about the force.

when truemetal.org was founded back in '97, the idea behind it was to unite only the best, most powerful and valuable heavy metal websites on the internet on the same domain. it was meant to become a starting point for every true heavy metal maniac. while we refer to true heavy metal as metal being played from classic and traditional heavy metal bands, which mainly come from the 80s newer bands who play in the same metal vein are welcome as well.

truemetal.org is not only hosting official websites, there are also plenty sites of bands hosted which are still looking for a label contract, sites of heavy metal internet magazines, and not to be forgotten the countless websites run by fans which build the core of truemetal.org.

we're currently hosting websites dealing with bands such as manilla road, brainstorm, cirith ungol, running wild, october 31, skullview, grave digger, manowar, iron maiden, morgana lefay, stratovarius, riot, king diamond, mercyful fate, domine, doomsword, lordian guard, reactor, warlord and many more.

the service we're offering is completely free, there are none and never will be any fees involved with being a part of truemetal.org.

in case you run a heavy metal website and feel like moving it to truemetal.org, or if you're going to build a new website about a traditional heavy metal band, here's a list of the services you'll receive:

- your own unique url, http://truemetal.org/your_site
- unlimited amount of webspace
- miva support (scripting language)
- ssi (server side includes)
- guestbook and message board on request
- ftp-access to your webspace
- php4 scripting support
- your own mysql database

the truemetal.org server is at the moment located in frankfurt, germany, running redhat linux (2023: centos) and connected with 100 mbit/s (2023: 1000 mbit/s) to the internet.

if you're now going to sign up for an account on truemetal.org, see the next section - rules.

if there should be any comments left, feel free to email me. however, don't waste my time with useless questions. finally, have a good stay at truemetal.org and enjoy the sites!

heavy metal to the end!!!
(e-mail: webmaster at truemetal.org dot org)