This album comes in a time in my life that it seems it all comes full circle. Sounding wise it's not like the Last Command, but that is what reminds me off. It was about 1986, maybe 1987, and my older brother bought The Last Commeand LP because he tought the front cover was cool. It changed my life forever. I was 6 or 7 and i grew up listening to it. So 20 years later i have Dominator in my hands, and it is just as good, just as fresh, just as powerfull. I have to say that i am honored to be a W.A.S.P. fan, i am very proud to have someone like Blackie to be my childhood hero and someone i look up to today. All this to say that i and very impressed with this album. It is better than i tought possible in a more than 20 year band carrer. In this album is some of the best work i've listened from W.A.S.P. since i guess....Crimson Idol or KFD. Don't get me wrong, i love Dying for the World or the Neon God records for example, but this is just a little better, fresher. Mercy...Take Me Up...Heavens Hung in Black...Heavens Blessed, these are some of the best songs Blackie ever wrote, so my congratulations goes for him and the new members.

Well, we all know this song for some time from the bootleg from the Bulgarian show. I like the live version more, because it's faster, but the chorus is better in the studio, Blackie's voice really rocks. The song to me is a classic, it can stand along with I wanna be somebody, on your knees or chainsaw charlie, It is that good.

Long Long Way to Go
Good initial riif, very heavy, i like it but it's not one of my favorites songs on the album. I can compare this to something like Ballcrusher or Sex Drive from the Last Command album, it's fun, quick and heavy,

Take Me Up
The best song on the album, and one of the best songs W.A.S.P. ever made, period. It's starts off slow, and the builds up with heavy guitars. I loved this song from the first time i listenied to it, i think it is very well done. It's an anthem, like The Headless Children.

The Burning Man
Fast fast song, Blackie makes this type of song every album, it's like Revengeance on Dying for the World or X.T.C. Riders on the Neon God, but it still sounds fresh. The chorus is very good.

Heaven's Hung in Black
One word, beautiful. When i was younger, the songs i liked less from W.A.S.P. were ballads, but now i think i aprecciate them more. I love the slow parts on the Neon God albuns for example, but this is for me a different level. This a very inspired song, you can really feel something different here.

Heaven's Blessed
This is, for me, the suprise of the album. It is a very different song from what usually comes from W.A.S.P.. It's in the same path of "Burning Man" but at the same time different. It's hard to describe, you really have to listen to this one. But anyway, i really love this song, and is to me in the top 3 of the album.

Another great song, i love it too, but not one of the best of the album, but that is because of the high standart and the quality of this record. Another heavy and powerfull song.

Heaven's Hung in Black (reprise)
Same song as before, but slower, kind of a filler to me.

Deal With the Devil
Oh well, really the type of song i like less from WASP, it's like a rock n' roll song, not metal. It's like Rock n' Roll to Death on the First Blood Last Cust compilation, or some songs on Helldorado, the weaker song on the album.