W.A.S.P.'s first album was a collection of songs that happen within the first years of them playing together, in clubs like the Troubador. The album is full of W.A.S.P. classics, from start to finish, and includes one of most important classics of of the rock history - Animal (Fuck Like a Beast).This song is only included in the re-issue tough, because in the original version of the album, Animal was dropped because it was considered too ofensive by the Record Label, and they add to record an extra track for the album - The Flame. Because of this, Blackie has said that the original album is eternaly imcomplete because of this...
Blackie also said in some interviews that the demo versions of the songs are better than the ones in the album and that he regrets not putting the demos out instead, which is wierd because the album versions are supose to have a better quality and production in them, right? Well...wrong, because from what i've heard the demo versions have something special in them, they are very raw, like they are on stage or in your garage, you just have to listen to School Daze in the album version and the demo to understand what i'm talking about.
But anyway, like i said, this album features various W.A.S.P. classics, like I Wanna be Somebody, L.O.V.E. Machine, On your Knees, Hellion.. This album is a classic all in all, a truly classic of Heavy Metal history.
Note that one of my favourites songs of the album wasn't originaly on the album, only in the re-issue, it's Show no Mercy, witch was released in the Animal single.

Animal, I Wanna be Somebody, L.O.V.E. Machine, Hellion, On your Knees
B.A.D. and The Flame