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This e-book is called Christian Logue’s Savage Grace Diary. Masters of Disguise is in many ways also a continuation of the ’80s metal band Savage Grace.

He was arrested in 2005 for practicing quack medicine without a license under a false identity. He later allegedly opened a clinic in the Caribbean claiming to treat cancer patients under that same identity, using unproven alternative treatments.

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The Cirith Ungol Webpit
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category  Records
section  (1970) Titanic - Get Back (song)
anchor  309
(1970) Titanic - Get Back (song)
A The Beatles cover. Original version appears on The Beatles album "Let It Be" (1970). This was the first song the band played.

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category  Records
section  (1976) Cirith Ungol - Bad Scene / Tight Teen (song)
anchor  184
(1976) Cirith Ungol - Bad Scene / Tight Teen (song)
Bad Scene (one of Greg's old Ungol tunes, formerly known as "Tight Teen")
-Perry Grayson, 20 Jun 2004

One can only smirk at Garven’s lyrics for "Tight Teen" (circa 1976).
-Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006


She’s a tight teen, miniature queen

Not much more than a kid

She’s a tight teen, minuature queen

Seems I always rob the crib

Written by Robert Garven, 1976

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created time  2010-02-19 23:06:18
category  Records
section  (1978) Cirith Ungol - The Orange Album
anchor  266
(1978) Cirith Ungol - The Orange Album


  • Orange Album


  • Show You All
  • Route 666
  • We Know You're Out There
  • High Speed Love
  • Bite of the Worm
  • Witchdance


  • 1978

A cassette demo known as "Orange Album", "Orange Demo", "Orange Label" or simply as "Album". Limited to a few hundred copies.

Armed with their own Dokorder reel-to-reel 4 track recorder, Cirith Ungol whapped out a tape chock full of their blistering tunes. The cassette demo "album" had an orange cover, and it was distributed at gigs. Some of the tunes on the orange cassette included "Show You All" sung by Rob, "Route 666" sung by Greg, "We Know You’re Out There" sung by exiting Neal Beattie and entering Tim Baker and "High Speed Love" sung by Tim Baker.

-Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006

We recorded a 12 track demo cassette (the “Orange Album”) in 1979, which we sold locally and at shows. “Bite of the Worm” and “Witchdance” from that cassette are on “Servants Of Chaos”. We sent the cassette out to a lot of  record companies, but I think they were all looking for another Van Halen at that time, so we decided to release an album ourselves.

-Greg Lindstrom, Dark Tales 4/2002


  • Orange Album


  • Show You All
  • Route 666
  • We Know You're Out There
  • High Speed Love
  • Bite of the Worm
  • Witchdance


  • 1978

A cassette demo known as "Orange Album", "Orange Demo", "Orange Label" or simply as "Album". Limited to a few hundred copies.

Armed with their own Dokorder reel-to-reel 4 track recorder, Cirith Ungol whapped out a tape chock full of their blistering tunes. The cassette demo "album" had an orange cover, and it was distributed at gigs. Some of the tunes on the orange cassette included "Show You All" sung by Rob, "Route 666" sung by Greg, "We Know You’re Out There" sung by exiting Neal Beattie and entering Tim Baker and "High Speed Love" sung by Tim Baker.

-Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006

We recorded a 12 track demo cassette (the “Orange Album”) in 1979, which we sold locally and at shows. “Bite of the Worm” and “Witchdance” from that cassette are on “Servants Of Chaos”. We sent the cassette out to a lot of  record companies, but I think they were all looking for another Van Halen at that time, so we decided to release an album ourselves.

-Greg Lindstrom, Dark Tales 4/2002

More on the tracks

  • Show You All has been re-recorded and released by Falcon on Die Wontcha in 2008. It is Rob's fifth favourite Ungolsong.
  • Route 666 has been re-recorded and released by Falcon on Falcon in 2004.
  • We Know You're Out There is also not exactly rare, as it has been available for listen for long time on the bands MySpace-site.
With no suitable singer in sight or earshot, friend and roadie Tim Baker tried out for the vocal spot. Although not a trained singer, Baker boasted a unique screaching style all his own. His first stab at recording vocals for a Cirith Ungol song was a "duet" with Neal Beattie on "We Know You’re Out There", a track about alien invasion.
-Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006

High Speed Love has been re-recorded and released by Falcon on Falcon in 2004. It is a reference to Ferraris. The picture is of the licence plate for Rob's own Ferrarri.


The original song has can be heard at Matt Baker's The Cirith Ungol Legion MySpace group.

Witchdance and Bite of the Worm is available on Servants of Chaos.

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created time  2010-01-23 00:05:08
category  Records
section  (1979) Cirith Ungol - Demo
anchor  114
(1979) Cirith Ungol - Demo


  • ??: 1979 (Independent)


1. Frost and Fire 03:50
2. Last Laugh 04:07
3. Hype Performance 02:21
4. The Twitch 02:15
5. Better Off Dead 04:35
6. What Does It Take 03:22
7. Return to Lankhmar 05:59
8. Darkness Weaves 06:51
9. A Little Fire (instrumental) 03:30
10. Title Unknown 06:22
Most of these tracks appears on the Servants of Chaos compilation. Title Unknown is maybe Witchdance and Feeding the Ants on one track. This is unconfirmed. Many of these tracks appeared on Servants of Chaos compilation (2001).

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created time  2010-02-20 14:25:24
category  Records
section  (1979) Possession - unknown title
anchor  302
(1979) Possession - unknown title

Demo with Flint


  1. Sandwich Meat
  2. Come for Me
  3. Organized Chaos
  4. Theme from Possession (Instrumental)
  • Mark Hull - Guitars, Vocals on 1, 2
  • Michael Vujea - Bass, Vocals on 3
  • ? - Drums
Produced by Greg Lindstrom. Guest Lead Guitar on 4 by Greg Lindstrom. Demo ca. 1979
Greg Lindstrom recorded/produced "Flint" Vujea's first band, Possession circa 1979 and played a guest solo. Included on that one is a song with the rather dubious name of "Sandwich Meat"! Dubious perhaps, but worth a good chortling listen in my opinion.

-Perry Grayson, 29 Jul 2006

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created time  2010-02-16 23:46:53
category  Records
section  (197?) - Cirith Ungol - Vagabonds Of The Western World
anchor  201
(197?) - Cirith Ungol - Vagabonds Of The Western World
In our early days we did loads of covers like "Vagabonds Of The Western World" [...] by Thin Lizzy.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview

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created time  2010-02-16 23:54:26
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Back In '51 (song)
anchor  205
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Back In '51 (song)
A cover of Back in '51 from the self-titled album by Masters of the Airwaves (1974). The album is unfortunately currently out of print. If you know of a fair deal, please contact!
In our early days we did loads of covers like [...] "Back In '51" by Masters of the Airwaves.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview

pretty obscure for sure-but Rob,Greg,and Jerry were already doing Back in 51 when I met them...
-Tim Baker, 04 Mar 2011 (facebook comment)

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created time  2010-02-20 00:03:39
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Brutish Manchild (song)
anchor  269
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Brutish Manchild (song)

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created time  2010-02-19 22:26:53
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Crash Course in Brain Surgery (song)
anchor  262
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Crash Course in Brain Surgery (song)
A Budgie cover. Original version taken from the Budgie album "In for the Kill" (1974).

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created time  2010-02-19 22:28:03
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Dusty Track (song)
anchor  263
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Dusty Track (song)
A Freedom cover. Original version appears on the Freedom album "Freedom" (1970).

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category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Flesh Dart (song)
anchor  181
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Flesh Dart (song)
Flesh Dart" (Cirith Ungol's '70s live mainstay, which used to showcase a long drum solo by our pal Rob Garven).
- Perry Grayson, 20 Jun 2004
There were a few of those, I wrote a great song called “Flesh Dart” which we never recorded except in our home studio. Here is the last verse:

He is the ruler of the deep,
Upon his hands and knees he creeps. He is the ruler of the land,
For he wields a flesh dart in his hand. The time has come for him to rule.
He strains himself to flex his tool. You live in fear of his command,
For against the Flesh Dart none can stand!
-Robert Garven, Sleazegrinder interview Written by Robert Garven

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created time  2010-02-16 23:45:53
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Gonna Creep Up On You (song)
anchor  200
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Gonna Creep Up On You (song)
A Thin Lizzy cover. Original version appears on the Thin Lizzy album "Vagabonds of the Western World" (1973).
In our early days we did loads of covers like "Gonna Creep Up On You" [...] by Thin Lizzy
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview.

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created time  2010-02-20 00:03:14
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Half Past Human - A Quarter to Ape (song)
anchor  268
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Half Past Human - A Quarter to Ape (song)

Has been re-recorded and released by Falcon on the album "Falcon" (2004), entitled just "Half Past Human".

before it was;section_id=268
created time  2010-02-16 23:55:25
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Jury (song)
anchor  206
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Jury (song)
A Trapeze cover. Original version appears on the Trapeze album "Medusa" (1974).
In our early days we did loads of covers like [...] "Jury" by Trapeze.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview

before it was;section_id=206
created time  2010-02-19 22:42:16
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Neck-romancer (song)
anchor  265
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Neck-romancer (song)

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category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Radiation Blues (song)
anchor  215
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Radiation Blues (song)

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category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Return Of The Farmer's Son (song)
anchor  202
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Return Of The Farmer's Son (song)
A Thin Lizzy cover. Original version taken from the Thin Lizzy album "Thin Lizzy" (1971).
In our early days we did loads of covers like [...] "Return Of The Farmer's Son" by Thin Lizzy.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview

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created time  2010-02-19 22:31:31
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Rock ’n’ Roll Hooker
anchor  264
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Rock ’n’ Roll Hooker
The first Ungol song was, according to Mr. Lindstrom, entitled "Rock ’n’ Roll Hooker", after which they moved onto even slightly dodgier subjects.

-Perry Grayson, 31 Jan 2006

In the case of "Rock 'n' Roll Hooker", I'm sure the band is rather happy that it never got preserved on magnetic media...
-Perry Grayson, 29 Jul 2006

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category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Shelob's Lair (song)
anchor  216
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Shelob's Lair (song)
shelobA Cirith Ungol song never released.
He [Neil Beattie, CU's first vocalist] was a little more glam inspired than the rest of us, but he put on a really wild live show, with black widow spider fingertip extensions to go along with our six foot wide black widow spider for "Shelob's Lair".
-Greg Lindstrom, BallBuster interview

Falcon has re-recorded this song. Albumversion available on the self-titled Falcon CD. An extended remixed version is available on One Foot In Fire - A Tribute To Cirith Ungol.

before it was;section_id=216
created time  2010-02-16 23:51:38
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Sinner (song)
anchor  203
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Sinner (song)
In our early days we did loads of covers like [...] Sinner by Ursa Major.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview

Original version appears on the self-titled LP by Ursa Major, released 1972.

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created time  2010-02-17 03:14:10
category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Vagabonds Of The Western World (song)
anchor  218
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Vagabonds Of The Western World (song)
A Thin Lizzy cover. Original version appears on the Thin Lizzy album "Vagabonds of the Western World" (1973).

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category  Records
section  (197?) Cirith Ungol - Whiskey River (song)
anchor  204
(197?) Cirith Ungol - Whiskey River (song)
A Budgie cover. Original version appears on the Budgie album "Squawk" (1972).
In our early days we did loads of covers like [...] "Whiskey River" by Budgie.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview

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category  Records
section  (1980) Cirith Ungol - Frost and Fire
anchor  113
(1980) Cirith Ungol - Frost and Fire


  • LP:  1980 US (Liquid Flame Records; LF001)
  • LP:  31 Jan 1981 (Enigma Records;?)
  • LP:  ???? (?; ?) [bootleg picture disc]
  • MC:  198? (?;?)
  • CD:  05 Oct 1999 (Metal Blade Records; 3984-14252-2) [Has Cirith Ungol (live) as bonustrack]


Frost and Fire 03:35
2. I'm Alive 04:58
3. A Little Fire 03:46
4. What Does It Take 03:37
5. Edge of a Knife 04:29
6. Better Off Dead 04:46
7. Maybe That's Why 06:15
8. Cirith Ungol (live)  

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category  Records
section  (1982) v/a - Metal Massacre
anchor  130
(1982) v/a - Metal Massacre
Various artists sampler album
  • LP: 01.06.1982 (Metal Blade; MBR 1001) [first pressing, ltd x10000]
  • MC: 1982? (Metal Blade; EC 1065 USA)
  • LP: 1984 (Metal Blade; ?) [second pressinng]
  • CD: 1994 (Metal Blade; 3984-14041-2)
1 Cold Day in Hell" - Steeler (4:17)
2 Live for the Whip" - Bitch (5:19)
3 Captive of Light" - Malice (3:21)
4 Tell The World" - Ratt (3:16)
5 Octave" (instrumental) - Avatar (3:48)
6 Death of the Sun ['82 version] - Cirith Ungol (3:56)
7 Dead of the Night" - Demon Flight (2:35)
8 Fighting Backwards" - Pandemonium (3:44)
9 Kick You Down" - Malice (4:28)
10 Hit the Lights" - Metallica (Listed as Mettallica) (4:25)

The New Heavy Metal Revue Presents Metal Massacre

This was the first record released on Metal Blade Records. The second pressing had a different tracklisting. Black 'n Blue's "Chains Around Heaven" replaced Steeler's "Cold Day In Hell", that had opened the original version of this compilation. Ratt's "Tell the World" was omitted. The Cirith Ungol-song is track #6 on 1st pressing and #5 on 2nd pressing. Death of the Sun is a different version than the one found on King of the Dead-album. The version of Hit the Lights by Metallica on the first and second edition are different versions.

Note: there's a common misconception that this album featured Cirith Ungol's first recording. This is not true, as they already had an album out. Frost and Fire was released already in 1980/1.
Brian [Slagel] was putting out his first album “Metal Massacre 1” and starting his own label Metal Blade Records. We were one of the first bands he chose.
-Robert Garven, Sleazegrinder interview
Who was on the first Metal Massacre release, and how did you find and choose those acts? I just knew everybody in the scene. They would all just come to the record store. I knew pretty much everybody in the scene. It was Ratt, Steeler, Malice, Avatar, Cirith Ungol, Bitch and of course, Metallica.
-Brian Slagel,

before it was;section_id=130
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category  Records
section  (1984) Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead
anchor  115
(1984) Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead


  • LP: 1984 US (Enigma Records; E 1089)
  • MC: 1984 US (?;?)
  • LP: 1985 BR (Young RGE Records; 308.7093) [Brazilian mispress. Has Frost and Fire-sleeve.]
  • CD: 05.10.1999 US (Metal Blade Records; 3984-14253-2) [with Last Laugh (live) as bonustrack]
  • LP: 2005 (Metal Blade; 3984-14253-1PD) [picturedisc, ltd x500]


Atom Smasher 04:13
2. Black Machine 04:16
3. Master of the Pit 07:09
4. King of the Dead 06:48
5. Death of the Sun 03:54
6. Finger of Scorn 08:34
7. Toccata in Dm (J.S. Bach cover) 04:37
8. Cirith Ungol 06:23
9. Last Laugh (Live Bonus Track)  

before it was;section_id=115
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category  Records
section  (1985) v/a - The Metal Machine
anchor  126
(1985) v/a - The Metal Machine
various artists sampler album
  • LP: 05 Feb 1985 NL (Roadrunner Records; RR 9804)
A01 Deceiver [Lee Aaron, Canada] 3'27"
A02 Sleepwalker [Jaguar, UK] 3'22"
A03 Rats [Maltese Falcon, Denmark] 3'38"
A04 Diamonds & Disgrace [Samain, Germany] 3'25"
A05 Losing You [Mad Max, Germany] 4'08"
A06 Mercenary [Spartan Warrior, UK] 5'20"
A07 Black Machine [Cirith Ungol, California] 4'13"
Die By The Sword [Slayer, California] 3'35"
B02 Dragon's Breath [Omen, Texas] 3'00"
B03 Nightmare [44 Magnum, Japan] 3'40"
B04 Blower [Voivod, Kanada] 2'42"
B05 Don't Break The Circle [Dark Heart, UK] 4'20"
B06 Streetfighter [Black Widow, Belgium]
B07 Soldier Boy [Fates Warning, Connecticut] 6'24"

Roadrunner Compilation

Produced by John Kibble (Compilation)

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category  Records
section  (1986) Cirith Ungol - One Foot in Hell
anchor  116
(1986) Cirith Ungol - One Foot in Hell


  • LP: 01 Jul 1986 (Metal Blade; ??)
  • MC: 1986 (Restless/Metal Blade; 72143-4)
  • LP: 12 Aug 1986 (Roadrunner Records; RR 9681)
  • CD: 1992 DE (Reborn Classics; ?) [split w/"Lesson Well Learned" by Armored Saint]
  • CD: 09 Mar 1999 (Metal Blade; ??)
  • LP: 2005 (Metal Blade; 3984-14203-1PD) [picture disc, ltd x500]
1. Blood & Iron 03:51
2. Chaos Descends 04:55
3. The Fire 03:36
4. Nadsokor 04:43
5. 100 MPH 03:26
6. War Eternal 05:12
7. Doomed Planet 04:37
8. One Foot in Hell 05:10



Both the rare Reborn Classics double album edition of "One Foot In Hell" with

Armored Saint's "Lesson Well Learned" and the limited picture LP

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category  Records
section  (1986) v/a - LA Steel
anchor  314
(1986) v/a - LA Steel

Various artists sampler album

  • LP: 1986 (Greenworld/Rock City; B001B1HNPW)
A1 Savage Grace - Sins of the Damned
A2 Panther - Set Me Free
A3 Bitch - Make It Real
A4 Lace - Knightmares
A5 Cirith Ungol - I'm Alive
B1 Pandemonium - Evil Face
B2 Stainless Steel - Goin Deaf For A Living
B3 Ruthless - Gates of Hell
B4 Stormtrooper - Armies of the Night
B5 Savage Grace - Bound To Be Free

before it was;section_id=314
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category  Records
section  (1987) Prophecy - white tape demo
anchor  482
(1987) Prophecy - white tape demo
  1. Eye of the Storm
  2. Go it Alone
  3. Black Christmas
This is a very rare demo tape of the band Prophecy. It features Jimmy Barraza on guitar before he joined Cirith Ungol, and the original version of Go it Alone, which Ungol later covered on Paradise Lost. For more info about Prophecy, check here.
The 'White Tape' :
Recorded at OUTLOOK studios...It was a very simple recording..on 8 track everything was recorded live...and then we overdubbed leads..and background an's is an accurate portrayal of the band at the time raw and in you're face...kick ass!..that's "PROPHECY
-Scott Campbell, 04 Mar 2013

Thanks very much to Scott Campbell for all of this.

Liner notes:
SPECIAL THANKS TO Cirith Ungol, Mike at Outlook, Tim Blackwell, Leah, Jon and Dacra, (Officer), J. Irvin, Tom, Andy, Doug, Marc Dole, Calvin, John at J.B. Player, Don at B.C. Rich, Skeletor, Jack (Oh Dude), Doug (Dive Bomb) Young, Sean, Hans, J.R., Tina (You Lop) and Chris. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO Tim Baker and Flint for their undying support.
Eye of the Storm

look out!... we're movin' in for the kill
loaded and ready
watch out!!...we're aim'n straight at you
with trigger finger steady
we're gonna' burn up the night...we're gonna break loose
with thunder at our fingertips...we're aim'n straight at you!
WE'RE Headed for...the eye of the storm...
hold on tight yeah...the eye of the storm
OOO..we're gonna crack the walls...we'll cut like broken glass
with thunder at our fingertips...we're here to kick your ass!
tear'n down the barricade...we live to rock and roll
and if it seems a little too loud...well maybe you're too old!
WE'RE Headed for...the eye of the storm...
hold on tight yeah...the eye of the storm
Don't you know we're comin' to get you
Don't you know we're gonna take you away
Don't you know we're comin' to get you
Black Christmas
To me this is by far the best song on this demo...jimmy just shreds! you can see why ungol welcomed him..!
-Scott Campbell, 04 Mar 2013


Grothe'("The Crusher" breathing like a madman)


Dead of night..and all through the house

Evil Eyes are watching...not making a sound

Unaware..the time is drawing near..

The smell of fate is dawning..

And HE is getting near..


Madman see's all..

Madman lurking in the dark..

Madman so vicious..



Attic toys...such a naughty boy!

Don't you forget to say your prayers..

Won't you answer when he calls

Will you go to heaven.. upstars? 


Madman see's all..

Madman lurking in the dark..

Madman so vicious..






Feel the through you're bones!

You know that he is closing in !

Sneak're world turns black !




EVIL LAUGH! (The Crusher)

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category  Records
section  (1987) v/a - The Best of Metal Blade - Volume 2
anchor  127
(1987) v/a - The Best of Metal Blade - Volume 2
Various artists sampler album
  • LP: 01 Mar 1987 (Metal Blade; ?)
A1 Lizzy Borden - Notorious
A2 Omen - Teeth of the Hydra
A3 Fates Warning - Prelude to Ruin
A4 Hallows Eve - Lethal Tendencies
B1 Slayer - Black Magic
B2 Destruction - Eternal Ban
B3 Sodom - Deathlike Silence
B4 Sentinel Beast - The Dogs of War
B5 Détente - Holy War
B6 Hirax - Criminal Punishment
C1 Flotsam and Jetsam - Der Fuhrer
C2 Juggernaut - Slow Death
C3 Heretic - Whitechapel
C4 Savage Grace - Trial by Fire
C5 Sound Barrier - Gladiator
C6 Cirith Ungol - Blood and Iron
D1 Lizzy Borden - Live and Let Die
D2 Cities - Burn Forever
D3 Exxplorer - Run for Tomorrow
D4 Krank - Rented Heat
D5 Deaf Dealer - The Fugitive

before it was;section_id=127
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category  Records
section  (1991) Cirith Ungol - Paradise Lost
anchor  117
(1991) Cirith Ungol - Paradise Lost


  • CD: 1991 (Restless Records; 7 72518-2)
  • MC: 1991 (Restless Records; 7 72518-4)
  • CD: 2002 ("Restless Records"; 7 72518-2) [bootleg 1]
  • CD: 200? ("Restless Records"; 7 72518-2) [bootleg 2]
  • LP: ???? GRC (Sonic Age Records; ?) [bootleg 3]
  • CD: 29 Jan 2008 (Noble Rot;  800.923.1122) [digipack]
1. Join the Legion 04:33
2. The Troll 03:50
3. Fire (Crazy Brown cover)
4. Heaven Help Us 06:24
5. Before the Lash 04:41
6. Go It Alone 04:23
7. Chaos Rising 08:42
8. Fallen Idols 06:45
9. Paradise Lost 06:13

before it was;section_id=117
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category  Records
section  (1991) Mausoleum - Live
anchor  381
(1991) Mausoleum - Live

An unreleased private tape containing a cover of Atom Smasher performed live in 1991.

It wasn't professionally recorded or manufactured and released. There was no title, cover art or anything like that, sorry! It's just a four track live recording we made at one of our shows back in 1991.
-Page Townsley, 20 Mar 2010

Mausoleum broke up in 1993. Guitarist/vocalist Page Townsley went to form his new band Vore two years later.

We don't do any Ungol covers, but that's not to say we may never do any!
-Page Townsley, 04 Mar 2010

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category  Records
section  (1992) Cirith Ungol - Frost and Fire / King of the Dead
anchor  135
(1992) Cirith Ungol - Frost and Fire / King of the Dead
Compilation including two complete albums: Frost And Fire and King Of The Dead.

  • CD: 1992 (Reborn Classics; RC 1003)
  • CD: 31 Jan 1995 (One Way Records; OW 30992)

  1. Frost and Fire
  2. I'm Alive
  3. A Little Fire
  4. What Does It Take
  5. Edge Of A Knife
  6. Better Off Dead
  7. Maybe That's Why
  8. Atom Smasher
  9. Black Machine
  10. Master of the Pit
  11. King of the Dead
  12. Death of the Sun
  13. Finger of Scorn
  14. Toccata in Dm
  15. Cirith Ungol

The pictures above are from the more common One Way-edition from 1995.

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category  Records
section  (1992?) Live Kings
anchor  443
(1992?) Live Kings
  • LP: 1992? (Wasted Records; ?)
1. Atom Smasher
2. I'm Alive
3. Black Machine
4. Master of the Pit
5. King of the Dead
6. Death of the Sun
7. Finger of Scorn
8. Cirith Ungol

This is a live vinyl bootleg. Contains Cirith Ungol Live at Roxy Club 83. The recordings are probably the same that appears on the new and highly available Return of the Dead Kings-bootleg CD. It is supposedly limited to 10 copies. A copy that was sold on eBay 25 nov 2010 for 47,61 Euro, was supposedly bought in Frankfurt, Germany in 1992. It is reported that the tracklist on the back cover is wrong and that the correct one is:

Side A
Atom Smasher
Black Machine
Death of the Sun

Side B
Master of the Pit
King of the Dead




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section  (1994) Broken Silence - Shout It Out Loud
anchor  128
(1994) Broken Silence - Shout It Out Loud
  • CD:    1994 (Mighty Emma Music; BS-0294)
01 Finish What You Started
02 Shout It Out Loud
03 Carry The Torch
04 All I wanna Say
05 How You're Gonna Live
06 I Will Always
07 Hard Way
08 It's No Secret
09 We Will Survive

No Way Out

11 Say A Prayer

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section  (1996) Cirith Ungol - Live
anchor  118
(1996) Cirith Ungol - Live

Live EP

  • 7":    1995 (Old Metal Records; OMR 001) [ltd x500]
A1 I'm Alive
B1 Atom Smasher

This EP was released after the band broke up. The songs on here are live and were recorded somewhere between 1984 and 91. It was the first release on King Fowley's Old Metal Records.


Fun fact: That means Cirith Ungol has been on the first records on four different labels.

  1. Liquid Flame Records ("Frost and Fire")
  2. Enigma Records (also "Frost and Fire")
  3. Metal Blade Records ("Metal Massacre")
  4. Old Metal Records ("Live" EP).
...My own personal passion for the band went as far as releasing a self-financed live 7" single from the band in 1996 (don't brother writing it's long sold out!).
-King Fowley, Jan 1999, One Foot In Hell liner notes

It started with a Cirith Ungol live single. I wanted for so long to put it out, so I did! It wasn't 'legit' and I was lucky the band contacted me and was super cool and happy about it!!
-King Fowley, Apr 2004

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section  (1996) John David Orvis - Washed In The Blood
anchor  378
(1996) John David Orvis - Washed In The Blood
  • CD: 1996 (Say-Listen; ?)


Washed in the Blood
2. The Chances You Take
3. I Had a Dream
4. How Lucky We Are
5. What's Happening in the World Today
6. Sticking With Jesus
7. In a Twinkling of an Eye
8. My Lord and I
9. Brother of the Wheel 03:55
10. Choose It 04:11
11. Canaan Land 05:33
12. Message from John 02:34
The album was enigineered and mixed by Vern Green.

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section  (1999) DoomSword - Doomsword
anchor  132
(1999) DoomSword - Doomsword
Album feat. Cirith Ungol-cover
  • CD: 09.03.1999 (Underground Symphony; US CD-033)
  • CD: 09.03.1999 (Underground Symphony) [ltd. digipack]
  • LP: 09.03.1999 (Underground Symphony) [ltd. x500]
1. Sacred Metal 06:16
2. Warbringers 06:33
3. Helms Deep 07:17
4. One Eyed God 04:37
5. Return to Imrryr 05:06
6. Nadsokor (Cirith Ungol-cover) 04:50
7. Swords of Doom 06:34
8. On the March 06:13

Nightcomer - vocals
Deathmaster - guitars
Dark Omen - bass
Guardian Angel - drums
Gianluca Ferro (Time Machine) played some solos.

Available at Underground Symphony. One Foot In Hell is one albums stamped "masterpieces" which is credited in the thankslist for having inspired them.

I chose a song from that album because I am a great Moorcock appasionate and that was one of the few songs dedicated to the Elric's Saga. You can notice I placed that song after the other songs regarding Elric on our album "Return to Imrryr". I give a great importance to that character for my compositions, since DoomSwod is my way to call the sword Stormbringer, ruler of the Moorcock's multiverse.
-Deathmaster (guitarist), Steel Conjuring interview, c.2000
It seems we are very popular in Italy for example, where a really cool band called DOOMSWORD has done a cover of our song "Nadsokor". There is a band in Italy called DOOMSWORD who did a cover of a song of ours, "Nadsokor". I think they are very cool.
-Robert Garven, Metal Nightmare interview 2000
The only CU cover I've heard of is "Nadsokor" by the Italian band Doomsword. I conpager it a great tribute to have a CU song covered.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview. (This was about five years before the tribute album was released, circa 2001).

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section  (1999) v/a - Double Whammy
anchor  123
(1999) v/a - Double Whammy

CD 02. Feb 1999

    Cirith Ungol: Death of the Sun

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section  (19??) Cirith Ungol - Crack of Dawn (song)
anchor  308
(19??) Cirith Ungol - Crack of Dawn (song)

before it was;section_id=308
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section  (19??) Cirith Ungol - Worse Things Waiting
anchor  404
(19??) Cirith Ungol - Worse Things Waiting

Another unreleased Cirith Ungol song. Probably written/recorded in the 1970's. Greg Lindstrom mentions it in an interview in Blood of the Ancients Magazine.

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section  (2000) Raging Storm - Rehearsal Tape '00
anchor  133
(2000) Raging Storm - Rehearsal Tape '00
Demo with a Cirith Ungol-cover

??: 2000 (self-released)

1. Intro
2. Raging Storm
3. The Devil Speaks
4. Black Machine (Cirith Ungol cover)
5. Sons Of Valhalla

Harry Boudamour (bass)
George Drimilis (vocals)
Dimitris Delis (lead guitar)
George Vassaras (drums)
Chris Mosalos (guitar)

Recorded at Studio Active, Athens on October 2000.

CIRITH UNGOL is one of my FAVORITE'S GROUPS ever, so it is very normal we've decided to cover them, and new covers are going to come in the near future. I like their atmosphere and pure feeling, their lyrics, the members, everything!!!! Most of their songs are expressing me 100%, I mean it.
-Harry Boudamour (bass), 18 May 2010

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section  (2001) Cirith Ungol - Servants of Chaos
anchor  119
(2001) Cirith Ungol - Servants of Chaos

Compilation album of rare tracks

  • 2CD:    2001 UK (Metal Blade Records; 3984-14383-2)
  • 3LP: (Archaic Temple Prod.) [planned, not released]
  • 2CD/DVD 2011 (Metal Blade Records; ) [digipak]
  • 3LP 2011 (Metal Blade Records; ) [black vinyl]
  • 3LP 2011 (Metal Blade Records; ) [golden brown vinyl, ltd.x300]
  • 3LP 2011 (Metal Blade Records; ) [flame vinyl, ltd.x300]


Demos and out-takes
101 Hype Performance
102 Last Laugh
103 Frost And Fire
104 Eyes
105 Better Off Dead
106 100 MPH
107 I'm Alive
108 Bite Of The Worm
109 The Twitch
110 Maybe That's Why
111 Ill Met In Lankhmar
112 Return To Lankhmar
113 Darkness Weaves
114 Witchdance
115 Feeding The Ants
116 Obsidian
Alternative versions
201 Death Of The Sun
202 Fire
203 Fallen Idols
Paradise Lost-practice tape session
204 Chaos Rising
205 Fallen Idols
206 Paradise Lost
207 Join The Legion
208 Before The Lash
Live at Airlington Theater, Santa Barbara, California 04 May 1985
209 Atom Smasher (Live)
210 Master Of The Pit (Live)
211 King Of The Dead (Live)
Live at The Country Club, Reseda , California 11 Sep 1984
212 Last Laugh (Live)
Live at Airlington Theater, Santa Barbara, California 04 May 1985
213 Cirith Ungol (Live)
Demos and out-takes
214 Secret Agent Man
215 Ferrari 308QV
Live at Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club, November 9, 1984 [only with bonus DVD]
301 I'm Alive
302 The Black Machine
303 Master of the Pit
304 King of the Dead!
305 Death of the Sun
306 Finger of Scorn
307 Frost & Fire
308 Cirith Ungol


Check the Servants of Chaos-page for full info.

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category  Records
section  (2001) Static Laughter - Demo II / Rock & Roll Terrorist
anchor  459
(2001) Static Laughter - Demo II / Rock & Roll Terrorist
Demo with a Cirith Ungol-cover
  • CD-R; self-released
  1. Nebelgeschwader
  2. Rock & Roll Terrorist
  3. Herr der Eiswelt
  4. Lichtfetzenflug
  5. Sehnsucht nach dem Sturm
  6. Fuck off and Die! (Evil Vampiric Scum)
  7. Dance of Despair
  8. Friß Scheiße!
  9. Ascheregen (Instrumental)
  10. Im Sturm der Erinnerung
  11. Untermenschenjagd
  12. Frost & Fire (Cirith Ungol cover)
Origin: Germany

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category  Records
section  (2001) v/a - I Am Vengeance (soundtrack)
anchor  208
(2001) v/a - I Am Vengeance (soundtrack)

Soundtrack album

CD: 2001 (Game Two Records)

Cirith Ungol was supposed to appear on the soundtrack. For some unknown reasons, they do not appear on the album. Tracklist below so you can doublecheck.
We will be on the soundtrack to the horror movie "I Am Vengeance", on Game Two Records, coming in 2002.
-Greg Lindstrom, The Corroseum interview

The soundtrack was released on MeteorCity in 2001. Not exactly as Greg said. Also it is subtitled "Vol. 1", but I can't find any volume 2.
  1. David William Hughs (Lowrider)
  2. "My name is David William Hughes"
  3. I Am Vengeance (Doomsday Gouvernment)
  4. Bullet in My Head (Blood Farmers)
  5. "I'd like to report a killing..."
  6. Mother's Gone (The Awesome Machine)
  7. Burning A Sinner (Eternal Elysium)
  8. Calling Cosmos (Space Probe Taurus)
  9. Lost Confidence (Naevus)
  10. Sea of Tomorrow (sHEAVY)
  11. Day of the Comet (Dan Fondelius)
  12. Cannibal Love Song (Bongwater666)
  13. The Answer / "Vote Pearcy" (Dan Fondelius)
  14. In My Sadness (Las Cruces)
  15. Killing Words (Rainmaker888)
  16. Scream (Count Raven)
  17. Mind Drifter (The Quill)
  18. Decision (Doomsday Gouvernment)
I asked Game Two Records about it, and here's the answer:
It's true that Game Two was supposed to release Volume II of the IAV soundtrack, but it never happened.  It was due to some difficulties I had with a partner in Game Two at the time named Mike Knecht.  Mike received all the master recordings for the release but never finished compiling the album.  He eventually dropped out of the scene.  It sucks for me because I paid MeteorCity royalties to do the release but I was never able to take advantage of selling it.
-Conan, Game Two Records, 11 Mar 2010

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section  (2002) Reverend Bizarre - In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
anchor  332
(2002) Reverend Bizarre - In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
Album feat. a homage to Cirith Ungol
  • CD: 2002 (Sinister Figure; ?)
  • CD: 2003 (Low Frequency Records; ?)
  • CD: 2004 (Spikefarm; ?) [with bonus CD "Return to the Rectory"]
  • CD: 200? (?; ?) [digipak, bootleg]
  • 2LP: Mar 2010 (Svart Records; ?)
1. Burn in Hell! 08:52
2. In the Rectory 13:10
3. The Hour of Death 11:48
4. Sodoma Sunrise 13:29
5. Doomsower 05:37
6. Cirith Ungol 21:10
This album has actually nothing directly to do with Cirith Ungol. Track 6, "Cirith Ungol" is not a cover of the band's song. But it's a homage to the band. An extraction from an interview with Reverend Bizarre:
There’s also a text named ‘Cirith Ungol’ dealing with the saga of the `Lord Of The Rings`: Is this one of your favourite books? In the end of this year there’ll be this movie in cinema: Will you watch it? I personally don’t know actually `cause I really adore the book of Tolkien and I for sure will  be disappointed because a film can never come near to the feelings connected with the written saga!

We do like the works of J.R.R.Tolkien, although we are no fanatics in this matter. As a personal note, I conpager the fantasy worlds of Stephen R. Donaldson - especially the saga of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever - much more interesting and rewarding than Tolkien's b/w creations. So, since Tolkien's writings are no holy texts to us, we are not really afraid of the outcome of the forthcoming movie adaptation, either. Still, even though Peter Jackson is a great director, it is true that the story in question can never be captured on film in its entirety. We'll just have to wait and see.

Besides, do you like CIRITH UNGOL, the band? Yes we truly do! Voted the worst metal band ever, they must be the most underrated band in the entire metal history. It is true that Tim Baker's rather chaotic expression demands a bit from the listener, but hell, the same goes with Scott Reagers of Saint Vitus as well! As a matter of fact, our "Cirith Ungol" started out as a homage to the band, and the Tolkien theme came actually later, through the title. This unbearably slow and colossal 23-minute funeral hymn that serves to end our debut album does not sound at all like the band Cirith Ungol, though!

Reverend Bizarre - In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend @ Amazon

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section  (2002) v/a - Metal Blade 20th Anniversary
anchor  122
(2002) v/a - Metal Blade 20th Anniversary
  • CD BOX: 22.10.2002 (Metal Blade;?) [boxset incl. 73pp booklet, 9 CD's and 1 DVD]
Contains Cirith Ungol - One Foot In Hell

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category  Records
section  (2003) Battle Ram - Battle Ram
anchor  261
(2003) Battle Ram - Battle Ram
Demo with a Cirith Ungol cover
  • CD: 2003 (Independent)
  • LP: 2003 (Metal Supremacy;?) [ltd x500]
  1. Burning Lives
  2. The Vow
  3. Dark Command
  4. Battering Ram
  5. Join The Legion (Cirith Ungol cover)

Also available on the One Foot In Fire-tribute album. More info here.

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category  Records
section  (2003) Falcon - Demo 2003
anchor  121
(2003) Falcon - Demo 2003


  • ??: Apr 2003 (Self-released)

1. Shelob's Lair (Lindstrom) *

2. Downer (Grayson)

3. The Crying of Lot 246 (Grayson)

4. On the Slab (Grayson)

Basic Tracks Recorded Live on March 30, 2003 at Sound Arena Studios in Reseda, CA
Guitar Solos & Vocals Recorded in early April 2003
Not Very Produced by Perry Grayson & Falcon
Engineered & Mixed

by Perry Grayson

Perry Grayson - Guitar / Vocals
Greg Lindstrom - Bass / Keyboard / Lead Guitar on *
Darin McCloskey - Drums

We did the demo both for ourselves to progress as a band and to get the word out that we existed. Sent tons of copies around to mags and webzines worldwide. I think we got like one or two reviews, that weren’t 100% positive. Other than that, the response was awesome, which is something I never expected and was really glad about!”

-Perry Grayson, Headache interview, 2005

I was a bit surprised by the response. The demo was more or less a rush job, and as Perry explains was more or less simply to let people know that the three of us had gotten together to jam and this is stuff we're going to be doing in the future. I think a large part of the postive response came from those die-hard CIRITH UNGOL fans, who were hungry for something new to sink their teeth into. Whether this material be in the form of CIRITH UNGOL or FALCON was really pretty inconsequential, as long as Greg Lindstrom was involved people were already psyched. The old CIRITH UNGOL diehards were and are the main fanbase for FALCON, I think. It's really cool that FALCON has attracted the interest of fans outpage the CIRITH UNGOL fanbase, too and I think it's what we had all hoped for.
-Darin McCloskey, Headache interview, 2005

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section  (2003) Holy Martyr - Hatred and Warlust
anchor  134
(2003) Holy Martyr - Hatred and Warlust

Demo with a Cirith Ungol cover 

  • ?: 2003 (private print) [ltd. x500]
  1. Warmonger ( A mission of Vengeance and Terror)
  2. Under Siege
  3. Hatred Is My Strength
  4. Son Of A King
  5. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  6. Metallian
  7. Frost and Fire (Cirith Ungol-cover)

Also available on the One Foot In Fire-tribute album.

Demo, private print. Originally released in 2002. Re-released with Cirith Ungol-cover as additional track in 2003. It's out of print! Click here for more info about the cover.

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section  (2003) Rosae Crucis - Worms of the Earth
anchor  313
(2003) Rosae Crucis - Worms of the Earth
Album with a Cirith Ungol-cover
  • CD: Mar 2003 (Scarlet Records; ?)


1. Behind the Eyes of Partha MacOthna 03:40
2. The Justice of Roma 06:57
3. Bran Mak Morn 05:11
4. A Wizard in My Dreams 02:14
5. Escape from Eboracum 06:52
6. The Dagon's Moore 04:58
7. Gates to Abominium 04:25
8. The Black Stone 05:36
9. Traian's Tower Falls 02:38
10. Worms of the Earth 04:27
11. The Witch 05:08
12. Requiem for Titus Silla 03:44
13. Join the Legion (Cirith Ungol cover)  

The Cirith Ungol cover is a bonus track only on the japanese edition. Click here to see info about the cover.

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category  Records
section  (2004) Falcon - Falcon
anchor  125
(2004) Falcon - Falcon
  • CD:    24 May 2004 (Liquid Flames Records; LF002)
1. Downer 04:25
2. Castle Peak 07:02
3. On The Slab 05:07
4. The Crying Of Lot 246 03:46
5. Throwback 04:35
6. Redman (Bang cover) 04:47
7. High Speed Love 03:33
8. Route 666 03:34
9. Shelob`s Lair 04:53
10. Half Past Human 06:47

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category  Records
section  (2004) The Falcon DVD
anchor  187
(2004) The Falcon DVD
There are currently no Falcon DVD's released.
There's also some live video footage that we might throw onto a DVD at a later date. Definitely lots to look forward to. Available videos:
  • Redman (live) can be seen here.
Fal­con jam­ming Bang's "Red­man" live at Pal­adi­no's in Tarzana, CA on March 4, 2004. Per­ry Grayson (Gui­tar & Vo­cals), Greg Lind­strom (Bass), An­drew Sam­ple (Drums)
  • Edge of a Knife (live) can be seen here
Awful quality on this video!
  • Shelob's Lair (live)

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category  Records
section  (2005) Assedium - Far from the Light
anchor  136
(2005) Assedium - Far from the Light
  • ??: 2005 (Independent)
1. Cimmerian Steel 05:27
2. Sacred Vengeance 04:04
3. Under The Black Stars 04:13
4. Far From The Light 04:19
5. Legions Of The Underworld 05:56
6. Black Machine (Cirith Ungol cover) 02:45

Also available on the One Foot In Fire-tribute album.

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category  Records
section  (2006) Solemnity - Another Bloody Sabbath
anchor  137
(2006) Solemnity - Another Bloody Sabbath
EP with a Cirith Ungol-cover
  • CD: 06 Jun 2006 (Solemnity Music; SOL-M 009)
  • LP: 06 Jun 2006 (Solemnity Music; ?) [ltd. pic disc]
1. Hache De Guerre 04:07
2. Mystification (Manilla Road-cover) 05:28
3. What Does It Take (Cirith Ungol-cover) 03:17
4. Dreamtime 03:35
5. Mephisto (Live) 05:35
6. Bloodbath (Live) 04:36

line up:
Sven The Axe: vocals
Nosferatu Kuba: guitar
Ralf Gromer: bass
Adrian Brock / Stefan Huber: drums

Also available on the One Foot In Fire-tribute album.

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category  Records
section  (2006) v/a - One Foot in Fire - A Tribute to Cirith Ungol
anchor  120
(2006) v/a - One Foot in Fire - A Tribute to Cirith Ungol

Tribute album

  • CD: 2005 (Solemnity Music; SOL-M 008)
  • LP: 2006 (Solemnity Music; SOL-M 007) [picture disc, ltd. x150]
01 Rotten (Holland) - "Cirith Ungol Overture"
02 Falcon (USA) - "Shelob's Lair (remix)"
03 Solemnity (Germany) - "What Does It Take"
04 Holy Martyr (Italy) - "Frost And Fire"
05 Dawn Of Winter (Germany) - "Doomed Planet"
06 Assedium (Italy) - "Black Machine"
07 Emerald (Switzerland) - "Heaven Help Us"
08 Monstrum (Poland) - "Fallen Idols"
09 Rosae Crucis (Italy) - "Death Of The Sun"
10 Battle Ram (Italy) - "Join The Legion" (CD bonus)
11 Crystal Viper (Poland) & Elixir (UK) - "Chaos Rising"

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category  Records
section  (2007) Revelation - Paleontology
anchor  141
(2007) Revelation - Paleontology

Compilation of rare tracks with a Cirith Ungol cover

  • MP3: 29 Jul 2007 (Bland Hand Records; ?)
1. Intro ('88) 01:08
2. XXX ('88) (Nasty Savage cover) 05:09
3. Better Off Dead ('88) (Cirith Ungol cover) 00:52
4. Angel Witch ('88) (Angel Witch cover) 03:41
5. Hiding Mask ('88) (The Obsessed cover) 03:46
6. Death Or Glory ('88) (Holocaust cover) 03:20
7. Little Faith ('88) 05:13
8. Blessed Realm ('88) 03:15
9. Infinite Nothingness ('88) 04:15
10. Long After Midnight ('88) 05:25
11. Spectre ('91) 07:04
12. The Unbearable Vision ('91) 06:19
13. Frustrations ('91) 04:08
14. Song 1 ('91) 06:11
15. Antique ('91) 02:36
16. Song 2 ('91) 00:50
17. Seascape ('91) 05:02
18. Song 3 ('91) 03:14
19. 4-part Song ('91) 03:19
20. Song 4 ('91) 01:12
21. Song 5 ('91) 02:03

About the album:
These are demos and rehearsals from the earliest days of Bert and John playing
music together in 1983, to John's 4-track recordings at home, through the
preparations for the Never Comes Silence release in 1992. All songs are from
old, deteriorating cassette tapes, so the sound is hissy and the quality mostly
poor. Available for free download at

About the cover:
This song exists only as a fragment. Perhaps I taped over the original and it is lost forever. Or perhaps a complete version is on another tape, still missing. I remember recording three  Cirith Ungol songs: "Better Off Dead," "I'm Alive," and "Edge of a Knife." Only this fragment remains so far. Also missing are versions of Manilla Road's "Crystal Logic" and Nigro Mantia's "Death Romance" and "Monolith of Infinity."
-linernotes from their website

I recorded that song many, many years ago on a 4-track cassette recorder.
I've been a fan of Cirith Ungol since "King of the Dead" was released. They were and still are one of my favorite heavy metal bands. Though I never knew any of the members personally, I wrote to the band once, back then, and they sent me a photo and stickers. Why "Better Off Dead"? I don't really know. It's a great song, and I think I really saw myself in the lyrics, especially many of the lyrics on the "Frost and Fire" record. It was also fun to play that bass riff!
"Paleontology" is an Internet-only release. The music is from old cassettes that I found, and I wanted to share the music with everyone. I used to record many covers back then, for fun. Maybe one day I will find the tapes with the other two Cirith Ungol songs.
-John Brenner, 22 Mar 2010


The lost two Ungol songs, Edge of a Knife and I'm Alive, and the full Better Off Dead, have finally surfaced!

These next songs are all from a tape Steve recently found in storage. It's not the same tape as with the songs above, although the mixes may be the same in some cases. I believe this tape is a copy of a lost master. The multi-track tapes are long gone!

I played bass guitar, guitar, and programmed the drum machine for these cover songs. I remember the Roland 505 being a real bear to program, and it took me hours and hours to get the drums even close. To this day, Cirith Ungol's "Frost and Fire" is one of my favorite records. I wonder what they would have done had they continued in this direction.
-liner notes
I wanted to record the vocals, and I remember trying...but then I thought, "How the hell am I going to do this? I can't even fake it! Who can sing like Tim?" So I left the songs without vocals. I also recorded "Maybe That's Why," but that tape was eaten in an '82 Chevette's cassette deck long ago.
-comment 08 oct 2011

Website / MySpace

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category  Records
section  (2007) The Lamp Of Thoth - Cauldron Of Witchery
anchor  140
(2007) The Lamp Of Thoth - Cauldron Of Witchery
EP with a Cirith Ungol cover
  • 10": 2007 (The Miskatonic Foundation; REH 003) [x500]
  • 10": 2007 (The Miskatonic Foundation; ?) ["Die Hard" edition, with woven patch and handbound leather cover book, ltd x125]
  • CD: April 2008 DE (Eyes Like Snow/Northern Silence Productions; NSP-EYE003)
  • CD: April 2008 DE (Eyes Like Snow/Northern Silence Productions; ?) ["Die Hard" edition, including t-shirt and patch, ltd x111]
1. The Lamp of Thoth 04:42  
2. Sunshine 04:11  
3. Frost and Fire (Cirith Ungol cover) 06:24  
4. Blood on Satan's Claw (live)
5. Into the Lair of the Gorgon (live) 05:49  

Produced by Andreas Libera & Michael Hahn at Rosenquarz Studios, Germany. Track 5 and 6 are additional tracks on the CD-editions. Cover also contains tunes from King of the Dead. The Lamp of Thoth also has a slightly modified Wheel of Fate-logo, similar to Cirith Ungol's.
I picked that song because it is my favourite Cirith Ungol track. They are one of my all-time favourite metal bands. They just have a colour and originality to their music, which is beyond most metal bands. There was no argument in covering it – true metal is true metal wherever it hails from! I think also the lyrics just sum up what it is to be alive: somewhere between the frost of the rigid ideal and the fire of the tumultuous passion!
-The Overtly Melancholic Lord Strange (Simon, vocalist), 15 Jan 2008

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category  Records
section  (2008) Falcon - Die Wontcha
anchor  129
(2008) Falcon - Die Wontcha


  • CD: 06 May 2008 (Liquid Flames Records; OW 30992)
1. Jimmy Clark
2. Elfland's Daughter
3. Corporate Whore
4. The Wreck Of The John Deere
5. Falcon
6. No Future
7. Careless
8. Everything There Is To Know
9. Show You All
10. Leader (Buffalo cover)

before it was;section_id=129

Or send directly to Falcon if you want to order or have any questions.
created time  2010-04-20 19:33:57
category  Records
section  (2009) Cirith Ungol - Better Off Dead!
anchor  388
(2009) Cirith Ungol - Better Off Dead!

Bootleg compilation album

  • MP3/CD-R: 13 Mar 2009 (Baistophe Music)
  1. Frost and Fire
  2. I'm Alive
  3. What Does It Take
  4. Atom Smasher
  5. Master of the Pit
  6. Toccata in Dm (instrumental)
  7. Cirith Ungol
  8. Chaos Descends
  9. 100 MPH
  10. Doomed Planet
  11. Join the Legion
  12. Fire (Arthur Brown cover)
  13. Paradise Lost
better off dead A bootleg "best of" compilation with great custom artwork. Both the songs and the artwork is available for download at Baistophe Music. The idea behind it is to download it, burn it, print the cover, and there you have a pretty bootleg. As a fan you probably already have all the songs on it, but it's remains a nice addition nevertheless. Click the covers to magnify.
Information about Baistophe Music, taken from their website: What is 'BAISTOPHE'?
BAISTOPHE is a collection of home-made compilations as those available in store are, most of the times, unsatisfying.
We make our own artworks (front & back) so that everything can be burnt, printed and look nice in your CDs collection.
Also, we are always looking for new people to help us achieve a quasi-encyclopedic collection. If you think you can help, feel free to contact us.
And don't forget to leave a comment, it's always gratifying to see our hard work pleases people!

NB: It goes without saying that these compilations are meant to be introductions to artists we enjoy. If you like what you hear, BUY THE ALBUMS!

NOTE: Artists and labels who do not wish their music to be available on Baistophe can ask us to remove it.
Please contact:

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category  Records
section  (2009) Cirith Ungol - Return of the Dead Kings
anchor  144
(2009) Cirith Ungol - Return of the Dead Kings
Bootleg live album
  • CD-R: 2009 (Battle Axe Productions)
Live At Roxy Club 1983
01 Atom Smasher
02 I'm Alive
03 Black Machine
04 Master of the Pit
05 King of the Dead
06 Death of the Sun
07 Finger of Scorn
08 Cirith Ungol
Live In Santa Barbara
09 Atom Smasher
10 Master of the Pit
11 King of the Dead
12 Last Laugh
13 Cirith Ungol

Sometimes sold by whisperer in the darkness at eBay. Description is: "Great item containing some rare live recordings with Cirith Ungol, one gig from Roxy Club 1983 and one from Santa Barbara. The Sound Quality is quite decent and enjoyable. Nicely done boklett with interviews and some nice CU pictures. Should be interesting for any Cirith Ungol fan." There are only six tracks on this CD, tracks 1-8 are merged to track 1.

before it was;section_id=144
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category  Records
section  (2009) Emerald - Hymns to Steel
anchor  138
(2009) Emerald - Hymns to Steel
Album with a Cirith Ungol-cover
  • 2LP: 2009 (Pure Steel Records/High Roller Records; ?) [Blue-Splatter, double-LP gatefold re-release] [x100]
  • 2LP: 2009 (Pure Steel Records/High Roller Records; ?) [Black, double-LP gatefold re-release] [x400]
1. Preparing for Battle 01:51
2. Hymn to Steel 06:04
3. Revenge 04:57
4. Empire of Lies 05:44
5. My Way 05:03
6. Blind Mass 05:41
7. Will You Ever Return 05:03
8. Bastardo 04:28
9. We Shall Rise 05:25
10. Bard of the King 05:47
11. After the Battle 01:56
12. Warlord's Wrath (Black Knight Cover)  
13. Dr. Phibes/Dreamworld (Angel Witch Cover)  
14. Heaven Help Us (Cirith Ungol Cover)  
15. Rebels of our Time (live)  
16. Battlefield (live)  
The Cirith Ungol cover is only on vinyl re-release, not on the original 2007-CD. The CD has a different tracklist - it omits track 12-16 on the vinyl, but has Azrael (Crimson Glory cover) as track 10, total 12 tracks.


Also available on the One Foot In Fire-tribute album.

before it was;section_id=138
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category  Records
section  (2009) Faustcoven - The Priest's Command
anchor  139
(2009) Faustcoven - The Priest's Command
Demo compilation album with a Cirith Ungol cover
  • CD: 19 Mar 2009 (Under the Sign Of Garazel; ?) [ltd. x1000]
1. Into the Bowels of Hell 01:09
2. Castle of the Tyrant 04:40
3. Summoning the Apocalypse 03:52
4. Warhead 03:53
5. Black Riders 05:13
6. Ninth Gate 01:26
7. Under the Pagan Hammer 04:57
8. Blasphemer’s Eulogy 04:17
9. To Walk the Infernal Fields 08:07
10. Phantom Sun 04:54
11. Twelve Disciples For the Antichrist 05:32
12. Save Us 01:04
13. Annointed in Flames 04:30
14. Red Moon, Black Magic 04:01
15. Oldschool War 03:03
16. Return to the Castle 05:42
17. Atomsmasher (Cirith Ungol cover)
01-06 "Satanic Doom" demo '02
07-12 "The March of Cloven Hooves" demo '03
13-16 "The Halo of Burning Wings" Reh. '03
17 "Atomsmasher" Reh. '03 (Cirith Ungol Cover Version)

Includes foldout interview and big artwork, limited to 1000 copies. Album is available from Unborn Productions.

I asked Gunnar Hansen (vocals/guitars) about this Cirith Ungol cover. Here's the story behind the cover, in the bands own words:

In 2003 before signing to Barbarian Wrath for my debut album "The Halo of Burning Wings", Black Goat, the label owner approached me and wondered if I was interested in participating on a Cirith Ungol tribute album mostly made out by bands on the label as far as I know. Being a fan of Cirith Ungol and in particular King of the Dead which was an album that I had begun listening quite a bit to in the year or two before I started Faustcoven, I did not hesitate to take him up on the offer. I was trying to find a song that would translate well into my style, and while King of the Dead, Black Machine or Master of the Pit were obvious doomy candidates, the choice fell on Atomsmasher in the end. Having a more straight forward structure than the others, and a raw charm and energy that I felt I could work with, it was a good choice in retrospect. Then, never having released anything official at that time I wanted to make a rehearsal to see how it worked out, and improve on it for the final release. It turned out quite well I thought, although I wanted to get a bit more work done on the solo guitars and the drum programming. One interesting thing I did, which I guess is unusual for cover songs, was to combine two of the original riffs and slow them down, to make a new doomy midsection, intended as a sort of funeral march in honor of Cirith Ungol, and being based on Cirith Ungol riffs it is a pretty cool section. However the tribute release never happened, so I continued to focus on my own music, and put this recording into a shelf until the demo anthology was released in 2009, where I thought it would make a good bonus track. It's rough around the edges and not something which I could honestly call a worthy tribute for the godly Cirith Ungol, but it has its charm and deserved to be heard as a part of the early Faustcoven history.

-Gunnar Hansen (vocalist, guitarist), 25 Feb 2010

So where is this tribute album (not be confused with One Foot In Fire, which was released on Solemnity Music in 2006) Gunnar talked about? What happened to the project? Was any of the other recordings ever released or even recorded? I contacted Barbarian Wrath to get more information about this unreleased Cirith Ungol tribute album. Here is what he had to say about the project: there were a few other songs "taken" by bands but FAUSTCOVEN, to my best knowledge anyways were the only ones to actually record a cover. Like many good ideas is just faded away with time.
-Barbarian Wrath, 01 Mar 2010

before it was;section_id=139
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category  Records
section  (2009) v/a - Clone: Play Slow. Die Fast. Vol I
anchor  142
(2009) v/a - Clone: Play Slow. Die Fast. Vol I
Various artists sampler album with a Cirith Ungol cover
  • LP: 2009 (BlindDate Records;) [185g black vinyl, x400]
  • LP: 2009 (BlindDate Records;) [190g white vinyl & deluxe silkscreen wooden box, x300]
01 Salome - blueprint (Fugazi)
02 The Austrasian Goat - Mask (Bauhaus)
03 Atavist - Mindless (Infest)
04 Coffins - Ebony tears (Cathedral)
05 Monarch - A look at tomorrow (Discharge)
06 La Cuenta - It's in my Blood ! (Bl'ast)
07 Fistula - Dead in a ditch ( D.R.I)
08 HC Minds - Black Machine (Cirith Ungol)

Available at Blind Date Records.

A short interview with guitarist/vocalist Isamu Sato of H.C. Minds:


What are your relations to Cirith Ungol?
-NONE? Except that I have been obssessed with King of the dead, since 1984....?

Why did you choose to cover Cirith Ungol?
-Again, it is one of my top 10 albums since 84. The best doom metal that was and still is.

And why exactly Black Machine?
-Don't know. It could have been any tune from King of the dead?? I have recorded king of the dead as well.... But have not shared with anyone since I did it all by myself?? 

I think Black machine is a master piece and the solo(s) are untouchable... That is why I did not play all of it, just 1/2 of it.... I SUCK!! This solo gets me everytime....
it is full of soul and is not of the blues based kind which makes it more epic!!
The song is super catchy I can not get enough of it after almost 30 years... Holy crap!

Does the song appears on any other records or demos?
-This song has only appeared on blind date recs clone comp.

before it was;section_id=142
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category  Records
section  (2010) Cirith Ungol - Obsidian Warriors
anchor  431
(2010) Cirith Ungol - Obsidian Warriors

Bootleg live album

CD-R: 2010 (Battle Axe Productions)
Live At Country Club, Resada 14 Oct 1983
01 Atom Smasher (4:50)/td>
02 Black Machine (4:24)
03 Bastard (7:32)
04 King of the Dead (7:19)
05 Death of the Sun (3:58)
06 I'm Alive (5:27)
07 Cirith Ungol (7:11)

Sometimes sold by whisperer in the darkness at eBay. Description is:
"A simply fantastic item containing a über rare recording with the band from the Country Club, Resada 14/10/1983, which according to

many was at their absolute musical peak! Sound quality is enjoyable and the tracklist is simply fantastic! The recording is from the gap between Frost & Fire and King Of The Dead, so the band plays some of their most treasured songs from their earliest era. The set is just fantastic and Tims vocals are nothing but killer! This one is a absolute must for Cirith Ungol fans or anyone into early US heavy metal!"
(Thanks to Marcus from Sweden.)

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category  Records
section  (2010) Dexter Ward - Antarctic Dream
anchor  389
(2010) Dexter Ward - Antarctic Dream

Mini LP with a Cirith Ungol cover

  • LP: 24 Apr 2010 (Iron on Iron Records) [ltd. x500]



  1. Antarctic Dream
  2. Double Dragon
  3. Young Blood
  4. Go It Alone (live)
Track ''Go It Alone'' is a live cover of Cirith Ungol, recorded at Up The Hammers festival in Athens, in March 2010. Cover artwork by Alexandros Stsigkiel. Layout by Eleni Papadea. Remastered by Bart Gabriel. White vinyl.

More info and order details at the bands MySpace site. Exclusive comments by the band here.

Also check out Marco Concoreggi's Cirith Ungol Petition

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category  Records
section  (2010) Lauschangriff Vol. 003
anchor  414
(2010) Lauschangriff Vol. 003
Various artists compilation album

Features song: Cirith Ungol - Frost And Fire

Given free with RockHard-magazine No. 276 May 2010.
Comes in a cardboard sleeve.
Powered by EMP
Barcode (Magazine): 4 194378 205900 05
Other (Rights Society): GEMA
Matrix Number: manufactured by optimal media production AA001186-01

Front / Back / CD

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category  Records
section  (2011) Cirith Ungol - 1983 Live
anchor  462
(2011) Cirith Ungol - 1983 Live
Live bootleg LP.

12" LP; ? [x100]

"1983 LIVE Arlington Theatre in California".

Demo 03 back
  1. I'm Alive
  2. Atom Smasher
  3. Master of the Pit
  4. King of the Dead
  5. Cirith Ungol
Yet another bootleg LP that has popped up in recent times. Live LP 1983 Arlington Theater California. Soundboard recording. Limited 100 copies.

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category  Records
section  (2011) Cirith Ungol - Live October 14th 1983
anchor  455
(2011) Cirith Ungol - Live October 14th 1983
live back Description:



Raw audience recording from the masters of doom and gloom - limited to only 100 handnumbered copies on yellow vinyl!



  1. Atom Smasher
  2. Black Machine
  3. Master of the Pit
  4. King of the Dead
  5. Death of the Sun
  6. I'm Alive

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category  Records
section  (2011) Undead Forever - A Buffalo Tribute
anchor  124
(2011) Undead Forever - A Buffalo Tribute

  CD: 25 Jul 2011 (Blood And Iron Records; Iron 009)
    Falcon: Leader (remixed version)

BLOOD OF THE SUN "Sunrise" / DOOMRAISER "Dune Messiah" / MOS GENERATOR "Stay with me" / OGRE "The Prophet" / AMON RA "Freedom" / FALCON "Leader" / GLOW "Till my Death" / ADMIRAL SIR CLOUDESLEY SHOVELL "Bean Stew" / IRON HEARSE "Suzie Sunshine" / JOSIAH "Dead Forever" / DAWNRIDER "Shylock".

What was a frozen plan that lasted at least two years, comes out now finally! Aborted by many reasons and put to rest through a long hiatus, it's now time to present the much deserved Buffalo tribute with 12 great international Heavy Rock/Doom acts from the U.S. to Portugal and Spain, with Germany, UK and Italy in between. These are mostly unreleased songs presented on CD, to celebrate the greatness (and heaviness) of Australia's premier Doom Rock & Rollers! Approved by Mr. Dave Tice himself (who left some nice comments in a few versions he'd heard), with 16 page booklet and sleeve art done by Rod Wolf from Midnight Priest, this is a release not to be missed for all who give a damn to 70's Heavy Rock! Clearly Blood & Iron is doing it. Many didn't believed and some also forgot, but good news on the horizon: The job is done!  


Website / MySpace


This record has been delayed for several years! It was recently scheduled for 01 Jun 2011, but upon contacting the label, I was told it will be not be out before 25 Jul 2011. I won't believe it until I see it.

before it was;section_id=124
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category  Records
section  (2012) Battle With Shelob
anchor  477
(2012) Battle With Shelob
12" LP; 2012 [x150]
  1. Atom Smasher
  2. I'm Alive
  3. Black Machine
  4. Master of the Pit
  5. King of the Dead
  6. Death of the Sun
  7. Finger of Scorn
  8. Cirith Ungol
Another boot from the Roxy 19 Jan 1983 show. Check this page for more info about the show.

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category  Records
section  100 MPH
anchor  229
100 MPH
ferr100 MPH (miles per hour) equals around 160 km/h. It is most probably another reference to Rob and Greg's obsessions with Ferraricars. The song was written by Greg, even though he had quit the band already after their first album. There's a reference to the debut LP in this song: "We're frost and we're fire".
100 M.P.H. is as uplifting as the title proclaims though the chorus is a bit silly, and overall the song seems like the band's attempting speed metal which is not their forte!
-King Fowley, liner notes, Jan 1999


Call it heavy metal comes on hard and fast
We're the men who play it we're here to kick your ass

Coming like a hurricane a hundred miles an hour
We don't stop for nothing cause we've got the power

Our nerves are made of steel and there's ice in our veins
We're frost and we're fire we're pleasure and we're pain


Call it heavy metal comes on hard and fast
We're the men who play it we're here to kick your ass
Written by Greg Lindstrom

before it was;section_id=229
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category  Records
section  100 MPH
anchor  276
100 MPH
(Sept 80) I think this version has got more energy than the one on 'One Foot In Hell', but maybe I'm biased ...
-Greg Lindstrom, linernotes

before it was;section_id=276
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category  Records
section  A Little Fire
anchor  98
A Little Fire


Lying awake in the dead of night
Listening to my heart beat away
Wishing I wasn't alone here tonight
But wishing just gets in the way

I just want, I just want a little fire [2x]

The night's so cold when you're all alone
At least it's always been cold to me
And the clock ticks away, ticks away, ticks away
And the clock settles in around me

I just want, I just want a little fire [2x]

You might be wondering just how it feels
Well I hope you never know
'Cause I know exactly how it feels
It's all I ever know

I just want, I just want a litte fire [4x]
Fire, fire


Written by Greg Lindstrom

before it was;section_id=98
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category  Records
page  News
section  A Little Fire - Live
anchor  384
A Little Fire - Live
I just received some really cool news that needs to be shared with all Ungolfans out there!

Californian cult metal legends CIRITH UNGOL will release their new live album, "A Little Fire - Live" in December 2010 via Liquid Flame Records. The first live album ever by these metal veterans, will have the classic line-up from Frost and Fire, that is Baker, Lindstrom, Fogle, Flint and Garven. All tracks were recorded between 1979 and '82. As a bonus, it will have two additional, previously unreleased tracks taken from the recording sessions for the unfinished, fifth album. The cover artwork was created by Michael Whelan for the Elric novels.
That will make a great christmas present! Cool

Please note that the cover shown here will not necessarily reflect the final work. Read more about a possible Live-album here (information from before this live album was announced).

Update 03 Apr 2010

Don't hold your breathe, this was of course just a 1st April joke!

before it was;section_id=384
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category  Records
page  News
section  A Little Fire - Live (Re)
anchor  425
A Little Fire - Live (Re)
Some of you probably remember the announcement for the not-upcoming live album. I looked on Internet to see if I could

find more info about it. Here is what I found:

before it was;section_id=425
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category  Records
page  News
section  A new Falcon song has been released!
anchor  365
A new Falcon song has been released!
cirith falconWell, the song is not exactly new. It was written already in 1976 by Greg Lindstrom and is actually a unreleased Cirith Ungol-song! Falcon re-recorded this in 2004, but it remained unreleased until today. Read more about the original Cirith Ungol song here and Falcon's re-recording here.

The song is called Bad Scene and is available on the Falcon fanpage on facebook, but you don't need a facebook account to hear it. Flash required though.

before it was;section_id=365
created time  2010-02-16 16:47:12
category  Members
section  a night of CIRITH UNGOL performed by Greg Lindstrom & friends at Headbangers Open Air 2010
anchor  175
a night of CIRITH UNGOL performed by Greg Lindstrom & friends at Headbangers Open Air 2010
I wish Rob Garven and Tim Baker would play again, but the sad reality is it's probably never going to happen. I kept trying to tell people that the longer they waited to book Falcon in Europe, the lesser the chance that even Greg Lindstrom could make it. I don't think many listened. Jürgen from Hellion/HOA was the only one to step up to the plate and offer to put Falcon on a festival. Provided he fulfills his end of the bargain, we're meant to do HOA 2010. A Falcon set at the warm-up gig and mostly Cirith Ungol classics at HOA itself. But, make no mistakes, the lineup is Falcon. As in Perry Grayson, Greg Lindstrom and Darin McCloskey. If Jürgen wants to advertise it as "Greg Lindstrom & Friends" that's fine by me/us. It's his festival.

Nothing's confirmed until the flights are booked and paid for. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Nothing's confirmed until you hear it straight from the horse's mouth. This is meant to be exclusive to HOA, so it's entirely dependent on Jürgen and company following through with their offer. We don't play for free, and there are a lot of expenses involved. As we'll be playing CU material, we will have to rehearse more than usual. Which is complicated because we all live in different places.

While I'm sure even Greg would rather it be only Falcon material, this is the only offer that's come up. We know Falcon is perfectly capable of standing on its own. But many of these European festivals are reunion and tribute crazy. They're unwilling to merely book the current band of a cult metal hero like Greg Lindstrom. Given the opportunity, we do with a power trio what most bands need five members to accomplish. The proof is in the pudding. Three dudes who don't need to prove themselves at this stage! Look at our bloody histories, damn it!!
-Perry Grayson, 05 Aug 2009

It has come to our attention that the Headbanger's Open Air Festival has been advertising a confirmed appearance by "Greg Lindstrom and Friends" on their 2010 bill and Falcon on the HOA Warm-Up gig. This is not true. While the HOA fest did contact us and discuss the possibility of Falcon (Greg Lindstrom, Perry Grayson and Darin McCloskey) playing a set of Cirith Ungol classics at the fest itself and a full Falcon set at the Warm-Up gig, no contracts were ever signed and no flights were booked. No offense to the HOA organizers, but these arrangements were never confirmed. HOA tickets were, however, sold under the pretense that "Greg Lindstrom and Friends" would be performing. In the music business agreements are made in writing via contracts. Until the paper is signed by both parties nothing is confirmed. I am always on top of posting news on our various sites and making press releases. If any gig or event is ever confirmed the news gets posted quickly. You'll all notice that there was never an announcement made by me or any of the other Falcon members regarding HOA 2010. That is because there was no confirmation. It is best not to count your chickens before they hatch. Read: "don't get ahead of yourselves." We regret that Cirith Ungol and Falcon fans were in any way misled, but that is out of our control. Thanks for understanding!

Best Heavy Rawkin' Wishes for 2010 and Beyond
-Perry (on behalf of Greg Lindstrom and Darin McCloskey), 21 Jan 2010


before it was;section_id=175
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section  A weekend with Cirith Ungol
anchor  432
A weekend with Cirith Ungol

A lucky fan had the opportunity to have a day with some of the remaining members of Cirith Ungol last sunday. This event was of course photo documented.Cool

From left to right: Matt, Tim, Callae, Rob and Jim. Click on the picture to zoom!


We are all in garvens front yard on Sunday, oct 10. They were basically signing my vinyl and shooting the shit. I guess the 3 of them haven't hung out together in 19 years! Wow!


Thanks to Callae Goltz for wanting to share these photos!


Want to see more? Click here for more photos from the event.

UPDATE 15 Dec 2010
A slideshow of the photos. Sound is demo version of Paradise Lost. The photos starts after three minutes. (Actually, only one of the photos is used.)

before it was;section_id=432
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category  Members
page  Related acts
section  Andrew Sample
anchor  319
Andrew Sample
sampleHe was the live drummer for Falcon until 2006. He also has a MySpace site.
Vocals in the band Variable Speed Control.

before it was;section_id=319
created time  2010-02-23 12:40:08
category  Members
page  Related acts
section  Artisan
anchor  322
A power/thrash metal band formed in year 2000. Perry Grayson was previously a guitarist. MySpace / Website

before it was;section_id=322
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category  Records
section  Assedium - Black Machine
anchor  252
Assedium - Black Machine
Originally released on the demo "Far from the Light" (2005).


Origin: Italy

Formed in: 2004


Cirith Ungol, long ago, showed me the way of music I love: to tribute them is a duty and honour, and Black Machine is the song that suits my guitar playing the best. Besides, everyone today is riding the black machine of decadence...

-Guido, linernotes

One of the songs that synthesizers better the essence of Cirith Ungol's style. A place of psych-epic history.

-Marco, linernotes

Women look like the Black Machine ....fill your head with evil dreams...

-Daniele, linernotes

before it was;section_id=252
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category  Records
section  Atom Smasher
anchor  233
Atom Smasher

This was written already in the 70's.

"Atom Smasher" gets the ball rolling with sheer power, only ever letting up for guitarist Jerry Fogle to introduce yet another dark musical passage into the "smasher's" world.
-King Fowley, liner notes


Welcome to the brave new world
The Future's here, or haven't you heard?
The sons of man have fell from grace
Till the Smasher comes to save his race

Here it comes, there it goes
Just a flash in the sky
Atom smasher, here he comes
Better run for your lives

He is the hero of the atom age
Born in a test tube raised in a cage
A reaver King his throne defiled
Roaming the streets to the call of the wild

As upstarts strive to rule the world
Against them Chaos legions hurled
The Smashers force has swept the land
Again begins the Dawn of Man

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Atom Smasher (Live)
Atom Smasher (live) was previously released on the Live EP (1996). I'm not sure whether this is the same version.
Four of these next tracks were from a show at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara, California (04-05-85) about 30 minutes from Ventura where we all lived. We opened up for the Japanese band Loudness. These were never meant to be reproduced, and were made straight off the board onto cassette. I think they came out great. Jerry is gone now, but he was one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived. Long Live Jerry Fogle!
-Robert Garven, linernotes

Atom Smasher -live 1991. Video has been uploaded by guitarist Jim Barraza. 1991 version - Dedicated to Jerry Fogle, R.I.P.

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section  Avant Garde
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Avant Garde

A band with Vern Green. More info needed!

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section  Axevyper's tribute to Cirith Ungol
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Axevyper's tribute to Cirith Ungol
This is a tribute to Cirith Ungol by Axevyper guitarist Guido "Barbaresque" Tiberi. Uploaded to the band's Youtube channel. Guido previously played in the band Assedium, which did a cover of Black Machine.

Description (by Guido Tiberi):
this is a humble, raw yet heartfelt tribute to my favorite band.

It's an instrumental medley of many great Ungol songs. All instruments played & recorded by me. All credit goes of course to Cirith Ungol, the real masters of dark, epic and magic heavy metal.

Dedicated to the memory of Jerry Fogle, one of the greatest guitarists ever lived. LONG LIVE THE TOWER OF FIRE.

songs list:
Join The Legion (riff and solo)
Atom Smasher (solo finale and refrain)
Chaos Descends (main riff)
Nadsokor (solo)
Frost And Fire (solo, refrain and main riff)
Finger Of Scorn (intro)
King Of The Dead (intro)
One Foot In Hell (main riff and refrain)
Cirith Ungol (intro)
Chaos Rising (main riff and finale)

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section  BallBuster Music
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BallBuster Music
BallBuster webzine Interview with Greg Lindstrom, Aug 2006

BallBuster homepage Interview

Cirith Ungol

by Jym Harris

1. So Greg, let's start at the beginning. Cirith Ungol was formed in the 70's but didn't get signed until the early 80's, right? What do you remember about the early days?

GREG: Rob Garven and I first met in English class in 7th grade in 1969, and we found we had common interests in Ferraris and The Lord Of The Rings. A couple of years later in 1971, another guy in our school named Pat Galligan (later a member of the punk band The Angry Samoans) wanted to form a band called Titanic with Jerry Fogle to mostly play Beatles’ songs. For some reason they got Rob in to play drums (even though he didn’t have any drums and didn't know how to play), and Rob called me because I had an amplifier. In the very beginning, there were three of us playing guitar through one amplifier and Rob with just a snare drum and hi hat! Well, I’ve never been a big Beatles fan, so I was pushing us to play heavier stuff like Cream and Grand Funk. Pat wasn’t into that, so Jerry, Rob and I quit Titanic in 1972 and formed Cirith Ungol. Almost immediately we started doing some originals (Radiation Blues, Flesh Dart) along with our versions of songs by Sabbath, Budgie, Spontaneous Combustion, etc. Mountain was really a big early influence on all of us, in the way they would do extended jams. It wasn't until 1975 that Neil Beattie (aka Terry Dactyl) became our lead singer. He was a little more glam inspired than the rest of us, but he put on a really wild live show, with black widow spider fingertip extensions to go along with our six foot wide black widow spider for "Shelob's Lair". Even though he was a great performer, Neil’s voice didn’t quite fit in with our vision, and we parted ways after about a year. We spent the next couple of years writing a lot of songs and playing all the LA clubs as an instrumental power trio, playing with bands like Quiet Riot (w/Randy Rhoades), Y & T, and Van Halen, and going over amazingly well. We tried out a number of singers, but nobody clicked until 1979, when Tim Baker, who was our head roadie at the time, tried singing lead on "Hype Performance". That version is the first song on "Servants Of Chaos".

2. Was there any discussion about the subject matter; what the identity of the band would represent?

GREG: I remember some other possible band names we were considering: Minas Tirith, Khazad Dum, and Uruk Hai, all names from "The Lord Of The Rings". Rob and I both liked J.R.R. Tolkien and Enzo Ferrari, so we knew our songs would cover both those subjects!

3. What about inspiration & influences? After what bands did Cirith Ungol pattern itself?

GREG: Cream was our biggest influence when we were starting out, but all the great early seventies bands were inspirations: of course, the "big three" Black Sabbth, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep, but also Blue Cheer, Budgie, Hard Stuff, Stray, Trapeze, Highway Robbery, Head Over Heels, Bang, Dust, Sir Lord Baltimore, Cactus, Bloodrock, etc. We used to make the 50 mile trek from Ventura to L.A. every couple of weeks to go to a store called Moby Disc to find the latest imports. Dana Madore, the import manager there, would always have some new heavy rock discovery to show us. Rob and I almost came to blows on several occasions over who was gonna be first to take it home! I'm old enough to have seen a lot of cool bands in their prime. Some of my most vivid memories are of Iggy and The Stooges at the Whiskey in 1973, Rush and Moxy on their first West Coast tour in front of 50 people at the Whiskey in '75, Stray Dog and Masters Of The Airwaves at the Starwood in '74. My first "real" concert was Captain Beyond, Gentle Giant, and Black Sabbath at the Hollywood Bowl in 1972. Gentle Giant got booed off stage after two songs, Geezer Butler's bass notes were like a punch in the stomach, and tragically, I remember almost nothing about my favorite band Captain Beyond.

4. What's up with the band's connection to the Michael Moorcock novels? Whose Idea was that?

GREG: I was a pretty voracious reader of fantasy and science fiction and along with "The Dying Earth" by Jack Vance and the "Fafhrd And The Grey Mouser" series by Fritz Leiber, Moorcock's Elric series is one of my favorites. Along with Clark Ashton Smith, they were all big influences on my lyrics. The obvious connection is the series of amazing covers that Michael Whelan did for the DAW paperback series of Elric novels in the seventies. Rob got in contact with Michael and he graciously agreed to allow us to use his artwork for a very nominal fee. I know the covers helped to sell the albums. In fact, I know several people who didn't really like our music but bought the LPs anyway because of the cover art!

5. Playing Metal in Southern California, how important was the band image? Did you guys ever consider conforming to the 'fashion rock' ?

GREG: If you would have seen Cirith Ungol live in 1979 - 80 there is a very likely chance that would have seen Tim Baker and myself wearing skinny ties! In CU we always thought that a band should dress up a little more than jeans and t-shirts but we stopped short at wearing makeup and fishnet stockings. Now in Falcon I pretty much wear jeans and t-shirts.

6. After the debut "Frost & Fire", what point did you actually leave the band and for what reasons?

GREG: I left in late 1982, because I felt I had reached a turning point in my life after graduating college, getting a “real” job in aerospace engineering, and spending 11 years in the band. It was more than a year after F & F had been released, and album sales were good, but I was somewhat disheartened by the number of negative reviews we were getting. We were still playing mostly clubs, and our career wasn’t advancing as quickly as I had hoped. I guess I wanted to lead a “normal” life for a change.

7. Did you stick around as songwriter for "King Of the Dead" or did the band just use your lyrics?

GREG: "Atom Smasher", "Cirith Ungol", and "Death Of The Sun" were all songs we had written together in the mid 70's, and "Finger Of Scorn" was one of my songs that the band used with my blessing.

8. What were you up to between Cirith Ungol & Falcon?

GREG: I concentrated on my career as an aerospace engineer, raced bikes, and got married, but I never stopped playing guitar or writing songs. Every once in a while over the years I would play some crazy solo guitar stuff at parties or play karaoke style along to my favourite tunes, but I guess I first started to get the itch again a few years ago when Rob Garven and I went through all our old CU tapes to compile the SERVANTS OF CHAOS CD. I began to realize we had written a lot of pretty cool songs back in the mid to late 70’s that never saw the light of day and I figured they needed to be heard again, at least by me! I’m just lucky to find such sympathetic musical partners in Perry, Darin, and Andrew.

9. What ever happened to the other band members? Do you guys keep in touch?

GREG: I'm still good friends with Rob and see him quite often. We're still trying to get him to sit in drums sometime with Falcon, although he hasn't touched a drumstick in ten years. Of course, Jerry died in 1998 of liver failure. Such a loss af a great talent. Flint lives in Las Vegas and works as a sound engineer at one of the major casinos, and last I heard, Tim was in Lake Tahoe. Tim and Flint have really shown no interest in CU at all. Tim's son Matt is much more into CU history than his dad is.

10. I got a double CD set of early material a while back called "Servants Of Chaos". How did that come about?

GREG: Fans had been asking for years about unreleased live and studio songs, so a few years ago Rob and I got to talking about the stacks of unreleased songs we had laying around, and we decided that at least some of it was good enough to be released. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the finished product. The sound quality isn’t always the greatest, but Brad Vance at DNA did a great job of saving and cleaning up our old tapes, some of which were 25 years old. The fan reaction has been great, and everyone seems to have a different favorite song. We keep getting asked when Volume 2 will come out, and there is still some more material we haven't unearthed yet.

11. For those who haven't heard Falcon, are there any strong similarites or differences to Cirith Ungol?

GREG: Obviously, since there are four old Cirith Ungol songs on the first Falcon CD, there will be some pretty strong similarites to CU. Overall, I'd say that Falcon is a little bit less intense than CU, and some of our songs have a little more of a groove than CU. If you're a fan of early seventies heavy rock like Budgie, Bang, Dust, etc., you're gonna like Falcon. But let me introduce the rest of the band:

Guitarist/singer/songwriter Perry Grayson was in Destiny’s End from ’97 until ’03, playing on their two Metal Blade albums “Breathe Deep the Dark” and “Transition”. Quite a different band from Falcon. Very technical power metal, verging on progressive at times. After Perry left DE he formed another technical metal band called Artisan with friends Mike Bear (bass/vocals) and Ana Greco (guitar/backing vox). Eventually he started to burn out on playing such super fast stuff, and yearning to get back to a more earthier/bluesier style, he left Artisan in Fall ’03 after playing a farewell gig opening for Cathedral, Strapping Young Lad and Samael.

Darin McCloskey is the drummer, lyricist, and driving force behind the well-respected Pennsylvania doomsters Pale Divine. Which is very admirable for a drummer. Not too many drummers get that involved in the songwriting process, etc. Darin does!

12. Are you satisfied with the 'cult following' you've earned? How important is commercial success to you at this point?

GREG: I'm really amazed and honored that CU has so many loyal fans. It took 30 years, but after all the naysayers and negative reviews, it's really gratifying to see that our music has gained some respect and a place in metal history. I get so many emails from fans and fellow musicians telling me how much CU music has meant to them.

I never counted on being able to make a living as a musician, which is why I went to college to earn an engineering degree. I didn't want to end up as a 40 year old burnout working in a guitar store and playing requests at weddings. Having our own record label and handling every facet of the CD production from artwork to distribution can be a hassle at times, but we know where every penny goes, and we know that every decision made will be in our best interest. The downside of not being with a big label is lack of wide scale distribution, but I can tell you that we've made as much money selling 2500 copies of the Falcon CD ourselves as we made from royalties on 25,000 copies of the "Frost And Fire" LP.

13. What are the future plans of Falcon?

GREG: We just finished up some demos of a few new songs that will be on our next album tentatively titled "Die Wontcha" ( a play on the West, Bruce, & Laing album "Why Dontcha"). We also recorded a new version of CU's "Edge Of A Knife" and "Johanna" by Iggy & The Stooges that will probably end up as a compilation track sometime in the future. We plan to record our second album with Chris Kozlowski at the helm again in October 2006, for release in early 2007.

14. At some point do you think there will be a Cirith Ungol reunion?

GREG: Never say never, but I am 99.99% certain there will not be a CU reunion. Even though Rob (Garven) and I are still great friends, he’s become very bitter about the whole business side of music making, and he hasn’t touched a drumstick in 10 years. His Ferrari 308GT4 is his passion now! And Tim (Baker) and Flint have shown no interest, either, and I have doubts about Tim’s voice holding up after 30 years of smoking. So I think it’s best for CU to rest in peace. It’s kind of a shame, since we get offers every year to reform CU and play at some of the big metal festivals in Europe. But as far as I am concerned, all my musical effort is going into FALCON, and I’m totally happy with our musical direction. With everything else going on in my life, I don’t have the time, energy, or the incentive to try and resurrect CU.

15. Any final comments? Websites to plug, etc.?

GREG: Thanks again to all you CU and Falcon fans for the incredible support! I hope to meet all of you someday. In the meantime, check out,, and Keep on rockin'!


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section  Battle Ram - Join The Legion
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Battle Ram - Join The Legion
This track was originally released on the self-titled demo (2003). CD bonustrack on One Foot In Fire. Not on the LP.


Origin: Italy

Formed in: 2001

Website / MySpace

As you know we play lots of coversongs from the epic metal bands of
the past as Medieval Steel, Omen, Fifth Angel we wanted to play a Cirth
Ungol song too but we recorded it cause a guy called Leatherknight, the
chief of the official CU fan club wanted to make a tribute album and
asked us to play one song, I chose Join The legion cause is one of my
favourite but also cause the lyrics are so.. true and is great to play it live !!
We knew that the vocals of Tim Baker are impossible to imitate but Daniele
made his best; we also wanted to pay the tribute to one of the greatest
bands of the music history.
-Gianluca Silvi (guitarist), Metal Domination interview, Apr 2003

Info about the demo.

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section  Before the Lash
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Before the Lash


In Hell s corrupt and sunken halls the rising shall begin,
The bane of man immortal - the parade of broken dead.
With greed our worldly master, so now pain will be our guide,
As the fallen ones await us all to welter by their page.

Iron dreams of human jackals and our final fate is cast -
To slave in endless fire as you cringe before the lash.
Blinded by the darkness, as you pray for his return.
But in your soul you fear he s just another one who'll burn.

With greed our worldly master, now pain will be our guide,
As the fallen ones await us all to welter by their page.
Iron dreams of human jackals - our final fate is cast,
To slave in endless fire, as you cringe before the lash.

Does evil lie in waiting to extract his heavy toll.
Will bowing to the pulpit bring the cloven to their goal,
But if he s the work of mankind, and the beast our morbid dream,
This dying planet is our heaven, and our hell remains the same.

Music: Cirith Ungol Lyrics: Tim Baker

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Before The Lash
The last selection that was on our 4th album. Jimmy did some amazing guitar work on all of these. Remember we did not have any of the fancy digital or even mini studio system around today. If we would have these would have been killer!
-Robert Garven, linernotes

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section  Better Off Dead
anchor  101
Better Off Dead
Oh, there was a movie called "Better Off Dead" which also came out after the album.
-Robert Garven, german Scream Magazine 11/99

I have not seen this 1985 movie, but I guess it is not inspired by the song and that it has nothing to do with the song either.

I'm tired of beeing the odd man out
I speak with a whisper and feel with a shout
I feel out of tune, I feel out of key
I feel like I'm missing a part of me

I've got a lot on my head
And my condition's read
I think I'm better off dead

Some people say that lightning never strikes twice
But I've been hit more than once in my life
I've been taken in so many times
A thousand promises, a thousand lies

I've got a lot on my head
And my condition's read
I think I'm better off dead
Sometimes, sometimes

Sometimes I take a look at the world
And sometimes I take a look at the girls
I'm just a spectator, I don't get involved
I've got too many problems of my own to solve

I've got a lot on my head
And my condition's read
I think I'm better off dead
I've got a lot on my head
And my condition's read
I think I'm better off dead
Sometimes, sometimes

Written by Greg Lindstrom

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section  Better Off Dead
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Better Off Dead
This version probably originally appeared on the 1979 Demo.
(Dec 79) I heard an Offspring song the other day on the radio that started off with exactly the same drum beat and bass. Incredible coincidence? Not a whole lot different from the F & F version, but it's got a great solo from Jerry, and I like Tim's rising shriek at the end.
Greg Lindstrom, linernotes

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section  Bite Of The Worm
anchor  278
Bite Of The Worm
Previously released on the Orange Album.
(July 78) The oldest (and crudest) recording on here, but the song is cool, (if I do say so myself) with a nice solo from JF. Yours truly on 'vocals'. This song needs to be redone ...
-Greg Lindstrom, linernotes

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section  Black Hoodie Sweatshirt w/CU logo
anchor  434
Black Hoodie Sweatshirt w/CU logo
Official hoodie sweatshirt.


Just in time for these chilly fall nights, these are heavy high quality 50/50 Gildan hoodie sweatshirts in black with the praying skeleton logos in white ink, large image on the front, with a small logos on the sleeves. This auction is for a mens size large (L) long sleeve. I also have medium and extra large sizes, just let me know. I am an original member of CIRITH UNGOL, these are official shirts. I always include extra CU goodies with your order! USPS Priority shipping is $5.00. Use that old Metallica shirt of yours to wax the car and Join the Legion!



Greg Lindstrom @ eBay

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section  Black Machine
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Black Machine
Robs second favourite Ungolsong. No1 is I'm Alive.
The eerie follower "Black Machine" tells of things we all fantasize of, yet there's a big price, your soul!
-King Fowley, liner notes

Extract from an interview:
Sleazegrinder: Have you ever ridden the black machine?

Robert Garven: Personally, no. I tried to climb aboard but was thrown off. However I drive a red machine on weekends. My other dream was to get a Ferrari. After the band broke up and I paid off all the bills I got married bought a garage with a small house attached, and realized my dream. Weekends find me in the garage listening to bands like ASKA, Fireball Ministry or Riot, taking apart my carburetors (it has 8), or taking something apart. Since my dream of music has died, this is my passion now, and it runs deep, very deep.
Climb aboard the Black Machine
Fills your head with evil dreams
Fills your head with thoughts of fire
A quick escape your one desire

Ride The Black Machine

Pearly whites behind back dawn lips
Ride with the Masters of the Pit
Snapping jaws of the dogs of doom
Kick your way from this stagnant tomb

Ride the Black Machine

Climb aboard the Black Machine
To that place you've never been
The Black Machine will take you higher
Your burning souls our one desire

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section  Blood & Iron
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Blood & Iron
B&RR The underground metal label and mailorder Blood and Iron Records, are named after this underground metal song.Website / MySpace
Opener "Blood And Iron" instantly showed the band ith a more traditional heavy metal approach (and production). with an arrangement not far off from the "traditional" metal style of an Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. Surely not a bad tune but severely primitive and somewhat "happy" for a band as musically dark and challenging as Cirith Ungol can be.
-King Fowley, liner notes Jan 1999.

A fanvideo with lyrics And another one, less professional, but more creative:


The tangled web is slowly woven by feeble leaders mankind's chosen
To satisfy their evil dreams the churning gears of war machines

With iron will they tread across this burning speck of worthless dust
Their metal standards now unfurled they purge the humans from their world

Children of misery centuries long who walked with kings now walk alone
They lie in fear a million deep like cringing herds of human sheep

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section  Bob Warrenburg
anchor  112
Bob Warrenburg
Robert L. Warrenburg. Listed as a additional member on Paradise Lost. He played bass and wrote Heaven Help Us. He quitted the band before the album was released.

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section  Broken Silence
anchor  150
Broken Silence
Broken Silence is a christian female fronted (hard) rock band, feat. Vern Green.


  • "Mighty" Gomez: Guitars
  • "Blue" Green: Bass
  • Matt Thrift: Drums
  • Jay Alred: Lead Vocals


MySpace / Facebook
Broken Silence began in 1989 with Steve Gomez and Tracy King joining forces with some other musicians. Soon after the first four song EP of Broken Silence music was released. In 1990, Vern Green, Joy Soderstrom and Keith Swanson joined the group. Soon after their full length CD Shout It Out Loud was released. Today, Broken Silence is now made up of Vern Green on Bass, Steve Gomez on guitar, Trevor Jones on drums and the very talented writer and lead vocalist Brandon Merritt.

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section  Broken Silence - Upcoming Album
anchor  311
Broken Silence - Upcoming Album
The band is writing music for their next full length CD and hope to have it available at the beginning of 2009.
-The bands

MySpace site. Last updated 08 Apr 2009... Frown I have tried contacting the band members including Vern Green to learn more about the current status a few times, but to no respone.

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section  Caps
anchor  478
Various Cirith Ungol caps.
Availability: Falcon caps

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section  Careless
anchor  161
my straightforward heavy rocker about being in the music biz
-Perry Grayson, 20 Jun 2004

before it was;section_id=161

Or send directly to Falcon if you want to order or have any questions.
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section  Castle Peak
anchor  166
Castle Peak


Slide Solo - Perry

From this tower I can see it all
Past, present, future in chaos
Many years ago I climbed this slope
I was young, down, in need of hope
A rite of passage to manhood
The truth written in alcove stone
Friends stry and turn their backs
I found my calling on that ledge
Visions of a deep blue sky
The roar of guitars in my mind

Natives planted their feet here
I find my dreams when I am near
It might seem bleak, but it's real
Castle Peak, the summit heals

It's a long journey down
Some slip, some fall, lose it all
I returned to blaze that trail
Striving to reach new heights

Solo - Perry

In moonlight its shadow looms
Sentinel for the valley below

Seasons pass and trials true
The tower stands by the moon
Find the time to ride the wind
And scale the cliff to destiny


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section  Chaos Descends
anchor  225
Chaos Descends
Rob's fourth favourite Ungolsong.
One of my personal top 3 on this record. Is this perhaps a predeccor to Chaos Rising, which appears on the follow-up album Paradise Lost?
"Chaos Descends" is definitively a throwback to the horror soundscape that fits the band so well and is without doubt a stand out song in the album. This type of song is where their strength is!
-King Fowley, liner notes 1999

"Chaos Descends" was a slogan used for the ad for Frost and Fire. It can be seen here.


The might of chaos descends as we join the fight
Against our common foe the jaws of fate
War unleashed the stench of spells
As we thrust our fists into the face of hell

Chaos descends

The final battle begins left or right who decides?
Their mortal terror touches the sky
The beasts of hell blacken heaven's eye
We shout our fear to a soulless sky

Chaos descends

Ashes to ashes war sweeps the land
Burn the world the curse of man
No one heeds the call judgement day
Their iron dream swept away

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section  Chaos Rising
anchor  243
Chaos Rising
This and the following two songs, are sometimes referred to as "Tim Baker's trilogy" or "The Chaos trilogy", as they were written by Baker, and are the most epic songs on the album. These three songs are also the bands favourite on the album. Written alreay in 1987.
The Chaos Trilogy is some of the best stuff CU has done, I think, but it’s also a little bit more generic, Iron Maiden-ish sounding.
-Greg Lindstrom, Blood of the Ancients, 11/2002


The doomed one s fallen armies sound the tolling of the bell,
While sin and death stand silent guard outpage the Gates of Hell.
He slowly spreads his leather wings and soars above the land,
He strokes his pointed beard and casts an evil eye toward man.

Unchains the dogs of chaos to complete his evil chore
To make the cringing herd of man his thralls by right of war.
They gorge on fatal fruit, taste of dust and bitter ash,
While fire burns in Heaven and immortal forces clash.

The smell of burning brimstone - lightning flung from golden hands.
To rule without a master is the only dream of man.
As they swap our souls among them and prepare the final feast,
Begin the war eternal - cast apage both God and Beast.

Moving toward the evil song that fate will sadly sing,
How the pride of man has fallen, crowning lust their only king.
Heaven screams in anguish and the world cries out in pain,
Unleash the final terror - man begins his now doomed reign.

Music: Cirith Ungol Lyrics: Tim Baker

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section  Chaos Rising
anchor  290
Chaos Rising
These next five songs were off our practice tapes for 'Paradise Lost'. The only time we ever had a lawyer was on this album and we unknowingly signed away the rights to the album forever to Restless Records! For some reason they will not release it or license it so this may be the closest many will get to hear it!
-Robert Garven, linernotes

Update: The album was finally officially re-released by Noble Rot in 2007.

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section  Cirith Christmas!
anchor  447
Cirith Christmas!

Have a heavy christmas! Smile




Christmas Ungol picture taken from The Perverted Old Goatess.

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section  Cirith Ungol
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Cirith Ungol

CU logoGeneral

Cirith Ungol was a Californian heavy metal band who formed in 1972 and split up in May 1992. They drew influences from other metal groups such as Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, as well as Iggy and the Stooges. Their first album, Frost and Fire, was closer to a hybrid between 1970s hard rock and metal with songs written by then bassist and guitarist Greg Lindstrom and drummer Robert Garven, but from King of the Dead and onwards they played a progressive rock influenced brand of doom metal with songs primarily written by vocalist Tim Baker.



The band began with Greg Lindstrom, Robert Garven, Jerry Fogle and Pat Galligan (who would later go on to play guitar for Angry Samoans) playing in their first band "Titanic" in high school. With a desire to play heavier music, the rest of the band dumped Pat and reformed in 1972 as Cirith Ungol with Neal Beattie on vocals. It wasn't until 1980 that they were signed by Enigma and released their first record Frost and Fire with Tim Baker on vocals. After their fourth album Paradise Lost, they split up due to frustration caused by problems with their new record company. The year 2001 saw the light of a new Cirith Ungol album which contained old and unreleased demos and songs, but no new material. The album was supported by both Greg and Rob, but not by Tim.

Lindstrom now plays with his new band Falcon, who play some old Cirith Ungol songs. Founding guitarist Jerry Fogle died from liver failure on August 20, 1998.


The name

They took their name from the place Cirith Ungol in J. R. R. Tolkien's epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. The name Cirith Ungol is Elvish and means "Pass of the Spider". While the place in Tolkien's book is pronounced "kirith ungol", the band pronounced it "sirith ungol". The band said in a later interview they had some problems with the name:

Everyone in the band was a big "Sword and Sorcery" literature fan, especially Greg [Lindstrom, guitars] and I. He would always turn us on to the great writers who gave us inspiration for our music. We read all the books... Conan, Bran Mak Morn, etcetera, but the books that stood out in my mind are Michael Moorcock's masterpieces: Elric, Hawkmoon, Corum among others. Greg Lindstrom and I met at an English Literature class where the teacher was reading Lord of the Rings... and Greg and I read it and it had an influence on our music and feelings. In retrospect I wish we had picked something easier to remember because a lot of our trouble has been over our name. People couldn't pronounce it or remember it, but we figured once they did they wouldn't forget it! We've humorously been called "Sarah's Uncle" and "Serious Uncool," for example! I know other bands are using the Tolkien angle. Led Zeppelin even made references to it in their earlier songs. I think he was an influence both then and now on many people.

-Robert Garven

I remember some other possible band names we were conpagering: Minas Tirith, Khazad Dum, and Uruk Hai, all names from "The Lord Of The Rings". Rob and I both liked J.R.R. Tolkien and Enzo Ferrari, so we knew our songs would cover both those subjects!

-Greg Lindstrom

MySpace / Official European Web Site / Sarahs Uncle

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Cirith Ungol
This was written already in the 70's. The song with the same name as the band's name. The name is taken from J.R.R. Tolkkien's The Two Towers.
...But it's the album closer and band theme song "Cirith Ungol" that really needs to be heard. "Try to run, try to hide, if you don't, you'll surely die" says Tim and yet again we're off into the doom and dirge. This song closes the album off really well with some tight, odd time changes, wild vocal echo played right where it's needed, and some damn fine placing.
-King Fowley, liner notes
Jerry’s solo on “Cirith Ungol” was the best 30 seconds of our 22 year career!
-Robert Garven

A skydive video clip created by Jim Barraza:

About the bandname
They took their name from the place Cirith Ungol in J. R. R. Tolkien's epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. The name Cirith Ungol is Elvish and means "Pass of the Spider". While the place in Tolkien's book is pronounced "kirith ungol", the band pronounced it "sirith ungol". The band said in a later interview they had some problems with the name:

Everyone in the band was a big "Sword and Sorcery" literature fan, especially Greg [Lindstrom, guitars] and I. He would always turn us on to the great writers who gave us inspiration for our music. We read all the books... Conan, Bran Mak Morn, etcetera, but the books that stood out in my mind are Michael Moorcock's masterpieces: Elric, Hawkmoon, Corum among others. Greg Lindstrom and I met at an English Literature class where the teacher was reading Lord of the Rings... and Greg and I read it and it had an influence on our music and feelings. In retrospect I wish we had picked something easier to remember because a lot of our trouble has been over our name. People couldn't pronounce it or remember it, but we figured once they did they wouldn't forget it! We've humorously been called "Sarah's Uncle" and "Serious Uncool," for example! I know other bands are using the Tolkien angle. Led Zeppelin even made references to it in their earlier songs. I think he was an influence both then and now on many people.
-Robert Garven
I remember some other possible band names we were conpagering: Minas Tirith, Khazad Dum, and Uruk Hai, all names from "The Lord Of The Rings". Rob and I both liked J.R.R. Tolkien and Enzo Ferrari, so we knew our songs would cover both those subjects!
-Greg Lindstrom

Bass tabs


Try to run try to hide
If you don't you'll surely die
Screaming in terror there you'll lie
In Cirith Ungol Tower of Fire

Gorgons are shriecking their bestial cries
Their piercing cry burns you inpage
Screaming in anguish there you'll lie
In Cirith Ungol Tower of Fire

Demons circle the smoky skies
Your fate hangs before you on a wheel of fire
As you stand revealed to Satans eye
In Cirith Ungol Tower of Fire

Written by Greg Lindstrom

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section  Cirith Ungol (Live)
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Cirith Ungol (Live)
This was previously released as bonustrack for the remastered edition of Frost and Fire.
Even though we played many shows over the years, we never were able to go to Europe and play for our most loyal fans. To this day it is my saddest regret! Remember that these probably were not our best performances, but the only ones to survive.
-Robert Garven, linernotes

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section  Cirith Ungol - Black Logo Jacket
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Cirith Ungol - Black Logo Jacket
A "one of a kind" jacket. Picture of this was originally sent by former roadie Patrick Lysaght to Robert Garven and forwarded to me. Click here for the full size picture of this jacket (5,15 MB).

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section  Cirith Ungol - Buttons
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Cirith Ungol - Buttons
Various Cirith Ungol buttons exists.

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section  Cirith Ungol - Different Frost and Fire Shirt
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Cirith Ungol - Different Frost and Fire Shirt
Frost and Fire Shirt.



Also available in white.

Availability (black)

Availability (white)

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section  Cirith Ungol - Fire (live video)
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Cirith Ungol - Fire (live video)
A live video of Cirith Ungol performing this cover of the classic Arthur Brown song, was just uploaded by guitarist Jim Barraza.

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section  Cirith Ungol - Frost and Fire T-Shirt
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Cirith Ungol - Frost and Fire T-Shirt
CD version of Frost and Fire cover on front.

    * Made of 100% Preshrunk,
    * 6.1 oz. 100% heavyweight cotton Tee.
    * Double-needle stitched bottom and sleeve hems.
    * Our t-shirt will be printed using high performance digital printing technology in full color with durable quality reproduction. (Colors on graphics are reasonably close to the pictures shown in this ad but may vary slightly in tone as the pictures are for demonstration purposes only.)
    * Never Worn, brand new and factory sealed.
    * Very Comfortable.
    * Standard Fit


    * Turn the garment inpage out before washing and drying
    * Washable in cold water and low to medium dryer settings.


    * S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Availability ViemWay T-Shirt Central

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section  Cirith Ungol - Join the Legion (2011 version!)
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Cirith Ungol - Join the Legion (2011 version!)

Just stumpled upon this three months old video. Former CU-guitarist Jim Barraza playing parts of Join the Legion.

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section  Cirith Ungol - Join the Legion (Live@Club Soda) + Urban Soul live
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Cirith Ungol - Join the Legion (Live@Club Soda) + Urban Soul live

Cirith Ungol - Join the Legion (live)

Live at Club Soda, Ventura, Ca. April 1991.


Urban Soul live

Playing live 22 Jan 2011.

Featuring Vern Green.

More info

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section  Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead T-Shirt
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Cirith Ungol - King of the Dead T-Shirt
Black T-shirt with King of the Dead motiv on front and wheel of life logo on back. 100% cottom.
Availability kotd shirt

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section  Cirith Ungol - Live album
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Cirith Ungol - Live album
Unfortunately no official CU live album has been released. But...
  • A bunch of live recordings do exists, waiting to be released!
  • There were two live songs released as bonustracks for the 1999 remasters of the first two Cirith Ungol albums.
  • Even more live recordings were released on the Servants of Chaos compilation album
  • A official Live 7" EP was released by King Fowley in 1996.
  • A bunch of live videos has been published to Youtube by two former members.
  • Some bootleg live album exists.
Our next one will probably be a double live album. Shit, we might as well do one! I'm sure it will be piledrivin'!!!

Well, it's just that we're a lot more radical live than on record, man. 'Cause like Jerry goes totally wild! He goes nuts live. He plays shit like where my jaw drops on the floor!
-Tim Baker, Suck City interview 1986/7
In the future, we may have a custom cover done by Michael Whelan for a "live" album like Dragonslayer.

-Robert Garven, Heavy Metal Times 1983

Elric-picture to the right is "Dragonslayer".

Stories from their liveshows
GREG: Aside from Tim rising up out of a coffin at the beginning of the show and battling a giant spider during “Shelob’s Lair”, it was pretty straightforward: Tim shrieking like a banshee, Jerry pulling incredible solos out of his flying V, Rob trying to reduce his drum kit to rubble, and Flint holding the chaos at bay with a wall of thunder.

ROB: Well we also used to do a song at the end of our set where everyone had a chance to do their big solos.  In one part Greg would do the most unbelievable guitar solo, then Jerry would follow with an even more spectacular one, then they would appear together a play a double lead solo that would have literally raised the dead! Usually I would play along with the bass solo then I would play until my hands would bleed sometimes spraying the crowd with my precious bodily fluids, then we would end with this pounding ending that built up into a crescendo snapping at the end like a crack of a whip! Boy, I loved that part!!!!
-Blood of the Ancients Magazine 11/2002

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section  Cirith Ungol - New press info + a teaser
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Cirith Ungol - New press info + a teaser
Official press info below.
CIRITH UNGOL launch landing page for the release of their “Servants of Chaos” double cd+dvd Digipak/3-Gatefold LP!

Ventura, CA's CIRITH UNGOL, one of the most underrated bands from the early 80s metal scene, released four albums between 1980 and 1991. CIRITH UNGOL´scatalogue is being celebrated through the release of a collection of rare and live tracks on the 2 CD/1 DVD double digipak album, Servants of ChaosServants was originally released exclusively in Europe back in 2001 and a DVD has been added to augment the already stellar collection of music. The DVD contains an entire, rarely seen live show, shot on November 9th, 1984 at the storied, and now defunct, Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club in Reseda, CA. The CD/DVD Digipak and triple vinyl will be available on November 18th/21st, 2011.

The name CIRITH UNGOL is pronounced "kirith ungol" and is an Elvish phrase meaning "pass of the spider", which is something that Lord of the Rings fans will surely recognize. The name is, of course, indicative of the band's fantasy-oriented lyrics, themes and beautiful album artwork.

This live-DVD is the first live relic ever to be released by CIRITH UNGOL!

Comments Robert Garven jr.:
“This amateur video was never meant to be released. The audio was taken off the mixing console. As we were an opening act, we had little or no sound check, room on stage, and restricted access to the lighting and sound. Even though, this rare and primitive video is one of the few ever taken of the band!”
Check out the live clip of I´m Alive taken off the bonus-DVD and make sure to have a look at the pre-order options at

CD 1

1. Hype Performance

2. Last Laugh

3. Frost and Fire

4. Eyes

5 Better Off Dead

6. 100 MPH

7. I'm Alive

8. Bite of the Worm

9. The Twitch

10. Maybe That's Why

11. Ill Met in Lankhmar

12. Return to Lankhmar

13. Darkness Weaves

14. Witchdance

15. Feeding the Ants

16. Obsidian


CD 2

1. Death of the Sun

2. Fire

3. Fallen Idols

4. Chaos Rising

5. Fallen Idols

6. Paradise Lost

7. Join the Legion

8. Before the Lash

9. Atom Smasher

10. Master of the Pit

11. King of the Dead

12. Last Laugh

13. Cirith Ungol

14. Secret Agent Man

15. Ferrari 308QV


Live at Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club

November 9, 1984

1. I'm Alive

2. The Black Machine

3. Master of the Pit

4. King of the Dead!

5. Death of the Sun

6. Finger of Scorn

7. Frost & Fire

8. Cirith Ungol


Servants Of Chaos available on November 18th/21st as a 2-CD/1-DVD double digipak package and on triple gatefold-LP! You can pre-order from Amazon here.

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section  Cirith Ungol - Old black logo longsleeve
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Cirith Ungol - Old black logo longsleeve
An old black longsleeve with skeleton logo on front and on the arms, wheel of life logo on back. Looks similar to the current one being sold by Greg Lindstrom, but it's not the same.


black cu shirt black cu shirt black cu shirt

black cu shirt

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section  Cirith Ungol - One Foot In Hell shirt
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Cirith Ungol - One Foot In Hell shirt
Black T-shirt with One Foot In Hell frontcover on front.


Our great t-shirt is made of 100% preshrunk cotton, high-quality and heavyweight. Standard fit.

Our t-shirt will be printed using high performance digital printing technology in full color with durable photo quality reproduction.

  • 6.1 oz. 100% Heavyweight Cotton
  • Standard Fit
  • High Quality

Available in sizes S to 3XL



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section  Cirith Ungol - Paradise Lost T-Shirt
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Cirith Ungol - Paradise Lost T-Shirt

pl shirt


Paradise Lost T-Shirt



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section  Cirith Ungol - Patches
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Cirith Ungol - Patches
Available from Fun fact: A kneeling skeletons-logo patch is being weared by The Gates of Slumber in their music video for Ice Worm. The band is known to be big Ungolfans. Also see the Falcon (album)-page for a link to Karl Simon (Gates of Slumber)'s Falcon-review!

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section  Cirith Ungol - Search and Destroy
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Cirith Ungol - Search and Destroy
A cover of Search and Destroy from Raw Power album by Iggy & The Stooges (1973). Cirith Ungol used to cover this once in a while. Greg Lindstrom ranks this at number 11 in his Top Thirty list.

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section  Cirith Ungol - T-shirt
anchor  331
Cirith Ungol - T-shirt
Design from the '79 demo on front, logo and text on back. L and XL size. 100% cottom.
Availability title Children of misery, centuries long,
Who walked with kings now walk alone.
They lie in fear a million deep,
Like cringing herds of human sheep.
-Blood and Iron

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section  Cirith Ungol is back!
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Cirith Ungol is back!
"This time it's no hoax, Cirith Ungol has finally confirmed they have reunited! Please click here for more details about the Cirith Ungol comeback.

New Cirith Ungol Online from 2015
Much better, faster and a lot of posts there. Here is old. Come to Cirith Ungol Online. And Cirith Ungol Forum here. .

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section  Cirith Ungol live in Greece
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Cirith Ungol live in Greece
Yes, a Cirith Ungol song was played live by Dexter Ward at the Up The Hammers Festival in Greece last week. Dexter Ward is a quite new band formed last year that features two former members of Battleroar. The cover they played was Go It Alone from the Paradise Lost album. It was performed at the warmup show 04 Mar 2010.

Update 22 Mar 2010: Comments by the band below!
Its one of our favourite band of all times. I speak with Greg and Robert from time to time trying to convice them to play at Up the Hammers festival something that can't work. We chosen the song for many reasons. One of them  and the most important is that we love the song as every Cirith Ungol song ever written. The song has also a lyrical theme that is what me and Marco wanted to express after our departure from battleroar. We were born with a 6 string in our hands and we'll go it alone hehe.
-Manolis "Barraza" Karazeris (guitarist and organizer of the festival), 19 Mar 2010

We had been wanting to play a Cirith Ungol cover for quite a long time, and although it's indeed an anusual choice we found out "Go It Alone" was the right one for us, for many different reasons. Our guitar player Akis loves it for its Van Halen feel, and the vocal melodies used by Tim Baker on this one are more "standard" and less complex to pull out for me compared to what he does on most of the other Cirith Ungol songs. Since it is an up tempo rocker with a big chorus it worked well live and certain parts of the lyrics reflect exactly what we are now doing, being back with Dexter Ward. I also have to say I liked this song from the first time I listened to Paradise Lost.  The six strings in my hand thing, some might call it clichè, I call it the rock and roll way and fighting for your dreams ... can you get more pure and more honest than this, and most of all, more american? We are reaching our middle 30s now but for us this dream is more alive than ever.
-Marco Concoreggi (vocalist), 22 Mar 2010

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section  Cirith Ungol Stickers
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Cirith Ungol Stickers
sticker1sticker2Cirith Ungol stickers. Yellow and red colours exists.

Cirith Ungol Fasson Crack N Peel Permanent Sticker. Sticker is 4 2/8" tall and 3 3/8" wide.


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section  Cirith Ungol T-Shirt and Longsleeve
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Cirith Ungol T-Shirt and Longsleeve
The classic CU-shirt and by far the most common one. Available in various sizes, both as T-shirt and longsleeve.
Item description: These are 100% cotton Beefy T's in black with the praying skeleton logos in white ink, large image on the front, with a small logos on the sleeves and up high in the middle of the back. [...] I am an original member of CIRITH UNGOL, these are official shirts. I will include some other CU goodies with your order. USPS Priority shipping is $5.00. Use that old Metallica shirt of yours to wax the car and Join the Legion!

Fun Fact: This shirt is being weared in the music video for The Gates of Slumber - Angel of Death. Rob/Greg appreciates that in an interview. The band The Lamp of Thoth can also be seen in this or a similar shirt.

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section  Cirith Ungol: King of the Stage
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Cirith Ungol: King of the Stage
Live bootleg album. Info unknown.

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section  Classix Metal #2 April 2009 (italian)
anchor  433
Classix Metal #2 April 2009 (italian)

Classix Metal #2, April 2009. Italian metalzine. If you would like to translate this, be my guest, don't hesitate! Click the images to zoom.


Thanks to the article writer Salvatore Fallucca for sending me this!









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section  Comeback news!
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Comeback news!
News is in German.
Nach knapp zwei Dekaden des Wartens kündigt sich im Underground eine kleinere Sensation an. Die beiden früheren CIRITH UNGOL-Musiker Tim Baker (Gesang) und Greg Lindström (Gitarre, später: Bass) haben via Facebook verkündet, dass sich CIRITH UNGOL reformiert haben.

Die Band plant, Ende 2011 erste Reunion-Konzerte zu spielen. Die Position des verstorbenen Gitarristen Jerry Fogle (R.I.P.) wird Perry Grayson (FALCON, ex-HELSTAR) übernehmen. Der frühere CIRITH UNGOL-Schlagzeuger Rob Garven, der jahrelang sein Drumkit nicht angerührt hatte, übe wieder eifrig, um das Feuer für die Rhythmus-Abteilung wieder zu entflammen, wie Greg Lindström bekräftigt.

Das Line-up der wiederstarkten CIRITH UNGOL liest sich damit folgendermaßen:

Tim Baker - Gesang
Greg Lindström - Bass
Perry Grayson - Gitarre
Rob Garven - Schlagzeug

Doch damit nicht genug:
Sollten die Konzerte Ende 2011 gut verlaufen so erwägt die Band, gegebenenfalls sogar ein neues Studioalbum aufzunehmen! Wir harren der Dinge, die da kommen mögen...!

Quelle: Greg Lindström und Tim Baker via Facebook

UPDATE 03 APR 2011

This was of course just an 1st April fool as confirmed by Perry Grayson. Copied from some German metal forums. Btw, Perry didn't play in Helstar, but in Destiny's End.

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Do you have any ideas to improve The Webpit? Leave ideas and feedback here, or contact me by mail.

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section  Convixion - I'm Alive
anchor  444
Convixion - I'm Alive
Here is a live cover of Cirith Ungol's I'm Alive by the Greece metal band Convixion. It was recorded in Kyttaro, Athens, Greece on 20 Dec 2010.

Unfortunately the sound quality is not great and the beginning is missing. If you know of a better version, please comment or contact!

UPDATE 22 Dec 2010: Comments from the band under the video!

A short interview with Nick Papakostas, guitars and vocals, 22 Dec 2010


What are your relations to Cirith Ungol?
- We do not have any personal relations to Cirith Ungol. We are just huge huge huge fans of their music.


Why did you choose to cover Cirith Ungol?
- We used to jam some Cirith Ungol songs during our rehearsals. We played at Larissa city some weeks ago and we thought to give it a try. We played "Black Machine" and it went really well. Everyone's comment were very encouraging.


And why exactly I'm Alive?
- Because it is one of the best songs ever written and one of our favorites. He hadn't told anyone that we were going to cover I'm Alive. It was a big surprise for all.

You do not have to know the story behind the lyrics. Each one of us had in his life one, two or many dark times... This song reflects our feelings in times like these. It gives us a way to express emotions. But the true power of the song is in the end. The last two lines are the ones that give you strenght to hold  and move on... Great great great song. Fully emotional...

Will this cover be released on any record?
It wasn't recorded. Only what you saw on youtube, so no!

Any plans for a studio cover version?
Not for the moment! I think that a song like this cannot be re-recorded. It might lose its originality. The production of "Frost and Fire" is one of the elements that makes it so magical (even though for many people it isn't "good")

Nick and Convixion

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section  Convixion - I'm Alive (Live 09 Oct 2011)
anchor  466
Convixion - I'm Alive (Live 09 Oct 2011)

Another live version of this cover.

CONVIXION Speed Metal Band from Athens / Greece performing @ Kyttaro Club for the 10 Years Anniversary Party of EAT METAL RECORDS
Nikos P.: Guitar - Vocals
Stelios M.: Guitar - Backing Vocals
Manos K.: Drums
Michael B.: Bass - Backing Vocals

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section  Corporate Whore
anchor  157
Corporate Whore
The lyrics to "Corporate Whore" were written when I was outraged over my dealings with that corrupt landlord. The music came before the words. It's roughly a tale about someone who once held fast to the hippie ideals of the late '60s and then turned their back on them to become a crass, money-hungry pig. Someone who doesn't hesitate to screw over hard working individuals if it means a fatter bank account. I saw plenty of that in L.A. On one hand I wish I'd been around to experience the hippie era, on the other I see the backlash. AIDS, corporate globalization, you name it. People call the '80s the "Me Decade." A lot of people are still way too self-absorbed.
-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009
And as a proud employee of mega corporation Boeing, I'm relieved to learn that "Corporate Whore" wasn't written about me!
-Greg Lindstrom, 21 Jan 2009

before it was;section_id=157

Or send directly to Falcon if you want to order or have any questions.
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section  Crucial Years in Metal 1984
anchor  426
Crucial Years in Metal 1984
Requiem Metal Podcast is a podcast run by Mark Rudolph and Jason Hundey. Both are previously known as co-editors in various metal fanzines. Learn more about them here. If you don't know what a podcast is, think of it as a radio show.


In Episode 096, the topic is Metal anno 1984. Of course Cirith Ungol are one of the bands being discussed and played.

Content for Episode 096:

Egypt (The Chains Are On) (6:58) Dio The Last in Line
The Sentinal (5:04) Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith
Back in the Village (5:03) Iron Maiden Powerslave
Gypsy (3:09) Mercyful Fate Don’t Break the Oath
Escape (4:23) Metallica Ride the Lightening
Haunting the Chapel (3:56) Slayer Haunting the Chapel
Mad Butcher (3:31) Destruction Sentence of Death
Witching Metal (3:13) Sodom In the Sign of Evil
Sacrifice (3:17) Bathory Bathory
Morbid Tales (3:29) Celtic Frost Morbid Tales
Drop Dead (1:08) Siege Drop Dead
Atom Smasher (4:12) Cirith Ungol King of the Dead
Psalm 9 (4:50) Trouble Psalm 9


The podcast can be downloaded for free as MP3, or streamed from Requiem Metal Podcast. The part with Cirith Ungol starts about 01:13:50.

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section  Crystal Viper (Poland) & Elixir (UK) - Chaos Rising
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Crystal Viper (Poland) & Elixir (UK) - Chaos Rising

Two bands playing together! DoWThis track was AFAIK only ever released on this tribute album.


Crystal Viper - Bandinfo

Origin: Poland

Formed in: 2003

Website / MySpace


Elixir - Bandinfoelixir

Origin: U.K.

Formed in: 1983

Website / MySpace
We planned to record two songs with Paul and Phil of ELIXIR and one of them was "Chaos Rising". The guys came to Poland for few days and we recorded two songs together. Sadly, one of them just got lost in the studio by accident. And why did we choose this song? I think, it's the best song by CIRITH UNGOL and it fits perfectly to CRYSTAL VIPER!

We heard a lot of good words from one of the musicians of CIRITH UNGOL. You know, it was great to hear, that he liked our version!
-Marta "Leather Wych" Gabriel (Crystal Viper vocalist), Metal Maidens interview Jul 2008

Fun fact: Marta Gabriel is married to Bart Gabriel, a polish promoter/manager, who is the man behind this tribute album, and the webmaster for the old official Cirith Ungol webpage.

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section  Darin McCloskey
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Darin McCloskey
Darin is the drummer for Falcon. In Falcon's early days, he as only the studiodrummer, while Andrew Sample was live drummer, because of the distance.

  • Ludwig "Golden Anniversary" kit—24" kick, 13" high tom, 14" low tom, 16" floor tom.
  • Slingerland 9" x 14" maple snare. Ludwig 1965 "club" kit: 22" kick, 12" high tom, 13" low tom, 16" floor tom.
  • Zildjian cymbals ("K" 24" ride, "A" 18" crash/ride, "Avedis" 16" crash, "Avedis" 14" high hat)
Other Bands: Pale Divine

  • CRIMSON TEARS (1997, Self-Pressed)
  • THUNDER PERFECT MIND (2002, Game Two Records)
  • ETERNITY REVEALED (2005, Martyr Music)
  • CEMETERY EARTH (2007, I Hate)
  • FALCON (2004)
  • DIE WONTCHA (2008)

Influences & Fave Drummers: Ian Paice, Lee Kerslake, Bobby Caldwell, Clive Bunker, Bill Ward

Fave albums of the 1970s:
2.  Deep Purple - MACHINE HEAD
3.  Captain Beyond - S/T
4.  Atomic Rooster - IN HEARING OF...
6.  Budgie - IN FOR THE KILL
7. Uriah Heep - SALISBURY
8. Jethro Tull - BENEFIT
9. Rush - 2112
10. Judas Priest - SAD WINGS OF DESTINY
11. Bang - S/T
12. Alice Cooper - LOVE IT TO DEATH
13. Trapeze - MEDUSA
14. Wild Turkey - BATTLE HYMNS
15. Led Zeppelin - II
16. King Crimson - STARLESS & BIBLE BLACK
17. Rare Bird - EPIC FOREST
18. Thin Lizzy - JOHNNY THE FOX
19. Quartz - S/T
21. Mountain - FLOWERS OF EVIL
22. Dust - HARD ATTACK
23. Bloodrock - USA
25. Blue Oyster Cult - SECRET TREATIES

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section  Darkness Weaves
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Darkness Weaves
This version probably originally appeared on the 1979 Demo.
(March 80) Hey, the flanger's plugged in, I might as well use it.
-Greg Lindstrom, linernotes

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section  Dawn Of Winter - Doomed Planet
anchor  251
Dawn Of Winter - Doomed Planet
DoWThis track was only ever released on this tribute album.


Origin: Germany

Formed in: 1990

Website / MySpace

Well, let me first mention was was origiinally written in the liner notes to that tribute album: „Cirith Ungol have always been one of our main influences. Those of you old enough may remember that we hailed them in our thanks list on our 1993 MCD-release „Celebrate The Agony“. We chose „Doomed Planet“ because a) „Frost And Fire“ was already taken by another band and b) it´s the perfect choice for an old school true doom outfit like we are – just take a look at the apocalyptic lyrics....some years ago Robert Garven even came up with the idea that I could maybe handle the vocals on another Cirith Ungol album...even though I was honoured as fuck, I declined – of course! I could never imagine CU without Tim Baker – could you? Doomed blessings go to all our underground brethren! BOW BEFORE THE MASTERS OF THE PIT!!!“

I first heard „Blood And Iron“ on a late night metal radio show in 1986. I immediately went and bought all 3 CU albums. Since then I was a die hard CU follower. CU were one of the reasons I founded Dawn Of Winter in 1990. Their unique epic style combined with the aggression and pure metal feeling, topped by the most unusual voice ever just infected me forever. On the first promotional picture we ever shot for DOW in 1991 I wore a white CU shirt, with the skeletons praying. Of course I had that one made myself at a copy shop, haha. I also dug their „Paradise Lost“ record which I bought in 1991 as an import, even though it kinda lacked the genius of the earlier recodings in parts. Since 1986 I am a hunter for everthing concerning CU. Luckily, due to the fact that I had started working for Metal Blade Records in late 1999 (I stayed there for 9 years) , I had the chance to get in contact with Robert directly and was involved in the release of the „Servants Of Chaos“ Double CD and the picture LP re-issues of King Of The Dead“ & „One Foot in Hell“ In fact, I was the guy who handnumbered all of them , haha. I am very lucky that I have received some outstandining memorabilia like the original big „One Foot In Hell“ poster, a hand made framed skeleton picture, made in 1986 just for close friends of the band, tons of stickers, etc, etc. To cut it short, I am more than grateful to have had the chance to work with Robert and for CU!! MAY THEY RULE FOREVER!!!!

-Gerrit Philipp Mutz (vocals), 16 Jul 2010


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section  Death of the Sun
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Death of the Sun
This was written already in 1977. This version is a re-recording from the version that appeared on Brian Slagel's Metal Massacre 1-sampler. Personally I prefer the '82 version from Metal Massacre.
A re-recorded "Death of The Sun" brings in side two. And while a bit less over-the-top than the amazing "Metal Massacre" version, it still goes hand in hand with the direction and sound of the record.
-King Fowley, liner notes


Burning in its savage fury
Our fates accept not judge or jury
Helpless we must watch it done
For i have seen the Death of the Sun

We are coming to the end
I see my life and i have sinned
It's too late to change our ways
For man has seen his final days

Solar winds that parch the land
Minions are wasted by Satans hand
A molten globe will torch the sky
As mankind bleats his final cry!

Written by Robert Garven, 1977

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section  Death Of The Sun
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Death Of The Sun
This version appeared on Brian Slagel's first Metal Blade album 'Metal Massacre One'. We have pumped up the bass here, I think it was the best song on the album. Our song was faster than Metallica's, go figure!
-Robert Garven, linernotes

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section  Destiny's End
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Destiny's End
Destiny's End was a metal band featuring Falcon founder Perry Grayson on guitar. Destiny's End 1997-1998 (Primarily in Metal Blade's words)
Based out of Los Angeles, California, Destiny’s End is a technical melodic power/speed metal band fronted by James Rivera, formerly of the legendary band Helstar. Destiny’s End delivers driving, heavy riffs, catchy hooks and thought-provoking lyrics – all packaged into well crafted songs. The intricate guitar work of Dan DeLucie and Perry Grayson combined with the thunderous and precise rhythm section of Nardo Andi (bass) and Brian Craig (drums) provides a solid foundation for the powerful vocals of Rivera and the soaring dual-axemanship of DeLucie and Grayson. While maintaining originality, the influences of such metal icons as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest, Savatage, early Metallica and Death are evident in the band’s unique songwriting.




Destiny’s End recorded their debut album, Breathe Deep the Dark, with respected engineer Bill Metoyer co-producing. Breathe Deep the Dark can be considered loosely conceptual with lyrics focused on questions of mortality and individualism. The album is a collection of intense songs displaying memorable melodies, blistering speed and extreme heaviness.


Formerly of the band New Eden, DeLucie, Andi and Craig gained admiration for their CD Through the Make Believe (1997), which received perfect scores in magazines like Rock Hard and Heavy Oder Was. They have opened for such top metal acts as Fates Warning, leaving metal fans across the globe clamoring for new material. Soon after the release of Through the Make Believe, New Eden joined forces with vocalist James Rivera (Helstar). Splitting from guitarist Horacio Colmenares, the four recruited talented young axeman Perry Grayson, chose the new moniker Destiny’s End  and began writing material for what has now become Breathe Deep the Dark.


With Breathe Deep the Dark  Destiny’s End established themselves as a driving force in the resurgence of power metal. The experience and energy they possess proved them to be True Metal warriors.


Following a few successful regional tours of Texas in 1998 through early 1999 (one with Mercyful Fate and two as headliners), Destiny’s End scored a full-scale U.S. tour with fellow American metallers Iced Earth and Nevermore in May-June 1999. An appearance at the illustrious Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in August 1999 brought DE overseas for the first time. A European tour with labelmates Sacred Steel and Wardog augmented the Wacken appearance. DE appeared on two tribute albums, covering Dio’s “The Last in Line” for Holy Dio (Century Media) and “Dressed in White” for the King Diamond Tribute (Necropolis). The tracks were engineered and co-produced by Warrior guitarist Joe Floyd. Floyd would likewise be called upon to engineer and co-produce DE’s second album, Transition, in early 2000. Transition was recorded in March 2000 at Silver Cloud Recording in Burbank, CA. But all was not well in the DE camp. Disagreements over haphazardly arranged one-off gigs and general splintering were creeping into the DE fold. When Joe Floyd’s mix was completed, Perry Grayson decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Following Perry’s departure Rivera drafted Houston guitarist Eric Halpern to fill Grayson’s position for several shows. Grayson, now tackling aggressive vocals as well as guitar, formed progressive thrash/death metal outfit Artisan in June 2000 with bassist/vocalist Mike Bear and guitarist/vocalist Ana Greco.  Meanwhile, unhappy with Joe Floyd’s powerful mix of Transition, Metal Blade Germany ordered a rather lacklustre remix by Achim Köhler without any band members present. This further delayed the release of Transition, which finally saw the light of day in May 2001 – far too late for a band in their unfortunate death throes. Though Halpern’s picture appears on the CD, he did not record a note with DE. Perry Grayson and Dan DeLucie played all of the guitar tracks on the album. Shortly after Transition hit the streets Metal Blade dropped Destiny’s End from their contract and the band faded from view. There was gossip of a possible reunion gig in 2008, but it remained just a rumor.


Post DE Bands
James Rivera later sang for Seven Witches (DE drummer Brian Craig was along for the ride on one of the SW albums), then Distant Thunder, a resurrected Helstar and for a short while Vicious Rumors. Rivera is still active with metal covers band Sabbath Judas Sabbath and Helstar, while Dan DeLucie eventually formed Crescent Shield with vocalist Michael Grant (Onward) and released two albums. Nardo Andi and Brian Craig have not actively pursued music since the early 2000s. Alongside the aforementioned Artisan, Perry Grayson formed his vintage heavy rock power trio Falcon (for which he also sings) in 2002 with founding Cirith Ungol member Greg Lindstrom. In addition to Artisan’s demo/EP (2002), Grayson played both rhythm and lead guitar on international metal project Isen Torr’s Mighty and Superior EP (2003), spearheaded by Solstice (UK) guitarist Rich Walker. Perry Grayson left Artisan in late 2003 to concentrate on Falcon full-time, and in 2005 he played bass for Pennsylvania doom rockers Pale Divine on a European tour. Falcon have released two albums.

Destiny's End @ Amazon

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section  Dexter Ward will release their Cirith Ungol cover on vinyl
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Dexter Ward will release their Cirith Ungol cover on vinyl
dexterwardDexter Ward's cover of the Cirith Ungol song Go it Alone, will be released on vinyl. That will be the first time Go it Alone officially appears on vinyl.

First of all we came to an agreement with the new label Iron on Iron to release our promo on vinyl with a bonus track. The extra track will be the Cirith ungol cover "Go it alone" Live from up the hammers festival. The promo has been remastered by Bart Gabriel (Crystal viper/Lonewolf) at Skol Records studio in Poland. The vinyl will be available for the first time on Keep it true festival!!!

UPDATE 21 APR 2010
Mini LP can now be ordered. More details here

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section  Diabolical Conquest webzine
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Diabolical Conquest webzine

Diabolical Conquest webzine

Robert Garven interview

Conducted by Nin Chan

Diabolical Conquest homepage

Robert Garven Interview

It is my sincere (and even dire) hope that Cirith Ungol require absolutely no introduction to a reader of this rag. To call Cirith Ungol one of my favorite bands of all time would be a grotesque understatement, cheapening the band by mentioning them in the same breath as other musical entities. To suggest that King Of The Dead  is one of my favorite records would be to suggest the agonizingly obvious, for in all earnesty I consider it the absolute apex of American heavy metal, alongside Secret Treaties, Tyranny & Mutation, Vincebus Eruptum, Queensryche and Awaken The Guardian, a record that has endured, through years of tumult and personal strife, as a perpetual source of comfort during periods of profound aggravation and acrimony, one of those monumental moments in musical history that affirm, in the breadth of 40 odd minutes, exactly why you bleed and obsess about this music- to experience those moments of transcendental bliss, that undiluted jolt of rock n'roll ecstasy/epiphany that floods your being with fulfillment and rapture.
King Of The Dead is a heavy rock monolith, a recording that brazenly defies the dictates of time and place, a burst of musical expression that is so ethereal, so mindwarpingly idiosyncratic that it is almost as though it were retrieved from another dimension and imposed upon a world that has yet to fully comprehend the sheer depth of its profundity. There are few things that could hope to match the record in sheer malefic, morose DOOM, the band welding a host of fantastical themes to craft unremittingly eldritch narratives of fear, loathing and impending Ragnarok. I don't care what anyone says, next to Pentagram 's Day Of Reckoning and Pagan Altar 's Lords Of Hypocrisy , King Of The Dead is the penultimate summation of dread, every other doom album, in comparison, is but a mere ripple upon the shadow-shrouded bog that Cirith Ungol haunt and govern. Timeless, legendary, such trite superlatives do no justice to the legacy of Cirith Ungol , and it is testament to their fiercely individualistic flair that, in this age of contrived facsimile, no band has DARED to emulate the horrific sonic blueprint of Fogle, Flint, Garven and Baker. It was an absolute privilege to conduct a chat with Robert Garven, unquestionably one of the most distinctive/brilliant percussionists in heavy metal history. Count one of my lifetime goals fulfilled!


- Conducted by Nin Chan


Diabolical Conquest (Nin Chan): Hails, Robert! The word "cult band'' is thrown around with such reckless abandon nowadays, but I do believe that Cirith Ungol are one of the the DEFINITIVE cult bands in heavy metal history- it is impossible to ‘'like'' Cirith Ungol , one must pledge one's unconditional, unyielding allegiance to Cirith Ungol, prostrate oneself before the black altar of the Master Of The Pit and faithfully chant devotional hymns of Frost & Fire on a daily basis! People who love Cirith Ungol , really, truly obsess over them, I know that I once listened to King Of The Dead for 5 hours on repeat while reading Stormbringer and Kull . Are you a little disturbed over the all-engrossing Cirith Ungol mania that seems to have consumed certain circles of the underground metal community? Conversely, does it frustrate you that all this almost religious fanaticism emerges posthumously, and didn't save Cirith Ungol from an untimely end?

Robert (Cirith Ungol): Well I was not aware that any mania exists but it I am glad to hear of it. I am very passionate about my music anCirith Ungold interests and I am very happy that all the blood, sweat and tears we put into the music has not been for naught!


Diabolical Conquest: I know that you were always into Granicus, Demian/Bubble Puppy, The Stooges, Captain Beyond (obvious GODS), Highway Robbery (a real KILLER) all among my favorite bands of the ‘70s. Did you also catch wind of Pentagram/ Macabre/Bedemon at the time? I feel that, along with Pagan Altar from England, they are Cirith Ungol 's only equals as far as despondent, despotic, demonic (post- Sabbath) DOOM goes, and another band that I have devoted much time to collecting and obsessing over. Also, you have mentioned that you are into Night Sun 's magnificent “Mournin'” album (truly, Look At Yourself Uriah Heep on a weird cocktail of amphetamines and acid, incredibly warped, mind numbing riffing and psychedelic turns on that album), the first two Scorpions masterworks and the legendary Lucifer's Friend debut (unfortunately the only worthwhile album they put out)…were you into any of the other heavy German stuff like Tiger B Smith, Silberbart, I Drive, Blackwater Park, Hairy Chapter, My Solid Ground, Birth Control? Being Canadian, I also share your love for Moxy and A Foot In Coldwater …have you heard other Canadian monoliths like Bent Wind, Christmas and the FANTASTIC Charlee (Walter Rossi)? What are your thoughts?

Cirith Ungol: Well, I have not heard of some of those bands but will be on the lookout for them. I do have the Pentagram CD and an album of Tiger B. Smith!


DC: While there is a sizeable aesthetic chasm that exists between Frost & Fire and the masterfully morose King Of The Dead , and there is a substantive shift in lyrical content (more focus on sword n'sorcery imagery), I've always considered Frost & Fire a doom classic in its own right. Some of the lyrical fare is a lot more straightforward and rooted in the rock n'roll rebel aesthetic championed by Steppenwolf all those years ago, but the feelings of alienation, solitude, desolation, doubt and impending DOOM are already very evident throughout Frost & Fire , and of course this aspect of Cirith Ungol was already flaunted and celebrated on that legendary turn on Metal Massacre , “Death Of The Sun”. Sure, some of the tracks were a tad cheerful sounding, but the eccentricity of the riffing and the blighted, downtrodden slant of the morbid lyrics gave each song a very twisted, very sinister atmosphere. ”Sometimes, I take a look at the world/Sometimes, I take a look at the girls/I'm just a spectator I don't get involved/I've got too many problems of my own to solve.”…That's so fatalistic in its resignation/alienation, the ultimate acknowledgement of one's crippling finitude. Yet, the album also featured perhaps the only glimpses of hope and optimism in the Cirith Ungol universe, “Maybe That's Why” and “Edge Of A Knife” are anthems for the rock n'roll nomad. In many ways, I think Frost & Fire really can be looked upon as the WEIRDEST of the Cirith Ungol albums, and a true bonafide classic of sinister rock n'roll. What do you think of this assessment?

CU: Greg wrote all the lyrics and much of the compositions on Frost and Fire and his genius shines bright here. We all took part in evolving the songs but his stamp is definitely all over the project. I wrote “Death of the Sun”, “King of the Dead” and “Doomed Planet” so my outlook was more morbid. Greg's lyrics seemed to speak on a level of personal feelings, whereas my lyrics were all fantasy based, as was my life! After Greg left we decided that we wanted to go into the Sword and Sorcery theme, which responded to the literature that we were reading at the time. I don't think it was such a deliberative decision but one based on where we were at, at the time 


Cirith UngolDC: Cirith Ungol were never a reserved band, you guys really did everything in excess. To this day, the three Cirith Ungol albums remain the most unique sounding heavy metal records I've ever laid ears on- Jerry, Greg and Jim all boasted some of the most OTHERWORLDLY guitar sounds I've ever encountered, and your drum sound was like some mutant emanation from an alternate reality. I won't even venture to ask you how you went about achieving that sound in the studio, but Cirith Ungol really took that element of pomp and theatricality of sword n'sorcery era Rush, ELP and Demons And Wizards/The Magician's Birthday Uriah Heep to the early ‘80s- you attached light-emitting sensors to your cymbals, and Tim was wheeled out on stage in a coffin prior to shows…Clearly you took the image of Cirith Ungol very seriously. Was it very important to you to distinguish, visually, Cirith Ungol from all of your contemporaries? Did you ever feel that you were doing a bit of a Spinal Tap?

CU: Greg once asked me if I had ever seen the movie and I said no. When I finally saw it was less of a comedy to me than a very sad remembrance of my time as a musician. Most of that stuff actually happened to us (except for the drummer dying) and yes our amps really went to 11! In reality, until the last couple of years we had no show, it was all go. We would come on stage and everyone thought we were this little sissy band and we would proceed to blow everyone away. We never meant it to be like a competition but when you show up on time for your sound check, and don't get one. Or you have to dress in the hallway because Ratt has 3 dressing rooms, or you get the electricity pulled on you so that Armored Saint can make the crowd wait an hour until they bless the stage with their self inflated presence, well you get the point. Until our final years, we were mainly an opening act and we were treated pretty badly.
Since we did not understand the childish and infantile nature of (some) the bands we were opening up for we felt sort of betrayed by musicians we would have probably been civilized to in another situation. We were also not from LA but from 100 miles up the coast where it is actually nice to live, (unlike LA which is a hell hole to us) so we were treated like outsiders. Make no mistake, even from our days in high school we were a musical force to be reckoned with. We played loud and hard. I broke every cymbal I ever had (well almost) and I used to bleed on my drums. I remember a time when my whole set was covered in dried blood! Jerry and Greg and later Flint were no slouches either, Greg has always been very smart and he new his way around the fret boards, and or fretless boards, and Jerry was the only guy I ever knew who would destroy guitars by just playing them. We had a following that would come out to see us even in the driving rain. Later I had pyrotechnics that would shoot balls of fire off my cymbals, but we never set any place on fire!! I guess what I am saying is that we let the music speak for itself, and it spoke volumes. We played loud, we practiced loud and we recorded as loud as the studios would let us! 


DC: I can hardly think of another band that was as hell-bent on themes of DOOM as Cirith Ungol . Many of the songs you penned on the first three records are fixated with an oncoming apocalypse, and the absolute haplessness of mankind in evading it. Why was the band so obsessed with this nihilistic helplessness? It almost suggests that you read a lot of Lovecraft, that belief that mankind is incapacitated in the face of chaos' designs (“Chaos Descends” and “Doomed Planet” are good examples!). In an ‘80s where speed metal bands where urging fans to seize the mantle and stick it to the man, Cirith Ungol were doling out unhealthy servings of debilitating depression. The cover of King Of The Dead is vintage horror- a helpless, avaricious warrior ambushed by a horde of simian beings and a re-animated skeletal being, once again suggesting man's impotence in the face of the paranormal. Do you think Cirith Ungol 's doom n'gloom preoccupation was one of the reasons for the metal mainstream's indifference towards the band? Cirith Ungol

CU: I still feel the failure of the band can be spread around pretty evenly but it must be said that the record companies which knew much more of the intricacies of the business could have done something, anything to help promote the band. Metal Blade made one poster and set up one show for us. Enigma/ Restless had lots of connections and all we really needed was a manager and some tour support. Enigma did support us by setting up a show in Mexico City, and they did try to get us one manager a guy from England who turned out to be Guns and Roses' manager, he wanted us to wear make-up like the Motley Crues of the time and we refused, so he refused to work with us, which is kind of sad but typical of the bullshit we experienced. I think I alienated allot of people with my constant badgering about getting the band promoted but I saw the talent we had compared to the other bands out there especially in LA at the time. I still think of Ratt, Poison, Motley Crue and Metallica as pretty sad acts personally and kind of surprised they ever made it. It just goes to show what I was told early on, “The music business is about business, and not about music”, which we found out sadly to be totally true. It was all about the promotion or lack of it in our case that made or broke bands. It is a testament to our will that we stayed together as long as we did for close to 20+ years! 


DC: While the band was plagued by poor management, I think one of the foremost reasons that Cirith Ungol failed to win much acclaim during their time was the fact that you folks were WAY ahead of your time. It is very possible that even if you were to unleash King Of The Dead even today, that you would STILL be misunderstood and maligned by the public at large. Cirith Ungol was a band that was too honest, too urgent, too dark and too damn odd to truly win the hearts of those preoccupied with discovering the most Satanic, fastest, or conversely, the most well-coiffed/well-permed heavy metal outfit out there. You brought with you lessons well-learned from a bygone ‘70s, but renewed and regurgitated forth these lessons in a form that hardened metalheads still have trouble comprehending today. I know that you labored VERY hard to keep Cirith Ungol alive and that you remain quite hurt about the demise of Cirith Ungol even today. Still, do you agree with my assertion that Cirith Ungol will forever fly above the heads of the mainstream? Perhaps it was a case of the band being born too late, for if, say, you were a product of 1971 USA you might have won a larger audience?

CU: I think that from my perspective being heavily into the whole Sword and Sorcery and Horror literature at the time my dark influences came from these. I am still a huge reader of H. P. Lovecraft and would encourage anyone who has not read this great writers works to seek them out immediately, Both Steven King and Clive Barker have said that if it were not for him that neither of them would have started writing. There was some weird stuff out during our time that was successful so I do not think it was that. I still believe that the failure of our band to make it was one of investment of money and lack of promotion by the record companies. This does not let us off the hook for not being better businessmen, but it seems that true artists are really not the best businessmen and visa versa.   As far as us being born to late or early even though I have heard that I am not sure it would have made a difference, its all about the money. 


DC: One thing that you inherited from growing up with ‘70s records was a looseness and unmistakable SWING to your idiosyncratic drumming style- truly, there has been no drummer since that has played or sounded quite like you. Are you a self-taught drummer? To what do you accredit your highly individualistic and unmistakable drumming style, which is absolutely as crucial to the Cirith Ungol sound as Flint's MONSTROUS finger-style bass-sound, Jerry Fogle's shrill, piercing guitar shriek and Tim's yelping screams? Was it always a conscious decision for Cirith Ungol to play and sound differently from everyone else, or did all these weird facets of the Cirith Ungol sound come about fluidly and naturally? Or, indeed, was a combination of both deliberation and spontaneity? Did you ever alter certain parts in songs because they were too straightforward/not angular enough/not distinctively Cirith Ungol enough?

CU: Although I took some drum lessons later in my career. I was completely self-taught. Mainly by practicing, playing along with my favorite drummers and listening to their music for inspiration. I was inspired by drummers like Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, and Bill Ward who played sometimes against the grain of the music. I wish I were still playing as I can hear the drum parts in my head of our songs and hear new beats that would have improved them a little. As for the second part of your question I always tried to from my perspective, when I had a chance to help the songs evolve to become the best that they could be. I spent hours arguing over riffs with the rest of the band to get one note added or removed to make the song or riff better.  That is my biggest beef with bands like Metallica I think sometimes there songs are too crude and needed more work.  The best 20 seconds of music we ever wrote and or played was cut out on the mix down by Ron Goudie (the producer of “Paradise Lost”) because he micro-managed the recording sessions badly and forgot how the song went. I've said it before but this CD could have been the best we ever did but with Flint quitting and the overproduction and loss of any control by the band it was I think the worst. For instance, none of us were allowed in the studio while the others recorded. I played the drums to a forced click track without any emotion. When we protested we were threatened with the plug being pulled so we soldiered on. I cried when I heard the final mix….


Cirith UngolDC: I have read in other interviews that you are a heavy metal purist, in that you are not a big fan of the speed/thrash metal boom that arose in the nascent wake of Cirith Ungol , and I infer from that that you are clearly not enthused about the death/black metal that followed, either. However, what did you think of the emerging doom metal bands of the period, bands like War Cry, Trouble, Candle mass/Nemesis, Pentagram (the ‘80s Peaceville lineup), Mercy (Sweden). Of course, Cirith Ungol formed just prior to the boom of the NWOBHM, and there were quite a few bands that peddled a sound one might say was thematically akin to what Cirith Ungol was doing, like Angel Witch, Desolation Angels, Witchfynde, Demon, Witchfinder General, Electric Savage, Apocalypse, Tellurian etcetera. Did you ever have a chance to hear these bands? I'm curious to know whether you branded your work “doom metal” at any point of your careers (for, as I said, Cirith Ungol to me is doom DEFINED). Does it feel bizarre to you that Cirith Ungol were one of the foremost architects of a musical movement that has now become a global phenomenon, further elaborating upon ideas first set forth by the pioneers, Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Budgie ?

CU: I feel humbled to be even included with some of the greats such as Black Sabbath. I must admit that my tastes were and are for a more heavy beat.  Even though I appreciate some of the death metal but just like rap I don't get the monotone singing thing. I was also never into speed for speeds sake. A fast song is great but 10 on an album is limiting. I am impressed by a singer with a wide range, even though The Darkness only has like one or two good songs on their albums, man that guy has a great voice! You mention Granicus, there was a band from LA called Pavlov's Dog and singer had a very high-pitched voice, which I really liked. I must confess I have been listening to allot of Queensryche lately and really like some of their albums such as Empire and Operation Mindcrime! 

DC: Keeping in mind the fact that you dislike the “crossover” of speed metal and punk rock that became thrash metal, I'm curious to know if you've kept abreast of recent heavy rock music. Could you name some of the bands that you're into nowadays? Do you still attend shows of bands you enjoy?

CU: Greg gave me two albums and said, “Hey I bet you'll like these guys”. One was a band they played with Fireball Ministry, another was ASKA a band from Texas their album Avenger is phenomenal! There is also a band in Italy Domine, that has Elric on all their album covers and I really like their album Emperor of the Black Runes . I was also blown away by the covers to our songs that just came out on the Cirith Ungol tribute album. I think some of the versions of our songs are better than our original versions! I also got some Riot albums from Germany I never heard and they kick ass! I am also finding music I never heard. It is funny that you can still discover bands 20 years after they put out there work and be blown away by them. Another album I loved was from a band called Mrs. Hippie, thought they were great but the record company said they sold few cd's so what is new! 


Cirith Ungol

DC: I understand that you have always been deeply into Ferraris, and finally satiated a lifetime yen for your very own Ferrari. What is it about the car that has fascinated you for so many years? It would appear that a Ferrari is a strange rock n'roll fetish, when most blue-collar rock n'roll outlaws champion the Harley Davidson.

CU: Well don't get me started! I was attracted to Ferrari as a child, being born on the same day that Dino Ferrari died in Italy 50 years ago. I remember the first time I saw a Ferrari in San Francisco, I was around 11 at the time. I remember getting down on my hands and knees in front of it looking at the prancing horse badge and thinking that this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Many Ferraristi have similar stories. It is funny as we have some popularity in Italy and I have a love for all things Italian. I even have a Roman soldiers outfit that I wear around sometimes! My main love is the sound of the engines. The heart of every Ferrari is the engine and unless you have been in a 12 cylinder Ferrari at 8000 rpm redline there is no way to explain the mechanical symphony produced. My Dino is only an 8 cylinder but it has 4 double throat Weber carburetors and it has its own scream which I an enamored with. At night flames shoot out of the exhaust pipes! Actually many rocker and drummers have a love for the cars, as they are the pinnacle of automotive achievement! Period! 



DC: Of course, the Michael Whelan cover (one of the most iconic covers in heavy metal) of Frost & Fire affirmed the fact that Cirith Ungol were fantasy buffs. Which of the Elric books do you hold in the highest regard? Did Cirith Ungol ever contact Moorcock in the hope that he would do a collaboration akin to the one he did with Hawkwind? Also , choose a non-Conan hero: Kull, Bran Mak Morn, Solomon Kane. Who, and why? (Bran Mak Morn for me, “Worms Of The Earth” is one of my favorite Howard stories ever). How did fantasy sculpt the otherworldly vision of Cirith Ungol ? Are there any contemporary fantasy writers whom you particularly admire (I like Ursula LeGuin and Terry Pratchett)? Cirith Ungol

CU: Well once again we find common ground “Worms of the Earth” is well……fantastic! Michael Whelan was one of the few people that not only did not abuse us but I feel that we never got to financially repay him for the honor of having his artwork grace our covers. My biggest regret is that he and Greg Hazard our long time photographer were never adequately compensated for the work that they so graciously provided. I know we were not either but that is not the point. I never met Michael Moorcock and even though I revered his works, Elric along with the Corum trilogies, I never had the pleasure to meet him.  I think the covers to our first 3 albums were the best we could have ever dreamt of and I will always be proud to be associated to them even if only in the same sentence! 


DC: I have read interviews with yourself and Bobby Liebling of Pentagram where you both have described record-buying trips. Obviously, in an age where the internet was unheard-of and zines regarding heavy music were few and far between, it must have been very difficult to discern heavy music from the other slop. You stated in another interview that you used to determine how heavy a group was by looking at the grooves of the record. Did this often turn out to be a fruitful experiment? Describe an average record-buying trip in the late ‘70s. Also, were you into any funk and/or soul at the time, considering the considerable influence it had on a lot of heavy rock at the time, particularly bands like Trapeze, The Stooges, Power Of Zeus and Lincoln St Exit ? (I'm deeply into lots of old Motown soul, blues and hard funk like Funkadelic, Sly And The Family Stone, The Isleys, The Meters, Average White Band and many others). What would we be surprised to find in Robert Garven's record collection?

CU: Actually, the more radical the groove usually meant the harder the music. It actually works. Take out an album like Black Sabbath Master of Reality , the heavy songs have the rough grooves the mellow ones are devoid of any swiggles. The needle has to ride the groove to produce the music and the more movement the more music. What is funny is that I have learned to appreciate other styles of music as I have matured. I did see “Earth Wind & Fire” at the California Jam in 1974!!! We also did a remake of Arthur Brown's “Fire”, which was more psychedelic, but he had a funky streak I think.


DC: I think it's very clear that classical music has always had an important role in Cirith Ungol 's development- while Frost & Fire was clearly blues-based, by the time King Of The Dead came around Jerry's solos were obviously derived largely from neo-classical scales, and songs were written in a much more unorthodox minor key fashion. The acoustic melody the ends and closes “Finger Of Scorn”, as well, has a distinctive whiff of medieval folk to it. How responsible were you for this metamorphosis? When did the band collectively decide that they no longer wanted to do blues-based songs?

CU: “Finger of Scorn” was one of our original pre “Frost & Fire” songs, which Greg wrote. I do remember humming out my versions and changes to riffs to the band and making some pretty major additions and or modifications but I cannot remember which songs I had the most influence on. I think the confusion lies with “Frost & Fire”, which we wrote to get noticed and popular and so it was intentionally all of our most accessible or radio friendly or commercial songs. We wrote and played heavier songs before and after but that album was meant to launch our career. Unfortunately it was considered too heavy by the radio stations in LA, and though it did receive much underground and college airplay it was not apparently what we needed to succeed. After Greg left we said well, why try to appease an audience that we were to heavy for anyway so we made a conscious effort to make the next album much heavier and gloomier. 


Cirith Ungol

DC: I have always thought that One Foot IN Hell was/is a great record, but it is not even close to being on the same level as the first two as far as I'm concerned. Really, I think the album exhibits a much straighter, much more reserved style of playing and composition compared to the first two masterpieces. You play much more in the pocket, as does Flint, and while Jerry's leads still spill over everything, the songs are a lot more conventionally “epic heavy metal” and less wild/reckless/extroverted/fill-intensive. What led to the band pursuing a more straightforward, restrained direction? To my mind, this album ALMOST (and I mean almost) sounds dated, it bears some of the hallmarks of ‘80s epic metal of the time. Was this a period when Cirith Ungol felt like they needed to fit in a little bit more, or?

CU: The problem with One Foot in Hell is that Brian Slagel who owned Metal Blade Records wanted to take a large role in the production of the album. I think this was the beginning of where the band started to lose control of our vision and it is evident in this record. There were solos left out or changed, and multi tiered vocals ala Styx “Serpent is Rising” that were removed. I also did not like the final mix. We also recorded the tracks in LA, whereas with the first two albums we recorded them across the street from our band studio, so we had less time and were in a strange location, which did not help the sound or mood. Brian to this day does not like me and I suppose his feelings toward me, which I have tried to unsuccessfully patch up over the years, was taken out on the band. This again probably was my personality, negatively affecting the bands success which I will never forgive my self for. I am not a poser or bull-shitter so I guess it was hard for me to be something I wasn't. I was always bugging the record companies to do stuff for the band and I think they saw me as a pest. I think they we all pretty short sighted as we could have been as big a commercial success as lets say Metallica, with the proper promotion. Money = Promotion, Promotion = Success. Once the head of Enigma hid in a closet because he thought I was there. I have a clear conscience as all I tried to do was promote the band and our music. On the other hand as all the guys we dealt with the exception of Metal Blade in Europe seemed pretty unscrupulous and I am going easy on them. I know we have been ripped off for allot of money over the years, but I made the decision that as long as the albums or CD's were available that the money did not matter. Once again it comes down to greed vs. integrity. I think we always tried to take the high road.   


DC: Obviously, one of the prime contributors to the vile and despotic atmosphere of King Of The Dead are the oppressively SLOW rhythms that dominate some of the numbers. What made Cirith Ungol decide to play at such an indolent pace, particularly since bands like Venom and Motörhead were bulldozing forwards at an amphetamine-imbibing speed?

CU: Maybe it was the amphetamines they were taking! J Seriously the pounding rhythms we wrote were what we felt. This was our roots and we were not going to jump on what I considered an overnight fad (Speed metal) at the time. To me heavy is pounding, beating, throbbing like a heart pounding in your chest. And yes, the heart speeds up and so did our songs. If you heart pounded as fast as some of the speed metal songs you would have a heart attack and die! I think the rhythmic pounding is akin to the Native African or American drumbeats, which is where I feel I got allot of my hereditary drumming thought from. Kind of like Cthulhu sending dream messages to his minions, I was receiving these beats from my prehistoric Neolithic ancestors.   


Cirith UngolDC: Do you think bad press was crucial in hindering Cirith Ungol from more substantial commercial success? Consistently bad press did wonders for the likes of Hellhammer, Sodom, Venom, Death, Bathory among other bands, and of course Black Sabbath had their share of nemeses in the press. Surely the extremely polar reviews must have helped to cultivate the lore and legendry of Cirith Ungol ? Do you have any recollections of especially harsh reviews? What did reviewers usually take issue with (I suspect it would be Tim's vocals?)?

CU: That is technically incorrect. The editor of “Kerrang” magazine had us on his top ten list for King of the Dead . We had numerous good write-ups in the LA newspapers. The LA Times said that the song “Alive” by “Pearl Jam” was a blatant rip-off of Cirith Ungol's “I'm Alive”. In Ventura we had several big articles including a font page, section two, full page write up on the band. Many other articles over the years are the same. When they re-released our first 3 cd's in Europe on Metal Blade Germany, they sent me press packs from all over the world with 3 & 4 page full color articles on a band that had been dead over ten years! 


DC: I know that you're probably not into a lot of the more extreme metal that comes out nowadays, but I'm sure it must make you quite proud to know that bands that are as influential as Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Darkthrone (Norwegian black metal legends), Death SS have all namedropped Cirith Ungol on multiple occasions. I think it's very interesting that Cirith Ungol has had such an enduring influence on all dark, foreboding metal. Does this knowledge, in any way, make up for the anguish you have experienced at the hands of Cirith Ungol 's dissolution? For, though Cirith Ungol may not have had as long of a life as you had hoped, the band's immortality is virtually assured at this point.

CU: This is all very humbling and makes me feel once again that my life was not completely wasted. That we had had some positive effect on someone or their career is very fulfilling. 


DC: You have spoken in various other interviews that the release of Servants Of Chaos was the proverbial last straw (sorry for using such a corny maxim!) that really severed and estranged you from several members of the band. Could you speak a bit more about this? I must applaud you for your dedication in re-releasing the remaining Cirith Ungol tracks, and I thank you on behalf of everyone who has given the record innumerable spins since its release.

CU: I think some of the members think I am somehow making money off the band, which of course is ridiculous. I had over $100,000 in receipts I spent on the band before we broke up. I borrowed the money from my parents to record “King of the Dead”, which I paid back. At one point I paid the band rent of two of the band members for over a year. I could go on and on but what purpose would it serve. Suffice to say I helped support the band for more than 20 years, physically, mentally and monetarily. The only money we got to release Servants of Chaos went to the mastering lab, the few hundred dollars we had left over Greg and I agreed to send to Michael Whelan. In fact Greg and I spent some of our own money to get the project out and as soon as we signed the contract with Metal Blade it had a hidden clause in it that combined all the other re-release royalties guaranteeing that we would never make a cent on the deal. On a lighter note royalties that were made on Servants of Chaos were supposed to be deducted from the monies owed on the re-releases but never were. I contacted Metal Blade and Brian said he would look into it. I never heard back from them. People asked me if I was upset that bootleg albums existed of some of our material. My reply has been that since we have never made any money from our legitimate record companies why should we be upset at someone who would promote our music by releasing a bootleg? 


Cirith Ungol

DC: Of course, Cirith Ungol fans unanimously agree that Paradise Lost is a mere husk of what used to be an absolutely glorious band. Yet, the pre-production demos of Paradise Lost suggest that the album could have been absolutely as good, or even better, than One Foot In Hell . Could we revisit the tumultuous days of Paradise Lost and recount just why the album turned out the way it did? I understand that, following the disastrous management issues that ensued with the release of Paradise Lost , the band dissolved and you vowed to never play the drums again, as you were disenchanted and disillusioned with the music industry. This, of course, is a promise that you have kept to this day. Does the prospect of creating new music not haunt you, though? How have you managed to smother that hunger for the past 15 odd years?

CU: The events have left a bad taste in my mouth. I have briefly alluded to them above. Bottom line is the longer we were a band the less control we had over our released music. This caused deterioration in the product and our morale as a band leading to the final debacle that was “Paradise Lost”! It is very sad as I think we had a few more great albums. If Jerry, Flint and Jimmy had not chose to abandon the cause who knows what might have happened. At least Tim stayed till the bitter end, unfortunately he is the band member I have the least contact with and the one whom I was probably closest to. Greg and Perry wanted me to play some role in Falcon but I politely abstained. 



DC: I have read that Tim Baker was not your original singer, and that he was but one of your roadies who was fortuitously discovered following the departure of your first singer, whom you had every intent of recording an album with. How different would Cirith Ungol have been without the outrageous pipes of Tim? Really, I think many fortunate things happened to distinguish Cirith Ungol as an iconic band- the brilliant covers, the breathtaking synchronicity of the band (the live bootlegs of the band reflect that in terms of musicianship and pure chemistry, Cirith Ungol was absolutely the best heavy metal band of the ‘80s), three flawless albums, the discovery of Tim, I just maintain that Cirith Ungol were ahead of their time.

CU: Our first singer was Neil Beattie and he was a great guy and a fantastic showman. I think that some of the music we created with him was pretty good and if you could hear it you would be surprised how good it was. Although I could not imagine the band without Tim, parting with Neil was especially painful as we did it for our career, with little sensitivity to him at the time, which I now regret. We had a lot of fun together. 


Cirith UngolDC: As musicians, I think Cirith Ungol were absolutely in the highest tier. Listening to your live performances, the degree of chemistry is absolutely staggering….which prompts one to ask, how often did Cirith Ungol practice to develop that sort of understanding with one another? How much improvisation would go into a typical Cirith Ungol performance (I know from bootlegs that I have that some of Jerry's solos would change dramatically)?

CU: Like some of our earlier influences, Mountain especially comes to mind, the original band played together for many years and was very comfortable with some onstage and practice improvisations. Later on as our music got more complicated and the band had spent less seat time together this was more a rarity. However the high point was when Greg & Jerry would do some grueling battling guitar solo's, usually ending up with scraping guitar fretboards, general mayhem and resulting in the defacing of some rare guitars. We would always go out with a bang and our climatic endings were a special favorite of mine. I would usually save the drum solo for last and pour ever last ounce of energy into a frantic beat down broadside, culminating in a devastating powerhouse blowout!!! Come to think of it, it would always end that way!!! 


Diabolical Conquest (Nin Chan): I think it is very admirable that you always took Cirith Ungol very seriously, that you invested so many years of toil into maintaining the band in the face of considerable odds. You can take heart, I think, in the fact that Cirith Ungol are finally starting to get their just due. I do wish I could thank you in person, I am very sincere about my devotion and adoration of the band, and cannot really imagine life without the first two masterpieces. Please use this space to say anything you feel hasn't been expressed in this interview, and I wish you the best of luck with any of your future endeavors, Robert. Thanks!

Cirith Ungol (Robert): I appreciate your wanting to due an interview with an aging leftover from a previous era. I am proud that our music still has an effect on listeners and am gratified by all the accolades and support we have received since the band's untimely demise. I just wish that we could have been able to tough it out a little longer, ensuring some commercial success which would have allowed us the freedom to create more substantive music. However everything must end and at least Cirith Ungol did not end up being a parody of its former self as some bands I will not mention have. Please visit one of our official or unofficial websites, and please pick up the Cirith Ungol tribute CD if you get a chance, it is really good. Metal Blade Records have discontinued our CD's in the US, and they are available in Europe for an undetermined amount of time time so if anyone is interested in picking up one of our four available CD's now is the time. Rest assured that no money will go to the band, however once they are gone the are gone!

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Different King of the Dead TS/LS

Another King of the Dead T-shirt and Long sleeve.



kotd shirt3
kotd shirt

Description for T-Shirt (above and left)


w/BAND PHOTO (black & white print) and SONG TITLES (red print)



Description for Long Sleeve (right and below)

w/BAND PHOTO (black & white print) and SONG TITLES (red print)

kotd shirt4

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Doomed Planet
Doomed Planet This song seems to deal with the same issues as Heaven Help Us from their follow-up album Paradise Lost. A song about pollution.
"Dommed Planet" delivers with a very catchy chorus and some sure fire devilish guitar playing though the ending passage could have used a bit more ex-perimentation.
-King Fowley, liner notes, Jan 2009
A thematic cousin to [Black Sabbath's] Electric Funeral....
-Tim Baker, facebook comment, 12 Jan 2011
A metal label is probably named after this song. The label is called Doomed Planet Records and describes themself as "an underground mailorder label, specializing and dedicated to making vinyl only releases, in editions of 500 copies by cult 80's style traditional metal". The label was also supposed to release Falcon's debut album on vinyl, but unfortunately that vinyl never saw the lights of day. Cirith Ungol is listed as their second musical influence, only after Brocas Helm, on their MySpace-site. They also have a website. It was through Rob Preston of Doomed Planet Records that Perry Grayson discovered Cirith Ungol. Preston was also the guy who introduced Rob Garven to Perry Grayson, and Garven was in turn the guy who introduced Greg Lindstrom to Perry, which would be the beginning of Falcon. Although I have no confirmation that it is named after the band, I guess it's a good guess!


Trapped on a dying world a world too late to save
Mankind is on the move and he's marching to his grave
False prophets filled with greed leaders who rule by fear
By their lies they are betrayed and their message crystal clear

We're living on a doomed planet a planet too late to save
We're living on a doomed planet mankind's marching to his grave

Dark clouds foul the sky as the end is well at hand
The acid rain will fall sweeping death across the land
The poison rivers flow to a helpless dying sea
Of the wicked race of man this world will soon be free


Trapped on a dying world, a world of hate and pain
The judgment has arrived and the verdict is insane
The masses cringe in fear for their sentence has arrived
May the punishment be slow and the guilty flayed alive

Written by Robert Garven

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A song dealing with political issues.
a pessimistic view of how overzealous conservatives try to take away people’s inherent freedoms
-Perry Grayson, Headache interview, 2005

A fanvideo by MoebiusCrononauta:


Flying so low to the ground
Cynical view, the world gone wrong
Banished utopia laid to waste before its time
Heeds the worst case scene in his heathen ways
Got no use for a crutch
Solutions bring more questions to your mind
Answers never found

Given life, but born to die
Made to suffer, age and go blind
Given life, but left to die
We're all goners when doomsday's near

Slavin' and wastin' our time
Spinnin' the wheel at the same old grind
Taken for granted, trodden and trampled
Fake smiles hiding rage
Jealous masquerade on crooked paths
Will my task be done
When the noose is hung before I die


Downer, doomsyer, downer
Downer, truth-seeker, downer

Solo - Perry

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Edge of a Knife
This song has probably the bands most quoted lyrics;  "I've got my rock 'n roll haircut  /I've got my rock 'n roll jeans". Lindstrom's second favourite of this album after I'm Alive.
I think of Edge of a Knife as our Rockabilly Song. Ha! Don't forget the solo in this song is great!
-Robert Garven, Steel Conjuring interview, 2000

It seems I'm always frustrated
When I should be satisfied
But as long as I'm frustrated
I know I'm still alive
I've got 20/20 hindsight
But I won't live in the past
I like to look up at the sky
When I'm flat on my ass

Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life

I've got my rock 'n roll haircut
I've got my rock 'n roll jeans
Just to make me feel like
Someone I'd rather not be
I don't care if you laugh at me
It's better than beeing ignored
Anyway, I'm used to it
That's what fools are for

Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life

Maybe I gotta get hurt
Maybe that's what I need
'Cause I got music in my bloodstream
Sometimes I just can't seem to bleed
I don't care if you laugh at me
It't better than beeing ignored
Anyway, I'm used to it
That's what fools are for

Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life

Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life
Edge of a knife, edge of a knife
Maybe that's what they mean by real life

Written by Greg Lindstrom

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Elfland's Daughter
I've been working on pre-production of one of my new tunes, "Elfland's Daughter", which was inspired by Lord Dunsany's fantasy novel The King of Elfland's Daughter. Lizzy influence on this one. Lots of Thin Lizzy influence on this one.
-Perry Grayson, 19 Aug 2004
I've written my share of fantasy-inspired lyrics. Just look at "Elfland's Daughter" on Die Wontcha. It was inspired by fantasist Lord Dunsany's novel. Dunsany came before Tolkien even. I rank him higher than Tolkien! But for the past several years I've been penning more reality-based lines. That's just where my head's at. We've already talked about a lot of issues you get confronted with living in the 2000s. That's fuel to the fire.
-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009

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Or send directly to Falcon if you want to order or have any questions.
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Emerald - Heaven Help Us
Also released on the second edition of the album "Hymns to Steel" (2009).


Origin: Switzerland

Formed in: 1995

MySpace / Website 

(german quote:) Wir sind relativ spät als Ersatz für eine andere Band eingesprungen, das Ganze musste vorallem schnell über die Bühne gehen. Die grössten Klassiker waren natürlich schon vergeben, aber "Heaven Help Us" finde ich persönlich eh einer der besten Cirith Ungol Tracks überhaupt. Wir haben diesen Track dann vorallem auch ausgewählt, weil er recht gut zu Emerald passt. Wir konnten da gut unseren Stempel drauf drücken und haben ganz Emerald-like viele Twin-Guitarparts eingebaut.
-Michael Vaucher (guitarist), Metalstorm interview, 09 May 2005

A decent translation done by me:
We replaced another band relatively late, it all had to go fast over the stage. The greatest classics were naturally taken [by other bands], but personally I find "Heaven Help Us" to be one of the best Cirith Ungol tracks ever. We picked this song especially because it fits really good to Emerald. We could mark our signaturesound on it and built in many Emerald-like twin-guitars.

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Erotic Ungol
I accidently stumbled upon what seems to be the new Cirith Ungol logo. Credit goes to

cirith analcirith oral

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Everything There Is To Know
This was written already in 2004. It is perhaps the first song Greg wrote for Falcon. His previous Falcon songs, were originally written for Cirith Ungol back in the days.
Work on new material continues. Greg has a brand new tune (not an old Ungol song) called "Everything You Need To Know..."
-Perry Grayson, 28 Sep 2004

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Or send directly to Falcon if you want to order or have any questions.
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A quite untypical Ungolsong. But to me, this is one of the highlights of the album.
(Dec 79) We weren't sure whether to include this, as it's not really a typical CU song, but here it is. I like the solo riff.
-Greg Lindstrom, linernotes
its just horribly my humble sounds like an outake from some early Cars session..
-Tim Baker, 27 May 2012

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section  Falcon
anchor  147


Perry Grayson founded this band together with Greg Lindstrom (one of the founding members of Cirith Ungol) and Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine) to make heavy rock in the style of the 70s. They're also doing some Cirith Ungol songs that never got properly recorded in a studio. Since Darin McCloskey lives far away, live performances are usually played with drummer Andrew Sample.



Falcon is a raw late 1960s/early 1970s style heavy rock power trio. Falcon was founded by Los Angeles area guitarist/vocalist Perry Grayson (ex-Destiny's End) and bassist/keyboardist Greg Lindstrom (Cirith Ungol) in 2002. Drummer Darin McCloskey (Pennsylvania's Pale Divine) came into the fold in 2003. Falcon recorded a 4 song demo in Spring '03, which received rave reviews from the hard rock and metal press in both the U.S. and Europe. The band recorded their debut album in '03 and it was released in August '04. Local drummer Andrew "Drewcifer" Sample was brought in to serve as Falcon's live drummer in L.A. in '04. Perry had the name Falcon in mind for a bluesy/psychedelic heavy rock band ever since his early days of playing. Hooking up with Greg Lindstrom in 2002 gave Perry the means to get things moving finally.

Greg Lindstrom was a founding member of Cirith Ungol (1971-1982), and he played on their debut LP, FROST & FIRE ('80) and wrote material for KING OF THE DEAD ('84) and ONE FOOT IN HELL ('86). Greg started out on bass in Cirith Ungol, eventually switching over to guitar and keyboard (alongpage the late guitar wizard Jerry Fogle, Falcon logoR.I.P.). Incidentally, although the bass on FROST & FIRE was credited to Michael "Flint" Vujea, Greg actually played all the bass on that album. Greg also played additional lead guitar on the debut Falcon disc and DIE WONTCHA. Some of Greg's early work with Cirith Ungol can be heard on the two disc collection SERVANTS OF CHAOS.

Perry Grayson was in metal band Destiny's End (1997-2000), playing on and writing tunes for both Metal Blade Records releases (BREATHE DEEP THE DARK and TRANSITION). Perry's travels with Destiny's End included a U.S. tour with Iced Earth and Nevermore in '99 and a European tour with Sacred Steel, Wardog and The Lord Weird Slough Feg. The high point being a set at the illustrious Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany (August '99). After leaving Destiny's End in '00, Perry helped form Artisan with his friends Mike Bear (bass/vocals) and Ana Greco (guitar/vocals). In Artisan, Perry shared vocal duties with Bear and Greco, opting for an aggressive style similar to Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Darren Travis (Sadus) and Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice). While still in Artisan, Perry had already begun setting Falcon's wheels in motion. Perry played his last gig with Artisan at the Whisky in Hollywood supporting Cathedral in September '03, but he remains best of friends with the band. Bepages Destiny's End, Artisan and Falcon, Perry has also recorded with Isen Torr, a New Wave of British Heavy Metal flavored project consisting of members from the U.S., England and Germany. Isen Torr, incidentally, is spearheaded by Perry's English guitarist pal Rich Walker (Solstice). In '05 Perry was touring bassist for Pale Divine on their European tour with Place of Skulls and Rising Dust.

Darin McCloskey founded Pennsylvania doom metal merchants Pale Divine around 1997. Apage from his dynamic drumming, he also pens lyrics for Pale Divine. Darin's travels with Pale Divine included a couple of appearances at the Stoner Hands of Doom Festival in the States and tours in Europe & the U.S. with Place of Skulls ('04 and '05) . Perry got in touch with Darin after going nuts for Pale Divine's first demo, CRIMSON TEARS, in '97. A die-hard fan of Pale Divine, Perry knew Darin was precisely the right man for the job of drummer in Falcon. Darin has played on both Falcon's full-length studio outings and played a historic Falcon gig in L.A. with San Francisco metallers Slough Feg.

Falcon's Los Angeles-based live drummer from '03 to early '06 was Andrew "Drewcifer" Sample. Sample moved to Kansas in spring '06, but remains very active in metal and rock as a DJ and writing for Metal Maniacs. As much a maniac for heavy '70s rock as the rest of the Falcon members, Andrew was a shoe-in for the job. If not for Andrew, Falcon wouldn't have started gigging in L.A. in early '04. And thanks to Andrew, Falcon managed to play shows alongpage Fireball Ministry, Earthride, Sasquatch, Shakey Mallard, Slough Feg, Smoke, Weedeater and Butcher.

Falcon completed work on their second album, DIE WONTCHA over a week period in October '06. DIE WONTCHA was released on May 6th, 2008.


Website / MySpace / Falcon & Cirith Ungol MySpace Group / YouTube / Facebook / Picasa / ReverbNation

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anchor  159
A falcon (pronounced (/ˈfɒlkən, ˈfɔːl-, ˈfæl-/)) is any species of raptor in the genus Falco. The word comes from their Latin name falco, related to Latin falx ("sickle") because of the shape of these birds' wings.

Here is the song with the same name as the band.

before it was;section_id=159

Or send directly to Falcon if you want to order or have any questions.
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section  Falcon - Die Wontcha shirt
anchor  460
Falcon - Die Wontcha shirt
die wontcha shirt Description
The cover of "Die Wontcha" on front, the Falcon logo in white on the back of a black heavy duty Hanes Beefy-T.


Hell Ride Music @ eBay

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section  Falcon - Edge of a Knife (studio version 2006)
anchor  419
Falcon - Edge of a Knife (studio version 2006)

Falcon's version of the classic Cirith Ungol song is now for the first time available in a proper studio version. The song can be heard on Falcon's fanpage at Facebook.

Update: Now also available at ReverbNation.


It's a little taste of the future Falcon rarities collection. Engineered by yours truly in the Falcon rehearsal room in Downtown L.A., late '05 with vocals and lead guitar overdubs in early '06. Mixed by me and Greg Lindstrom. Drums on this one courtesy of Andrew Sample. Enjoy!

-Perry Grayson, 13 Oct 2010

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section  Falcon - Girls shirt
anchor  334
Falcon - Girls shirt
Nice Falcon-rack!SmileAsk Perry if you need one!

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section  Falcon - Guitar Pick
anchor  199
Falcon - Guitar Pick
See the official Falcon site for orderinfo.

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section  Falcon - Mousepad
anchor  221
Falcon - Mousepad
Available directly from Greg Lindstrom at eBay.
Item description is as follows: Brand new 8" x 10" mouse pads with the Falcon logo proudly displayed. I am the bass player in Falcon, these are official mouse pads. Shipping in the U.S. is $2.00, overseas is $5.00. I will include some other Falcon / Cirith Ungol goodies with your order! Thanks for looking!

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section  Falcon - Route 666 (live video 2004)
anchor  439
Falcon - Route 666 (live video 2004)
Opening tune from Falcon's March 14, 2004 gig at Spaceland in Silverlake, CA. "Route 666," one of bassist Greg Lindstrom's "lost" Cirith Ungol classics. Enjoy! ;)
-Perry Grayson, 14 nov 2010
And btw, also check out Perry Grayson's new music blog, The Falcon's Fortress. It will hopefully be added to the News Feed someday soon.

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section  Falcon - Shelob's Lair (live video 2004)
anchor  420
Falcon - Shelob's Lair (live video 2004)

Falcon performing the "lost" Cirith Ungol tune "Shelob's Lair" (written by Greg Lindstrom circa 1975) during their second gig ever on March 4, 2004.

All future video uploads by Falcon will automatically appear in the News Feed!

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section  Falcon - Shelob's Lair (remix)
anchor  248
Falcon - Shelob's Lair (remix)

Cirith falcon

Greg Lindstrom playing a cover of his own song! The song was originally written for Cirith Ungol in the 1970's, but not released until 2004 with Greg's new band, Falcon.



"Shelob's Lair" - special extended remix of the version from self-titled Falcon CD
Additional recording and mixing by Perry Grayson
Additional keys: Greg Lindstrom
Spoken word: Perry Grayson

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section  Falcon - The Crying of Lot 246 (live video 2004)
anchor  436
Falcon - The Crying of Lot 246 (live video 2004)
A fiery rendition of my tune "The Crying of Lot 246," off the self-titled Falcon album. This is from the gig we did with Earthride at Spaceland on Mar. 14, 2004.
-Perry Grayson, 29 Oct 2010

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section  Falcon - Untitled Forthcoming Rarities
anchor  192
Falcon - Untitled Forthcoming Rarities
A planned upcoming collection of unreleased tracks. It's listed as "Untitled Forthcoming Rarities (2004-2006)" in Perry's bio. There are already a bunch of unreleased tracks which are candidates for this collection:

Bad Scene (re-recording 2004)
A re-recording of a old unreleased Cirith Ungol tune. Andrew Sample on drums. Recorded on a digital 8-track machine. It's according to Perry Falcon's glam tune.

We demoed one of Greg's songs, "Bad Scene" a while back, and I laid down vox for it a coupla weeks ago.  
-Perry Grayson, 10 Aug 2004

Update 10 Mar 2010: The demo has been made available on the Falcon fanpage on facebook.

Throwback (re-recording 2006)
Original versions appears on the self-titled Falcon debut album (2004).

Downer (re-recording 2006)
Original versions appears on the self-titled Falcon debut album (2004).

Edge of a Knife (re-recording 2006)
A new re-recording of a old Cirith Ungol tune. Original version appears on Frost and Fire (1980). They have also played this live several times. A live video is available on Youtube, but that is unfortunately in terrible quality.

Bad Scene (re-recording 2006)
A new re-recording of a old unreleased Cirith Ungol tune. They also recorded this song in 2004. It was recorded just before Andrew moved to Kansas.

Johanna (Iggy & the Stooges)
Iggy & the Stooges cover. Original version appears on the Iggy and The Stooges single "Johanna" (1972).
The six songs we recorded in March with Andrew Sample on drums are nearly done. We did the basic tracks live—that's the ONLY way to record Falcon—of course. A few overdubs to finish up, then it's mixing time. The six tunes are: "Throwback", "Downer," "Everything There is To Know," "Edge of a Knife" (Cirith Ungol), "Bad Scene" and "Johanna" (an Iggy & the Stooges cover). The reason behind doing "Throwback" and "Downer" again is 'cause Andrew and Darin play the tunes different than each other. So, we thought we'd give you a chance to hear what those sound like with Andrew drumming.
-Perry Grayson, 19 Jul 2006 In Addition are Throwback Demo (October 2003) and Pre-Production Demos (Oct. 2003) with unknown contents listed in Perry's bio.

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section  Falcon - Upcoming Album
anchor  188
Falcon - Upcoming Album
Falcon logo Random information about the new album!
There are currently only two albums released. Here is the information I've managed to gather about the upcoming 3rd Falcon-album, hopefully to be released in 2010 2012. Their cover of Johanna (Iggy & the Stooges) can be heard on Facebook/ReverbNation.

I've been writing new tunes and dusting off old previously unrecorded ones that I'll be demoing and sending to Greg and Darin soon for our eventual third album. Since we've recorded twice on the east coast, I see no reason why we can't repeat that again. Greg and I met up in L.A. while I was there visiting in October. He showed me some of his new material and I showed him a bit of mine. There are definitely enough tunes for a third Falcon album. The plan is for both of us to pound out some rough demos. Pretty much the same way we've always worked. Along with a third Falcon album the three of us would love to do some gigs. It'll just take a cool festival offer and possibly hooking up with another rawkin' band or two for a brief couple of weeks. Thanks again, Chris, for a great marathon rambling session!
-Perry Grayson, 21 Jan 2009
We aim to record another album in the near future and hopefully do a couple of weeks in Europe and perhaps a handful of U.S. dates too. The distance thing shouldn’t affect us too much beyond making it harder to play local SoCal gigs.
-Perry Grayson
We’re working on a new batch of songs now, plus we have a few demos we recorded in our rehearsal room a couple of years ago with Andrew Sample on drums that some folks might like to hear, like our version of “Johanna” by Iggy & the Stooges.
-Greg Lindstrom
At the moment my good pals Greg Lindstrom, Darin McCloskey and I are working on pre-production for the third Falcon album. I've also been in touch with recording engineer Chris Kozlowski, and he will again be on-board to make sure the vintage vibes are preserved in the studio. More news comin' at you soon. Stay tuned!!
-Perry Grayson, 18 May 2010
Perry, Greg and I got together in LA a few months ago to rehearse new Falcon material and it was a blast! So plans are absolutely in the works for a new Falcon album…probably in 2012. In the meantime I believe Svart recs. will be releasing the vinyl version of “Die Wontcha” very soon.
-Darin McCloskey interview 22 Feb 2012

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section  Falcon 2nd pressing
anchor  423
Falcon 2nd pressing
A 2nd pressingof the self-titled Falcon album is right around the corner.
"There won't be any embossed foil stamping on the 2nd pressing of the S/T. Too expensive now that I no longer work in the graphics/printing biz."
-Perry Grayson.

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section  Falcon Black Logo Shirt
anchor  196
Falcon Black Logo Shirt
Falcon black logo shirt. Falcon logo on front, "Heavy Rockin' Raw!" on back. See the official Falcon site for orderinfo

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section  Falcon Button
anchor  198
Falcon Button
One inch diameter. See the official Falcon site for orderinfo

before it was;section_id=198
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section  Falcon Gray Logo T-Shirt
anchor  197
Falcon Gray Logo T-Shirt
See the official Falcon site for orderinfo

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section  Falcon is NOT playing at Headbangers Open Air 2010
anchor  178
Falcon is NOT playing at Headbangers Open Air 2010
It was announced that Falcon would possibly do a special night on Headbangers Open Air-festival, Germany in Summer 2010. This will unfortunately not happen. Read the whole case here.

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section  Falcon patch
anchor  179
Falcon patch

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section  Falcon stuff planned for future release
anchor  327
Falcon stuff planned for future release
This is a list of stuff that has been planned, announced or scheduled, but delayed for various reasons. Some of it might be released some day, but there's no need to hold your breath!
Falcon/Triarchy split 7"
Metal Coven Records in Germany are talking to us right now about the possibility of releasing a 7" split single with one page from the British band Triarchy, and one page of Falcon material. Probably "Shelob's Lair" when it's re-recorded.
-Perry 19 Aug 2003

v/a - Tribute to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal
Falcon is currently selecting a song to cover for The Miskatonic Foundation's TRIBUTE TO THE NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL compilation.
-Perry Grayson, 10 Sep 2003

Falcon/Ogre split 7"
We're talking to Metal Coven Records (Germany) about the possibility of a Falcon/Ogre split 7" single for you vinyl maniacs out there.
-Perry Grayson, 08 Mar 2004

Falcon - Falcon vinyl
The self-titled debut album was planned to be released on vinyl, first on Doomed Planet Records. Unfortunately, it never found it's way to the vinyl.

Falcon NEEDS to be on vinyl. No question about it! This style of music just has to be played LOUD on a turntable. But it also has to come out on CD, 'cause most people don't even own a turntable. But I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't get the vinyl treatment, with a nice gatefold cover.
-Perry Grayson, The Forgotten Scroll interview

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section  Falcon updates
anchor  456
Falcon updates
Here's a summary of some recent Falcon-related updates.
  • Perry Grayson has just re-joined Pale Divine. But that does not mean the end of Falcon.
  • An interview with Perry Grayson will appear on KSUN Radio on 04 May 2011. More info here.
  • Deluxe re-issue of Death - Individual Thought Patterns features liner notes written by Perry.
  • Falcon album number 3 is still in work. "We have several tunes written and just have to do a wee bit more pre-production." -Perry 21 Apr 2011.
  • "Bobby Liebling (Pentagram) gave an interview on greek Metal Hammer of this month and talking about his participation on Falcon's debut." Thanks to Greece fan nicked arkhon666 for this one.

before it was;section_id=456
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section  Falcon updates (Apr 2012)
anchor  476
Falcon updates (Apr 2012)
Greg Lindstrom, Darin McCloskey and I [Perry] gathered in L.A. in late November to work on songs for the third full-length album. We recorded basic tracks for three demos, and I'll be overdubbing vocals and lead guitar soon. We're excited about the new tunes, and hope to convene Stateside later in the year to record the real deal.
-09 Mar 2012
Today we received the digital preview of the gatefold for the DIE WONTCHA LP from Svart. After a few changes it should be good to go! Once we get the inner sleeve (lyrics, liners, thanks, etc.), we'll have a few more changes to make. We're really looking forward to this puppy finally being released on wax! More news to come soon...
-02 Apr 2012

Also check the Falcon sites.

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section  Fallen Idols
anchor  244
Fallen Idols
Part 2 of Tim's trilogy.
Written already in 1987.


Moving toward the evil song that fate will sadly sing.
How the pride of man has fallen, crowning lust their only king
Heaven screams in anguish and the world cries out in pain.
Unleash the final terror- man begins his now doomed reign.

False prophets spread their cursed rule across the poisoned land,
Why must we always choose to put our fate in reckless hands?
Fingers poised on Armageddon, dare they make the fatal move,
And send this dying planet hurling headlong to the tomb.

Broken leaders mark the twisted path that mankind chose.
Final judgement is upon us, vengeance rains its fearful blows.
So we hurl our prayers toward heaven, surely they will heed the call -
But soulless skies just echo with the screams of mankind s fall.

Music: Cirith Ungol Lyrics: Tim Baker

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section  Fallen Idols
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Fallen Idols
This is from the same session as above. Once again this song stands head and shoulders above the version on 'Paradise Lost', as we had no artistic control on that album at all. The intro, ending and gnarly panned guitars were my idea!
-Robert Garven, linernotes

before it was;section_id=289
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section  Fallen Idols
anchor  291
Fallen Idols
These tracks were done on a Teac 3340 4-track deck and originally had better lead and background vocals, which are missing now. To the best of my recollection we erased the vocals and recorded only Tim's leads for practice for this album that could have been our best if we had not been screwed on the whole thing. I thought I had thrown them away when the band broke up in despair, they are presented here for your enjoyment. I know this is on this disc twice but I did not want to break up the original trio. This is the mighty Flint playing Bass and Jimmy playing the amazing leads.
-Robert Garven, linernotes

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section  Fallen Idols music video
anchor  430
Fallen Idols music video

Here is a music video for Monstrum's Cirith Ungol cover of Fallen Idols. The video is a collection of various skydive clips. Created by Cirith Ungol's guitarist Jim Barraza.

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category  Records
section  Feeding The Ants
anchor  285
Feeding The Ants
(Sept 78) Rob gets naming credit for this one.
-Greg Lindstrom

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section  Ferrarri 308QV On Dyno At 8000 RPM
anchor  209
Ferrarri 308QV On Dyno At 8000 RPM
Ferrari 308 QV (Quattrovalvole) is a V6/V8 1981-84 model of the car. This track is basically the sound of a Ferrariengine, Rob and Greg's hymn to their favourite car. It is by far not their only reference to Ferrari-cars. The picture is the engine of Rob's own Ferrarri.
Greg and I met in 1971 and we instantly hit it off as we both had a love for sports cars, especially Ferrari's! This is a friend's car (Gary Reed) on a dyno. What other engine can compare to a Ferrari? The answer is none!!!!!
-Robert Garven, linernotes
As you might already know I am not only a huge Ferrari fan I follow F1 and am a loyal Tifosi!!  One of the first times Greg Lindstrom and I got together we went to the LA auto show to see the new Ferrari's. We were very young about 12 or 13.  The fire of the red religion burns in me.  I think there is a definite relationship between the screaming of the engine, the sucking of the carburetors and the throbbing and pulsing of True Metal!!!!! I was hoping that if the band was successful I could have a huge stable of them, however I had to quit the band and get a regular job to afford even one!  I have a 1975 Dino 308 gt4. If you listen real close, you can hear me racing in the hills above Ventura, winding through the gears, blasting metal as I downshift into the next corner!!!   I am very sorry Eddie lost, but I know Michael will carry the torch of the faithful next year........ My life was full of two passions, now that my passion for music has been ripped from my breast... I have immersed myself in the red blood of Ferrari!!!!
-Robert Garven, That's Metal 1/99
I am and have been an enormous fan of Ferrari since the age of 11!  Racing and cars were an inspiration and theme for several of our songs over the years. I originally started talking to Greg, as he and I were fellow auto enthusiasts at a young age. I was really hoping that if the band got big one of my dreams was buy many Ferrari’s as I feel that they are not only cars but also works of art.  I now consider myself very lucky to have just one red 1975 Dino 308 gt4.  I am not wealthy yet I managed to get married (no kids) and buy a small house and own a classic Ferrari. (Not bad for a failed rock musician!) I do all the work on it myself as a hobby and this summer I performed a major engine service. There are many things I do not like about our country, but for some reason the car is king here and there are many affordable Ferrari’s! Where I live in Southern California it hardly rains or gets cold so it is the perfect environment to own and drive a car as this.  Although we do not have the Autobahn, unfortunately!  I do not have much money but I do have my priorities!
-Robert Garven, Metal Heart 12/2000 interview
Well don't get me started! I was attracted to Ferrari as a child, being born on the same day that Dino Ferrari died in Italy 50 years ago. I remember the first time I saw a Ferrari in San Francisco, I was around 11 at the time. I remember getting down on my hands and knees in front of it looking at the prancing horse badge and thinking that this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Many Ferraristi have similar stories. It is funny as we have some popularity in Italy and I have a love for all things Italian. I even have a Roman soldiers outfit that I wear around sometimes! My main love is the sound of the engines. The heart of every Ferrari is the engine and unless you have been in a 12 cylinder Ferrari at 8000 rpm redline there is no way to explain the mechanical symphony produced. My Dino is only an 8 cylinder but it has 4 double throat Weber carburetors and it has its own scream which I an enamored with. At night flames shoot out of the exhaust pipes! Actually many rocker and drummers have a love for the cars, as they are the pinnacle of automotive achievement! Period! 
-Robert Garven, Diabolical Conquest interview
Yes, even though the band was not a commercial success I am most proud that we have many fans still in Italy.  I am an original tifoso, starting at age 11 to worship the red religion (Ferrari).  I love everything Italian and an honored that there are some people in Italy which like the music we wrote. If you look at an original vinyl copy of our first record “Frost & Fire” the words “for Enzo” are scratched into every record. That about sums up my feelings.
-Robert Garven, Guardians of Fate 3/02
There have been many marques in automobile's history, but Ferrari stands alone above all as pinnacle of achievement, a testament to Italian artistry, craftsmanship and engineering. Every other car is well just another car, but every Ferrari has 5000 race victories behind it. You can ride "The Black Machine", however I prefer the red one! :-P

The heart of every Ferrari is its engine, and the sound of a Ferrari engine at full song is like a mechanical symphony!

Forza Ferrari!!

-Robert Garven's blog, 18 nov 2006

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category  Records
section  Finger of Scorn
anchor  211
Finger of Scorn
Singer Tim Baker was always loathed by many critics for his overly raw vocal delivery, but without Tim's evil delivery tracks like "Finger Of Scorn" just wouldn't have worked. While the band sets the mood Tim sets the intensity while pulling out and grabbing from within his soul meaningful words slike "the beast will rule the hearts of man till mankind falls to rape again". A quite haunting yet beautifully faint guitar passage opens up "Finger..." and finds reprisal later on in the song, almost serving as "quiet time" for the listener to deeply think about just what Tim is saying. Disturbing material for sure.
-King Fowley, liner notes
This song was written by Greg, even though he quit the band after the debut album. It is an excellent piece of music, and probably the closest thing to a ballad on the LP. “Finger of Scorn” was one of our original pre “Frost & Fire” songs, which Greg wrote.
-Robert Garven, Diabolical Conquest interview
"Finger Of Scorn" was one of my songs that the band used with my blessing.
-Greg Lindstrom, BallBuster interview
Tι σημαίνουν για σένα οι Dexter Ward και κατ’ επέκταση το heavy metal;
Οι Dexter Ward για μένα αυτή την στιγμή είναι η έξοδος μου από την καθημερινότητα και ένα καινούργιο όνειρο που θα κυνηγήσω από την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος χωρίς να έχω μεγάλες προσδοκίες, με μοναδικό γνώμονα το να περνάμε καλά. Όσο αναφορά το Heavy Metal θα σου συνοψίσω την απάντηση μου σε ένα τραγούδι, το “Finger Of Scorn” των θεών Cirith Ungol. Τα συναισθήματα που αναβλύζουν μέσα από τις νότες του είναι ίσως η τελειότερη μορφή τέχνης που έχει υπάρξει σε αυτό τον πλανήτη. Μνημείο πραγματικό για τις γενιές που θα ακολουθήσουν. Το Heavy Metal είναι το είδος μουσικής που έχει δημιουργήσει τα περισσότερα τραγούδια ανάλογου επιπέδου, οπότε δικαιωματικά έχει την μεγαλύτερη θέση στην καρδιά μου.
-From an interview with Dexter Ward.

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What they mean for you as Dexter Ward and hence the heavy metal;
The Dexter Ward for me right now is the output from my everyday life and a new dream to chase from beginning to end without having great expectations, only to be driven fun. The reference to the Heavy Metal I will summarize my answer to one song, "Finger Of Scorn" gods Cirith Ungol. The emotions that flow through the notes are probably the most perfect art form that has existed on this planet. Monument real for generations to come. The Heavy Metal is a genre that has created more songs similar level, so that rightfully has the highest place in my heart.


To see what lies beyond our sight.
The secrets robed in blackest night.
The things we dream, but never see.
Caged and blinded by the Beast.

From age to age it stalked the earth
The apish scum of evil birth
Up from slime it has seen man crawl
It waits to see our final fall

The Finger of Scorn! Points to us all!
The Finger of Scorn! Points!

Black idols lie, beneath the sea
They hold the secrets of our destiny
The ancient tales are left to die
And leave mankind to wonder why

The Finger of Scorn! Points to us all!
The Finger of Scorn! Points! to our fall!!

*solo by Jerry Fogle*

The beast will rule the hearts of men
'Till mankind falls to ape again
And when our souls are stripped and torn
Still we face the Finger of Scorn!

Written by Greg Lindstrom

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Finger of Scorn
A Cirith Ungol tribute band. This is most likely the first Cirith Ungol cover band. The band was formed in Greece, autumn 2011. Their first rehearsal was on 29 Dec 2011 playing the songs Blood and Iron, Black Machine and I'm Alive.


Manolis Karazeris - Guitars (Dexter Ward)
Apostolis Korakas - Guitars (Demolition Train)
Nikos Papakostas - Vocals (Convixion-Strikelight)
Michalis Bakoulas - Bass (Convixion)
Nikos Papadopoulos - Drums (Battleroar)

Guido (Axevyper) - Guitars
Trampakoulas (Anorimoi) - Vocals
Vagelis krouskas (Valor) - vocals
+ More


Facebook group

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Finger of Scorn @ Up the Hammers + some other news
Cirith Ungol tribute band Finger of Scorn will perfom at the warm-up show for Up the Hammers VII festival in Greece, 01 Mar 2012. Facebook event.
Other news:
One Foot In Hell has been ranked at place 17 on best Metal Blade Records albums of all time.
To commemorate the fine 30th Anniversary of metal’s most venerable and storied label, Metal Blade Records, the writers of have gotten their metalheads together and come up with a list of the Top 30 coolest, most legendary, rockingest, most influential, most deserving of fame and notoriety, releases founder/CEO Brian Slagel and crew have issued since forging the fire way back in mom’s garage in 1982. As has become tradition ‘round here, we are presenting them – through January and February – in reverse order, leading eventually to the penultimate slab of iron ever to carry an esteemed Metal Blade catalogue number.
By Greg Pratt

Man, history has not been kind to Californian heavy metallers CIRITH UNGOL—NO ONE has been kind to Cirith Ungol—but take a listen to One Foot In Hell to get a glimpse of a truly unique band. Cool to see them place on this list at all, those histrionic vocals, the overdramatic songwriting, and general metal-’til-fucking-death being a bit too OTT for even some diehard metal types, the band toiling, toiling, toiling, silent, forgotten, back again for quick reunion, underwhelming, silent, forgotten… but for brief moments of time way back when—like during One Foot In Hell’s duration—Cirith Ungol were doing everything perfectly.
Source: New poll: Vote for best track on King of ther Dead here!
If you still haven't bought the expanded re-release of Servants of Chaos, get it now!.


The concert can be seen at Youtube. Here is the first part.

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Finger of Scorn supporting Heir Apparent

Here are two of three songs by Cirith Ungol tribute band Finger of Scorn's first ever live show. They were played live as warmup for Heir Apparent. They were played Kyttaro Live Club, Athens Greece, 12 Jan 2012. The third missing song is Blood and Iron.

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This is a cover of Fire from 1968 by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.
We also did a remake of Arthur Brown's “Fire”, which was more psychedelic, but he had a funky streak I think.
-Robert Garven, Diabolical Conquest interview
We had always liked the Arthur Brown song and we wanted to do a remake.  This song was destroyed in the final mix down.  It had this really great bass line in D running all throughout the song somehow it got mixed totally out of the song. It is really a shame because this was what made the song really heavy!!
-Robert Garven


I am the God of Hell Fire and I'll bring you

I'll take you to burn
I'll take to learn
I'll see you burn

You fought hard and you saved and earned
But all the things got to burn
Out your mind your tiny mind
You know you've really been so blind
Now's your time burn your mind
You fall apart went far behind

Oh no Oh no Oh no
You gonna burn

To destroy all you've done
To end all you've become

I'll feel you burn

You've been living like a little girl
In the middle of your little world
Into flames you turn your mind
You know you've really been so blind
Now's your time fool your mind
You 're falling far to far behind

To destroy all you've done
To end all you've become

You gonna burn
You gonna burn
You gonna burn
You gonna burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn

I'll take you to burn
I'll take you to learn
I'll take you to bed
To destroy all you've done
To end all you've become
I'll take you to burn
I'll see you burn
Destroy all you've [?]


Music & Lyrics: Arthur Brown, Vincent Crane, Mike Finesilver and Peter Ker

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This is a different, but way better version of our remake of Arthur Browns great song, than the version which appeared on 'Paradise Lost'. We had two managers who ripped us off and never paid for this recording. It was donated by Jeff at Goldmine Studios. If we have not have had a producer on our fourth album, they all would have sounded this good!
-Robert Garven, linernotes

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Forgottel Steel - Nov 2001
Forgotten Steel 11/01.

German metalzine featuring an interview with Rob and Greg.

Forgotten Steel homepage

Download interview


1. Which year you got infected with the METAL-virus and what was the release?


GREG: My Monkees infatuation (see #2) didn’t last too long before I started getting into the Yardbirds, Jefferson Airplane, and Cream. Rob and I met in 7th grade and instantly became friends. He and Jerry Fogle and Pat Galligan (who later joined punk band The Angry Samoans) decided to start a band to play Beatles songs, and I think the only reason they got me was that I had an amp. We called ourselves Titanic. Three guitars plugged into one 15 watt amp and Rob with just a snare drum and hi-hat trying to play Beatles songs...I wish I had a tape! Anyway, Rob and Jerry and I wanted to play heavier stuff like Cream and Mountain, so we left Titanic to sink, and the three of us formed Cirith Ungol in 1972.



2. With what age did you start singing/playing an instrument and what was the

reason to do so?


GREG: I started taking piano lessons when I was around seven or eight due to parental pressure. Then I saw the Monkees (!) on TV and I knew I had to play guitar. Either that or tambourine! I got the tambourine first………………..


3. What are your 5 all time-favorite records?


GREG: It’s hard to pick just five: CAPTAIN BEYOND’s first, ANGEL’s first, BLACK SABBATH-Heaven And Hell, SCORPIONS-In Trance, HARD STUFF-Bullet Proof, MONTROSE’s first, Y & T-Earthshaker, MASTERS OF THE AIRWAVES’ first (and only), BE BOP DELUXE-Futurama, STRAY DOG’s first, BLUE OYSTER CULT-Tyranny And Mutation. Sorry, I went to eleven.





  1. Tell us the 3 last records/CDs you bought, that really thrilled you!


GREG: I’ve been buying a lot of stoner/doom type stuff lately, like the new Nebula and Roachpowder albums. My favorite new CDs are Pete Way’s (UFO bassist) solo album, which is like a harder, punkier UFO. Pete can’t sing his way out of a paper bag, but he’s got attitude! I also like The Quill, a Swedish band who sound like Badlands with Jon Lord on organ, and the new Cult album is great, much to my surprise.


ROB: I actually don’t buy records or CD’s but Greg and the record company send me some from time to time. I really liked Riots last album.




5. Please give us a discography of all bands you played with and all your releases and about how many copies each title were sold!


GREG: That’s easy. Two bands: Titanic and CU. Titanic did not release any albums (believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear it, anyway), and CU released five, including our new Servants Of Chaos 2CD set. The first four albums have sold in the range of 20,000-25,000 copies each.



6. Looking back: Which of your releases do you like the most and why?


GREG: Frost And Fire and King Of The Dead are my favorites. KOTD is CU’s classic. The production is 100% heavier than on Frost And Fire. I thought the songs on One Foot In Hell were not quite as good. Of course, I’m partial to F & F, I just wish we could have gotten a heavier sound on the album, but we were on a very limited budget and we were all still learning how to use the studio. The sound I imagined in my head was much heavier.


7. And which the least/why?


GREG: Looking at the album as an outsider, I think Paradise Lost is a very inconsistent album. It has got some of the best stuff CU has ever done (The Chaos trilogy) and the worst (The Troll and the truly vile Go It Alone). Even though Jimmy Barraza is a fantastic guitar player, I feel that he lacks a certain spark of uniqueness that made Jerry so great. And I really prefer Tim's higher pitched vocals on the earlier albums.


ROB: I have to agree with Greg, although he was luckily not in the band “Paradise Lost” was like a nightmare I have never awaken from. We were totally screwed by the record company and the producer took away all of the control and I think destroyed the entire project. If you listen to the version we did of “Fallen Idols” on the new CD I think you can get a feel for what the entire Paradise Lost CD should have sounded like. The sad part of the whole sordid affair is that Restless never meant to do anything to promote the record at all, so I think if we could have made the CD the way we wanted it probably would have been more successful and we would still be together today. Restless to this day refuses to license the record for who knows what reaseon even though at least 3 different companies have shown an interest in re-releasing it!



8. Did your band record songs that have never been released? Please give us the song-titles and a short description!


GREG: I don’t know where to start! We have at least 20 songs that have never been properly recorded. Route 666, Flesh Dart, Brutish Manchild and Shelob's Lair come to mind, all typical Ungol songs with odd riffs, plodding rythmns, pretentious lyrics, and over-long solos (ha!).


ROB: How about “Show You All”, Tight Teen”, “Half Past Human, a Quarter to Ape”,

“Crack of Dawn”



9. What was the highlight of your career?


GREG: I can’t remember the highlights! The best things were coming up with a new song and playing it together for the first time, playing on stage for an appreciative crowd, and meeting our fans. The worst things were dealing with greedy promoters, club owners, and some of our rival bands.


ROB: My highlight was opening up for well known bands and blowing them off the stage with our incredible wall of sound.



10. Tell us a funny story around your band from the past!


GREG: There was the time Richie Blackmore came to see us play at the Starwood club in L.A., and one of our roadies spilled his beer on Richie’s head and all over his nice velvet jacket. Richie wasn’t too pleased!


11. Are you a metal-collector?


GREG: Yes, much to my wife’s annoyance!



13. How big is your collection (LPs, CDs, Demos)?


GREG: I have around 1500 CDs and still have around 300 LPs. I’ve been gradually replacing a lot of my old LPs as they are reissued on CD.



14. What are your ten most valuable records from a collectors view?


GREG: My ten remaining sealed copies of the original Frost & Fire LP on Liquid Flames Records! I’m not sure how valuable they are, but some of my other rare metal / hard rock LPs are: MASTERS OFTHE AIRWAVES, BULL ANGUS, HEAD OVER HEELS, GOODTHUNDER, STEPSON, TIN HOUSE, BLACK SHEEP, LEFT END-Spoiled Rotten, HIGHWAY CHILE-Storybook Heroes, and SVT-No Regrets.



15. Vinyl or CD: what do you prefer and why?


GREG: I like the convenience and capacity of CDs, but I really miss the artwork on LPs.



16. What indescribable great question have you never been asked? And what would

your answer have been?


GREG: Q: Would CU like to be the warmup act for Black Sabbath’s next world tour? A: Sure, why not! Or: Q: Would CU like to be the warmup act for Metallica’s next world tour? A: F**k Off!!!!




14. What is the current status of the band and what is planned next?


GREG: We are downhearted and our ranks have been decimated but our spirits will not despair! With Jerry Fogle gone we have lost one of the greatest unheralded guitarists ever to walk the earth. But between Rob and Tim and I there is still enough chemistry to forge new metal.


We have just released “Servants Of Chaos” on Metal Blade, 2 CDs with 31 tracks spanning 1978 to 1991, almost all of them never previously released, and are busy promoting that. If “Servants Of Chaos” generates enough interest, you could hear from us again…


As always:


The being called Ungol is dead, its resurrection is doubtful. But heed it's teachings oh faithful, for on these memoratic disks contain, the wisdom of the ages, and by your iron fists, the horror, of false metal be extinguished.


As you now join the swelling ranks of the Legions of Chaos, together we will drive before us, the cringing herd of False Metal, crush their spineless lackeys, and purge the world of their mutant plague!!!



Visit our web site: All photos by Greg Hazard ©




Thanks again for your time! Your answers will be released in the Webzine of

FORGOTTEN STEEL with a link to your homepage and your email-address.

Would be great if you could have the answers ready until 01.10.2001 !!








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Frost and Fire

Greg's lyrics on Cirith Ungol's Frost and Fire are very introspective, and I relate to them a lot. Maybe we've been through similar things growing up.

-Perry Grayson


The tales that speak of frost and fire
The Frost Monstreme and the Fire Divine
The frost preserves and the fire destroys
Like pouring rain on the sands of time

I feel it burning and I feel the freeze
The frost, the fire, it burns inpage of me

The tales that speak of frost and fire
The guardian angels and the demons of night
The power preserves and the Beast will destroy us
Like gathering darkness in the circle of light

I feel it burning and I feel the freeze
The frost, the fire, it burns inpage of me, yeah

I feel it burning and I feel the freeze
The frost, the fire, it burns inpage of me

The tales that speak of frost and fire
Tales of all the souls that fell
Words that burn and words that chill us
Like laughter kinding in the heart of Hell

I feel it burning and I feel the freeze
The frost, the fire, it burns inpage of me
It burns inpage of me, it burns inpage of me

Written by Greg Lindstrom

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Frost And Fire
This version probably originally appeared on the 1979 Demo.
(Sept 79) Ouch! An early version of F&F before I grew out of the 'I think this could use some more synthesizer' phase.
-Greg Lindstrom, linernotes

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Go It Alone
A cover of Prophecy, originally written by Scott Campbell, Jimmy Barraza and Kurt "The Crusher" Grothe, 1985. Covered by Cirith Ungol,  Ventura The Band and recently  live by Dexter Ward.
"GO IT ALONE".... was written during PROPHECY rehersals at Outlook Ventura, late 86' or early 87' as i remember. Jimmy [Barraza] was a young energetic guitarist full of great riffs...when he first played the opening riff for "GO IT ALONE" stood out right away...we knew it was very commercial sounding.. especially for a PROPHECY song...but we liked it alot!....KURT and JIMMY worked out the verse with "PUNKY" skilfully rounding out the arrangement..I recorded it onto an old tascam 4 track...took it home with day at rehersal the song was complete....!

TIM BAKER told me they would like to record "GO IT ALONE"...of course i was have ANY part in an UNGOL album!!!..TIM changing a few lyrics to suit his taste....worked his magic!....

"GO IT ALONE"....has gone on to become ,in my opinion, perhaps the most controversial UNGOL song ever recorded....It seems you either love it..or hate it....many have blogged about it being too"commercial"....unfit for an ungol album....still others embracing it's slightly new direction ,"nice change!"as one wrote ....I see both sides....Although i do feel "GO IT ALONE"....And the whole album.. would have had a completely different feel had it been produced by CIRITH UNGOL...and not ron goudie...

-Scott Campbell, 08 Dec 2012 It's for sure not Greg Lindstrom's favourite CU song.
“Go It Alone” should be played 24 hours a day in Afghanistan until Bin Laden runs screaming from his cave with his ears bleeding, begging for mercy.
-Greg Lindstrom, Guardians of Fate 3/02


Don t need a crystal ball to show me where I m going,
cause I m making it right, making it right, right this time.
Ever since you left me all I want is you,
But I m making it fine, making it fine, draw the line.

I was born with a six string in my hand,
1'll follow the dream to the end.
And I'll go it alone.

Seems without me you re just searching you keep hoping.
You are standing in line, standing in line, burning time.
never believed that Id be back on the streets,
So I'll follow the dream, follow the dream, yeah tonight.

I was born with a six string in my hand,
I'll follow the dream to the end.
And I'll go it alone.

Don t need a crystal ball to show me where I'm going,
cause I'm making it right, making it right, right this time.
With or without you, I've got to live this dream,
Cause its once in a life, once in a life, my lifetime.

I was born with a six string in my hand,
I'll follow the dream to the end.
And I'll go it alone.
Music: Scott Campbell Lyrics Scott Campbell, lyrics re-written by Tim Baker

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