How to: cgminer (Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.) + AMD Radeon driver install on CentOS

UPDATE 7/7/13: If you want to use Catalyst drivers version 12.8 you will find that X won’t start (error msg: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ undefined symbol: noXFree86DRIExtension) if you installed CentOS 6.4. Catalyst > 12.8 will work fine. To fix that, you can downgrade to the Xorg version that ships with CentOS 6.3:

yum --disablerepo=\* --enablerepo=C6.3\* downgrade xorg\*
(You may also need to do: yum remove xorg-x11-drv-modesetting)

Do this before you install Catalyst!

Here’s my how-to for cgminer / AMD Radeon drivers under CentOS 6.4, 32bit in this example. You can basically copy & paste every line and you should end up with a working mining rig.

Install required packages:

yum install wget system-config-firewall-tui openssh-clients kernel-devel-2.6.32-358.el6.i686 libcurl-devel ncurses-devel compat-libstdc++-33 screen xterm
yum groupinstall "X Window System" "Development tools"

Download and extract cgminer 3.7.2 – later versions don’t support GPU mining:

cd /root
tar xjvf cgminer-3.7.2.tar.bz2

Download AMD APP and ADL SDKs for cgminer compilation from:


Install AMD APP SDK:

cd /opt
tar xvzf /root/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-lnx32.tgz
cd /
tar xvzf /opt/icd-registration.tgz
cd /opt
tar xvzf AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-RC-lnx32.tgz
ln -s /opt/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-RC-lnx32/include/CL /usr/include
ln -s /opt/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-RC-lnx32/lib/x86/* /usr/lib/

Install AMD ADL SDK:

cd /root
mkdir ADL
mv ADL
cd ADL
cp include/*.h /root/cgminer-3.7.2/ADL_SDK

Build cgminer for Litecoin (with scrypt support):

cd /root/cgminer-3.7.2
CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall -march=native -I/opt/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-RC-lnx32/include" LDFLAGS="-L/opt/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-RC-lnx32/lib/x86" ./configure --enable-scrypt
make install
(if you want to run the cgminer binary from everywhere)

Install fglrx AMD graphics card drivers:

AMD Catalyst driver (fglrx) from:


cd /root


chmod 700
./ --buildpkg RedHat/RHEL6
rpm -Uvh fglrx_p_i_c-12.104-1.i386.rpm


amdconfig --adapter=all --initial

If your mining rig is headless you can start X in a screen session:


Detach screen session: CTRL+A+D

Create and put this into the file:

export DISPLAY=:0

cgminer --scrypt ...your parameters go here...

Make it executable:

chmod 700

Configure cgminer parameters as needed and start mining (./ Done!

20 thoughts on “How to: cgminer (Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.) + AMD Radeon driver install on CentOS

  1. spineless

    I am getting an error when I install cgminer. I downloaed the drivers and the GCminer and was about to start installing GCminer. I entered the command ./ and I get the following error: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
    If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.
    See the Autoconf documentation.
    autoreconf: /usr/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1
    ./ line 10: /root/cgminer/configure: No such file or directory

    Not sure where to start with this one. Any ideas?

    1. univ Post author

      Hi! Wow, your comment is the 2nd legitimate comment ever in my blog. :-) Anyway, it seems like not all development tools required for compiling from source were installed. Are you sure you executed the “yum install …” line? In particular: yum install “Development tools”
      Let me know if this helps or not.

  2. homer

    Wow! a blogger who is arrogant to its readers!
    Wanna be the third:

    Q: What happened to CPU and GPU mining?
    A: Their efficiency makes them irrelevant in the bitcoin mining world today
    and the author has no interest in supporting alternative coins that are better
    mined by these devices.

    So, how could the Radeon Driver make sense?


    1. univ Post author

      I think you misunderstood my comment. His comment was the 2nd legitimate comment ever, all other comments were spam so far.

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  4. Portos

    Ops! Fulfilled your instructions, but starting ./cgminer -n reports:

    FATAL: Module fglrx not found.
    Error! Fail to load fglrx kernel module! Maybe you can switch to root user to load kernel module directly
    FATAL: Module fglrx not found.
    Error! Fail to load fglrx kernel module! Maybe you can switch to root user to load kernel module directly
    [2014-01-18 08:05:22] CL Platform 0 vendor: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    [2014-01-18 08:05:22] CL Platform 0 name: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
    [2014-01-18 08:05:22] CL Platform 0 version: OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1214.3)
    [2014-01-18 08:05:22] Error -1: Getting Device IDs (num)
    [2014-01-18 08:05:22] clDevicesNum returned error, no GPUs usable
    [2014-01-18 08:05:22] 0 GPU devices max detected


    1. univ Post author

      Hm, for some reason the kernel driver fglrx is not being loaded. As root, try

      modprobe fglrx

      and afterwards run

      amdconfig –lsa

      to see if your GPUs are found then.

    1. univ Post author

      Hmm. It could be that either fglrx gets not properly loaded, or that fglrx is fine by itself and your GPUs are really not found. Are you 100% sure the GPUs are working in this box? If you have only GPU and that’s the one where you have hooked up your monitor to, then that’s a yes. :) I would boot the box, and then check “dmesg” to see what the output was when fglrx tried to load. Did it even try to load?

    2. univ Post author

      PS: The fact that “modprobe fglrx” didn’t produce any output is good. Looks like it was loaded then. But make sure it is really there by running “lsmod” or “lsmod | grep fglrx”.

  5. Vital

    hi. i have this:
    [root@p4-36 cgminer-3.7.2]# CFLAGS=”-O2 -Wall -march=native -I/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-RC-lnx32/include” LDFLAGS=”-L/AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-RC-lnx32/lib/x86″ ./configure –enable-scrypt
    checking build system type… x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
    checking host system type… x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
    checking target system type… x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
    checking for a BSD-compatible install… /usr/bin/install -c
    checking whether build environment is sane… yes
    checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p… /bin/mkdir -p
    checking for gawk… gawk
    checking whether make sets $(MAKE)… yes
    checking whether make supports nested variables… yes
    checking for style of include used by make… GNU
    checking for gcc… gcc
    checking whether the C compiler works… no
    configure: error: in `/root/cgminer-3.7.2′:
    configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
    See `config.log’ for more details

    before and after this, evrth was good.

    as a result – I cant run cgminer:
    [root@p4-36 cgminer-3.9.0]# ./
    ./ line 5: cgminer: command not found

    any suggestions?

    1. univ Post author

      Strange. “checking whether the C compiler works… no” means gcc is there but not working properly. Did you follow my installation instructions about the required packages and were all packages successfully installed? Double-check whether they were all installed! Make sure yum install “Development tools” finishes without problems.

      Is this CentOS 32bit? (Show output of “uname -a” and “cat /etc/issue”)

      Did you really extract the AMD APP SDK in / instead of /opt?

      I noticed when you tried to execute you are in a directory called cgminer-3.9.0 instead of before cgminer-3.7.2. cgminer-3.9.0 does not support GPU mining, so throw it away.

  6. Alex Barringer

    For those of you that claim that CGMiner doesn’t support graphics boards, you’d be full of it. Anything beyond 3.7.2 and it’s forks don’t have GPU support, they have ASIC and FPGA support.

    The CPU mining support was dropped in the CGMiner 3.5 series.

    If you can’t get your graphics cards to be recognized by CGMiner, that’s not the fault of the blog owner, you’re not reading the instructions carefully and obviously not browsing the CGMiner (README) file, if you did, you’d realize your error. Make sure that when you install the APP SDK that you reboot your computer, there is a specific reason why you should do this.

    in order for you to be able to get it to work with say, ATI based cards. You first have to make sure you have a GP-GPU and not an older card that doesn’t support OpenCL, otherwise it won’t work.

    You need to install the AMD FGLRX entire package (not just the driver, you need Catalyst, too), I’m using the 14.9 stable driver currently, then install AMD APP SDK. I don’t recommend using the Release Candidates (RCs), they’re really buggy, you can use the verion 2.9 but make sure you download the ADL 7.0 SDK they’re paired together for a reason.

    When all is said and done and you have all the prerequisites out of the way and get all the dependencies downloaded and installed.

    You can use this command line to get the graphics boards to be recognized:

    ./configure –enable-scrypt –enable-opencl

    Those two are required for you to do graphics board mining, even if you’re not doing S-Crypt mining and just doing SHA256D, you still need to declare S-Crypt to be enabled, otherwise you can’t do mining on the cards.

    It’s in the “README”! Do read it, next time!

    You can get the CGMiner 3.7.2 here:

    Alternately, you can get Kalroth’s version fork of 3.7.2 here:

    You must have GIT installed to use the GITHUB version of this.

    Please read the on that site before you go ahead and try to use it, it will save a lot of headaches. Do read up on how to use GIT correctly, too.

    Note: If you get massive hardware errors and then receive no accepted shares on either version of CGMiner or if doing S-Crypt only and use SGMiner (a fork of CGMiner) you are more than likely using the wrong graphics driver for the ADL and APP SDKs (meaning too old).

    I line up the following installations:

    1. ATI FGLRX full installation including Catalyst, version 14.9
    2. AMD APP SDK version 2.9 (not the RC version)
    3. AMD ADL SDK version 7.0

    This is what I use on Ubuntu and on CentOS and have no trouble at all using CGMiner or CGMiner-Kalroth.

    Many of the problems I see people have with this software is because they don’t read the instructions!

    Note: CGMiner 3.8.x and beyond DO NOT support graphics mining anymore, up to 3.7.2 does.

    Also, don’t install AMD APP SDK directly as root, that’s dangerous, use “sudo” instead.

    There is a script in the installation for the SDK called, “”, I highly suggest you use it.

    sudo ./

    By default, it will install in the /opt directory, which is what you want, anyhow. After you install it, reboot your computer normally, it’s actually a requirement for the installation to be completed, do this before you attempt to compile CGMiner.

  7. Alex Barringer

    I should also point out that when you use CGMiner for the first time, don’t overclock anything, leave your card the way it is and double check your setting for the mining site you’re using. If you have your Intensity up too high you can also receive massive hardware errors and no accepted shares, same thing can occur when your GP-GPU overheats and/or your dedicated memory on the card (which usually has no heatsinks on them (design problem).

  8. J

    I have a question, If I am not running a GUI on my CentOS system, and I have 2 x sapphire toxic r9 270x cards does one still need the radeon drivers? Are they only for X of are they needed for cgminer also?


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