Blackie said that the 1999 album Helldorado was W.A.S.P.'s return to where they originaly started, well i'm not of the same opinion...yes the sound in this album is very raw, like in their early demos but the style is very different, Helldorado is very Rock n' Roll and the first album is real Heavy Metal, and more...this is too much Rock n' Roll to my taste, it was said that this was going to be like Animal meets Chainsaw Challie, i was like "fuk this is going to be their greatest album yet", but that's not true, don't get me wrong i love this album, it's only that i was expecting something else... It still has some great songs in here, like Helldorado, Don't Cry Just Suck, Dirty Balls, Damnation Angels...this is a party album, nothing else, it's no Headless Children or Crimson Idol, there's no message here nonsoever, it's a saturday night album just to have a good time, and it's a good live album also. I know i'm criticezing this album too much, well i guess it's good to change some times, like K.F.D, it gives you some fresh hair and know that they can do something different once in a while.