The real W.A.S.P. are back after 8 long years, and when i say this, i mean Blackie and Chris's W.A.S.P., they're last album dated from the year 1989, and was their best work until then, Blackie's solo work was magic, but this was going to be someyhing very different, when Blackie and Chris got back together they were very angry persons (they are already angry since they were born..), they're lifes weren't going to well, and this album is all that's all about, it talk's about anger, death, misery, horror... After so long time, W.A.S.P. fans heared this and they went "what the fuck is this" and i know some of you didn't like it, but the more you listened to it, the more you saw exacly what this was all about, yes this is the W.A.S.P. of the 90's, you know,  i personaly know when i see or meet a W.A.S.P. fan that doesn't like this album, or say "well it's the weakest one"  i know right there that they're not real W.A.S.P. fans, whitout a question...this is the ultimate W.A.S.P. album, and i don't think they are ever going to do anything like this again, this album is made for angry persons, so if you are happaly ever after your girl,your parents are perfect, your work is perfect, well this definitly isn't for you, this is the Ultimate shock rock.

Just one more note, Stet's drums kick fucking ass in this record, and Blackie's vocals are incredible.