The second W.A.S.P. album was a much more mature album, a more listenig alone in your room style, with more quality in production, little details on songs, and obvius progression in terms of songwriting by the part of Blackie. This is one of my W.A.S.P. favourites, like the first album, this one also features some of W.A.S.P. most known classics, songs like Wild Child or Blind in Texas. But to me it's songs like Widow Maker, Cries in the Night, Last command, Ballcrusher or Sex Drive that make this album very special. W.A.S.P. did not fall in the old costume of making a first super album with all the hits and then a very poor second album. No ,this one is probably better than the first, and features, agued by many, W.A.S.P.'s better song ever - Wild Child. This album also sees W.A.S.P. first line-up change, Toni Richards was replaced by Steve Riley on drums.
Wild Child, Widowmaker, Cries in the Night, The Last Command
Jack Action