Back in '91, White Skull recorded their first demo, which was enough to get them spotted by the audience and the specialized press. To increase their experience, they started promoting themselves live. In May of 1992, a second demo entitled 'Save The Planet' came out. The music style was heavy metal with some elements of american rock. Excellent reviews and big promotion kept White Skull in touch with some of the italian labels. Their music was then refered to as 'not suitable for the present market', and thus the band was asked to change their musical direction, a suggestion that, for obvious reasons, was never followed. Being fond of classic Heavy Metal and followers of band such as Iron Maiden, Helloween, Scorpions, Black Sabbath and Saxon, the band decided to carry on with their style of music, firmly believing in Heavy Metal and its lifestyle.

The White Skulls then contributed to two Heavy Metal compilations, 'Nightpieces 4' (Produced by Dracma Records in January '95) and 'Area Sismica' (Produced by A.M Songs, Music of Valdagno).

Then the Heavy Metal magazines proved that the Skulls are playing a kind of metal that is very much alive, with excellent reviews. The demos, contributions to these compilations, and some luck was enough to convince Underground Symphony, who offered them their first record deal.

In November of '95, the first White Skull album, entitled 'I Won't Burn Alone', hit the market, arising very good comments by the press and the local audience. Promoting the album in Italy, White Skull started doing gigs in pubs, local festivals and sometimes also at biker meetings. The interesting results that were achieved inspired the band to start writing new songs right away. Impressed by the coming material, Underground Symphony decided to extend the contract. In March of '97 the new album called 'Embittered' was released. Many request from Germany, Japan and all over Europe, confirmed the quality of the new material. Soon after the release, the 'Embittered Tour' started off, keeping the band busy touring until 1998. The band played in many pubs, aswell as Italian and foreign festivals such as the 'Agglutination Open Air' in August '97, where they supported Overkill, and the 'Italian Gods of Metal' in February '98. As for the biker meetings, the most notable was the '8th Harley Davidson Jamboree', supporting U.D.O and Doro Pesh. In the meantime new songs were composed for the new EP and the full length album 'Tales From The North'.

The EP 'Asgard' was on the market in February of '99, containing 'Asgard', 'Hagen The Cruel' and two covers, Stormwitch's 'Tears By The Firelight' and 'Adramelch' by an italian cult band with the same name. Then came the epic full-length album 'Tales From The North', a concept album dealing with the myths of the north, vikings and Nibelungs. Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger appeared as a special guest on the album, which needless to say was very important for the band. The album was released on the 26th of July, 1999 by Nuclear Blast. Then on the 4th of September they played at the 'Heavy Metal Night' together with Saxon. Worldwide magazine reviews were excellent. After this appearance the band started planning the tour, trying their best to satisfy as many requests as possible. In December the band played in Tel Aviv, Israel, this time appearing as headliner on a show organized by 'Metal Hammer' in Israel.

In January of 2000 the band toured with Grave Digger's 'Excalibur Millennium 2000 Tour" in Germany and Switzerland, and then in March they toured in Italy. Later in March the recordings of the new album, 'Public Glory, Secret Agony' started. It was released on August 28th 2000, on Udo Dirkschneider's record company 'Breaker Records', with worldwide distribution by Nuclear Blast. All magazine reviews were positive. Right now White Skull are playing live shows to promote the new album, they'll do alot of shows in the future, and they will also take part at some open air festivals.

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