Liars and Thieves

"Mind ye of the filth that tries to creep into your clan"

Who are the liars and thieves? Here are examples you figure it out. Not necessarily targeted to one person or the rotten neighborhood I am in.  The truth sometimes hurts the innocent. Of those innocent I pray that you do not see this as an attack. It is only the truth as seen by me. I will also say that I am not sorry for speaking my mind for it is the truth! Why live a lie? The original 5 that started this great family will always be loved by me no matter what they do. No matter what anyone says we grew up strong. We were not mistreated in any way, and we had the best parents that any family could ever imagine. I still to this day honor and respect Mom and Dad and my brother and sister. I will defend them with my life and will punish anyone who tries to harm them in any way. Look at the facts below and you will see why I have chosen to shake the shit out of the family tree. I will no longer acknowledge the fact that the people who have tried to break up the 5 even exist. They will not cross my path or try to bring harm to anyone of the "honorable ones" in our tree. Or our children!

Honorable Ancestors, Help us to keep our family from harm.

Let those who send negative energy, or attempt to bring harm against us suffer 3 fold .

Give us the knowledge and courage to raise our family honorable as you have done.

Let that knowledge guide our children on the path to greatness!

We remember thee and carry on your name with honor and dignity.

Your spirits are in our hearts as we look forward to meeting you again, when  our spirits are carried in the hearts our children.

So Mote It Be...

Here are the characteristics of the liars and thieves.

1. These people do not even try and help themselves, leeching off their prey is how they live.

2. Using emotional situations or their children to lure their prey, bleed them dry. Even after admitting to being a liar and a thief.

3. Marry into the "mark's" family in order to gain more support why work when you can leech off someone?

4. Stealing from family. and/or (stealing from your spouse to support your worthless offspring and her leech) you can't fix bad genetics.

5. Stealing from the government. Refusing to keep an honest job. Simply being a worthless POS.

6.  Breeding simply for the purpose of gaining more food stamps, welfare, etc.

7. Faking a divorce, and wasting the courts time in order for the spouse to gain more government help.

8. Faking insurance claims. This just makes it more expensive for the working man to insure his stuff from the Liars and Thieves.

9. Lying in a court of law under oath! Lying to the authorities wasting their time investigating bogus claims.

10. Going to church long enough to scam them out of food, money, etc. LOW LIFE SCUM!

11. Going to the emergency room with a fake illness, get a script for pills and sell them.

It is a very sad thing to say but I have warned people, churches and even the police, they have saw this with their own eyes. Most of this crap is against the law. But...What do I know? Beating the fuck out of them doesn't work.

Here is where all those fuckers belong, Welcum to My Trailer Park! could they be relatives of these people relocated by the government to stop the serious genetic defects from inbreeding? If you think I'm full of shit just take a look for yourself.


There are people out there too lazy to work and expect handouts from our government. This gutter slime has found out that the amount of work they have done in their life amounts to SHIT. That means come time for social security, they get SHIT. But these worthless pieces of filth have figured out disability pays well. They go through all the red tape to get on disability and sit on their asses while the working man pays for it all. The sad thing is these people breed more offspring to help rip even more cash out of the good ole USA. It's gotta stop, it's time to ask our elected officials to offer J-O-Bs not handouts!



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