only.
   To be bit more accurate Sonata Arctica plays very melodic powermetal and has been many times compared to Stratovarius (which in this case is pretty good thing but soon this kind of bands are in my opinion been compared to these guys, to Sonata Arctica) but I think Sonata Arctica is even more melodic than Stratovarius and voice of singer is bit (not much though) lower. 
   Gary Weber once writed very nicely that Sonata Arctica has enough energy and power to light the state of New york for months. That is very true..
   -"We've got melodic songs, that's where it all starts." That's something Timo Tolkki of Stratovarius said sometime.

   I ain't so good to write about Sonatas style so I asked the permission to use small sample from some of their songs in mp3-format at this page. Thanks to SA, I caught the permission and now this songs is here for you.

30sec samples from Sonatas music:

Mary Lou
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