After 3 years without any studio album W.A.S.P. return in a different way, forget the drinking blood from a skull, the stage acts , they return with a more mature attitude, Blackie wants to people to really listen to his music, instead of just going to see some "cool" acts on stage. Blackie this time sees the world and it's problems and gets more political, and i think in both musical and attitude ways, this is my favourite album (the idol is on a different league), it features some of W.A.S.P's best songs also, the likes of Maneater, Rebel in the FDG, The Heretic are still today some of their best songs, and do not forget the classics Headlless Children and The Real Me. It contains the first real ballad from W.A.S.P., "Forever Free" and a tribute to Chris Holmes, "Mean Man".
The Heretic, the Headless Children, Maneater, Rebel in the F.D.G.