These are some basic wiring designs for GM and Ford below. Click the photos to enlarge or right click and "save target as..." to download it. 

These wiring configurations do not show any fused circuit protection. I would recommend at least putting a 100a breaker/fuse inline. Or you can install a disconnect switch available from most parts suppliers. Nothing sucks worse than an electrical fire. More diagrams to come...

Battery disconnect switches are now in stock, anyone wanting to purchase one send me a e-mail Wolf0r these are rated at 500a load capacity!

Anyone local wanting a demo car wired e-mail for pricing. I will do anything from wiring your car to building you a customized "black box" of your specifications. I am always needing parts so trades are welcome, "will work for derby parts"!

BWR_GM.jpg (142521 bytes) General Motors Diagram

BWR_Ford.jpg (154105 bytes) Ford Wiring Diagram

smokebomb.JPG (94049 bytes)

Bad wiring can ruin your day



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