Live them or hate them right ? Well i kinda love them, as a think some of the song's sound better and more energetic, or at least different from the album versions, so if your already bored with the album, it's a good and welcome change, in Live in the Raw it's no different, it's something like the Best of W.A.S.P. at the same time, played live, the best of their tour. The whole album has a real "arena" feel and sound to it , not like in DLA that is very raw and seems like they're playing in your garage, in this one it seems that they're playing in big stadiums (and they really were) so it captures the feeling of the time. The album is played very well, all the songs sound very good (with some overdoubs on it) and the whole album seems right, it includes 3 new tracks, and good ones, Harder Faster (a message to the PMRC) and Manimal, and also a studio track "Screem until you like it" from the movie Goullies2. Animal once again was not autorized to make it's apperance in this album, it was released as a single. Personally i think DLA is unbeatable, but this one was nice  for it's time... Along with this they also release a video tape "Videos ... In the Raw" which i recommend, since it shows what W.A.S.P. is really about, Blackie explains their origins and lots of other stuff. 
Harder Faster, Manimal and Scream until you like it