Blackie says this is W.A.S.P.'s worst album, he's probably right, but still i love some song's in this one, like the Electric Circus and Restless Gipsy, without forgetting I don't Need no Doctor which is a great live song. But this album as a problem, the wholle album sounds the same, i'ts very repetitive, and to me it includes more songs than it should - Sweet Cheath, Easy Living, Mantronic and King of Sodom and Gomorrah could easyly been left out. Take those out, and put in Scream until you like it, Harder Faster and Manimal from the Live album, and it would be a more complete and balanced album. As it was many times was a tired album made by a tired band... the best aspect of the album was the tour, which i belive was the greatest W.A.S.P. ever made, and i also love the concept of the album, i think Inside the Electric Circus is the tittle and theme i like most of all W.A.S.P. records. Rand Piper leaves W.A.S.P. before this album and then comes Johnny Rod on bass, Blackie shifing in to guitar.
Inside the Electric Circus, Restless Gipsy, I'm Alive
Shoot from the Hip, Easy Livin', Sweet Cheetah, Mantronic and King of Sodom and Gomorrah....