Tony Fontò

What is your complete name?

Tony Fontò.

Date of birth?
July 10.

Where do you live?
In Cavazzale, a suburb of Vicenza.

Influences in music:
Adrian Smith, Scott Ian and Rudolf Schenker.

The first record you bought:
Iron Maiden... The first album by Iron Maiden.

In your stereo:
Tube, transistor, knobs.... hehehe, there are a lot of Heavy Metal bands...

Background (Earlier bands, etc):
I started with White Skull. White Skull is my first band, I was the first!
Nothing too important before that.

If you were an animal, which would you like to be?
A lion.

Describe yourself with three words:
Mad, crazy, funny...

Favorite books:
All books by Stephen King and all by Ken Follet... I like to read and I read many
books by different authors.

Favorite movie:


Philosophy of life:

The Heavy Metal philosophy... Try singing this while listening to Aces High by Iron Maiden: "Play, play to live, live to play, play or die..."

Favorite food:

Mexican food and spaghetti.

Desired future:

To survive from the music incomes.


So Sick, Schenin & White Skull 2001. All rights reserved.