So why is that 8 in any 10 fans consider this as W.A.S.P.'s best work ? Because this album has "quality" written all over it, it's Blackie first time in 15 years alone, and now has the oportunity to reveal he's ideas, this album is just perfect, it's a perfect piece of art, made by a very intelegent man, it's a concept album, were it shows the dark mirror of the rock music businness, and from start to finish it never disapoints, just getting better and better. For this album Blackie got help from former band member Johnny Rod (bass), and friends Frankie Banali on drums (played on The Headless Children), Bob Kulick on guitar. They didn't tour much, they gave a few promotional shows, and went to the Monsters of Rock.
This is a perfect album, and is the best i've ever heard to this day.
Arena of Pleasure, I am One, The Idol, Chainsaw Charlie, The Great Misconceptions of Me