05/17/2006 10:50:43 PM -0500

Blackwindracing.com will no longer exist in the near future. It's time to start making some money, smashing cars doesn't pay much unless you win every time. I will be moving the site to Russia where it will remain in Valhalla until death. If you would like to purchase this site, it's up for renewal. I still own the domain and transfer is possible to another owner. You can then renew it at a substantial discount. I am currently working on a bigger and better site with some valuable information. The beta version 1.01 will be parked soon at a new domain. Those of you that are deserving will get an e-mail or contacted personally for your chance at making some cash. Honest money, for honorable people.

Hail and Kill...


Ok what the hell is going on here? I just realized how messed up things really are. How can they let a total "WeeTard" run for Treasurer of Robb twp? You just know I voted for him. YES I did vote, and so should you. The day we elect a weetard for treasurer, is the day I pack my belongings into a U-Haul. Do you think he ever voted before? What happened to make him stop attending church so suddenly after getting the charity?

Liars and Thieves gets a job?!? Welcome to the world of WORK, don't mess it up assholes. Make an honest living for once. sorry for the OXIMORON.

Will I ever race a derby car again? Maybe one more Chevy before I start running the Fords. Posey County 4h fairgrounds, be there! July 14th 2006.

By the way, I am accepting sponsors. Give up $20 and get your business/name on the car. The more ya give...the larger the area. Paypal accepted. See those who have helped in the past Sponsors


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