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This section of my site has several links that I have visited myself. From time to time a link may be dead or just simply the domain has changed owners. If you let your child surf the net freely without supervision they can get into trouble. I will list a few safety tips to help you out. Don't feel bad because your child knows more about a computer than you do. I put my daughter on a computer when she was two. She teaches me a thing or two now at age 8. The tips below are to help you and your family keep your computer working efficiently.

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When the Children Cry

1. Make sure you have a firewall that is up to date. I recommend Norton Internet Security it will block most dangerous attacks and you can set up Allowed/Blocked internet sites. There is a Parental Control built in. Very secure! Norton

2. Keep your operating system updated, when you get the opportunity to send an error report to Microsoft. Do it! Most of the time you will be directed to a site with helpful info or an update to fix it. Keep your windows updates current!

3. Do not allow any e-mail or attachments to e-mails to be opened without scanning with an antivirus program.

4. Beware of sites wanting you to install java applets or any installer programs. These lead to automatic dialers and web bots that bombard you with spam.

5. Stay away from the surveys that offer "free gifts" you end up getting a lot of unwanted e-mail and usually have to sign up for something that gets into your pocket.

6. Use caution when opening fwd,fwd,fwd e-mail. These chain letters etc usually contain a small program that copies all your e-mail contacts and sends them to a phisher site. Phisher is a person that steals account info and peoples identities. Some use these lists to send spam to your friends.

7. Keep your kids away from chat programs, and P2P programs like Kazaa, Limewire, etc. Most of the virus and trojans I remove from customers computers came through these programs.

8. If your kids surf unsupervised get a Net Nanny program it's worth the price. These programs usually have lists of porn, and adware sites that are automatically blocked and updated.

9. Do a full system virus scan weekly and also defrag your hard drive for a smoother safer computer. Use windows task scheduler or system mechanic.

10. E-Mail me if you have a question at Wolf0r I will do my best to help you out. If you need a computer built or repaired feel free to give me a call. Hi-Performance

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