Discography / CD/LP Compilation - A FIST FULL OF ROCK N´ ROLL - Volume: 9 released by TeePee/Caroline

Volume: 9
Releasedate: Sometime in 2001

Format: CD/LP Compilation
Song: I Do Want You
Other bands on the compilation: Donnas, The Peepshows, Brut Boogaloo, The Rockets and a whole bunch of more cool bands.

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Discography / VINYL 7" - F**K YOU released by Bootleg Booze Records (Booze001)

Label pictures

Releasedate: 991130
Format: 7" heavy black vinyl on 300 copies / 5 testpresses (not heavy).

Cover & Labels: 4-color cover with b/w labels.
Cover + Labels by: Micke "Goby" Bergman & Noise of Reality.
Photos taken by Emma Robertsson.

Recorded by Ol´ Dirty Jansson.
Produced by Ol´ Dirty Jansson and Noise of Reality.
Mixed by Leif Karlsson in the Blå Huset studio ´99.

Pressed by Gramofonove Zavody.

For soundclips visit the soundpage.

Price: 25 skr/dkkr/nkr / US$ 3.00 (postage is not included)

To order visit the Bootleg Booze Mailorder page or send us an e-mail. You can also find it at Beluga Music.

Discography / CD-COMPILATION - Back To The Rockaway Beach 3 (AMP RECORDS)
This comp is released by AMP Records in Canada. There are 29 songs on this cd from bands all over the world. Our song Smile (from the Rock Beast cd) is on the comp. Here are some other swedish bands who are on the cd: Pure Mania, Smooth & Greedy, Upskirt, Scarecrows, Sniffing Glue, Micro Midas, Space Cowboys and C-men. If you you want to buy a copy of the cd, contact us or Amp Records.

Discography / CD-EP - Rock Beast (ncp001) Sold out

This self produced Cd-EP was recorded in Blue House Studios in Mars 1998. Recorded by Paul Jansson and mixed by Leif Karlsson.

We released 120cds with black/white label, 12cds with color label (click here to see the label picture) and 50 tapes. The cd-ep costs 20:-SEK / $2.5 + postage.

1 - Smile (mp3 )
2 - I donīt mind
3 - Rock Beast (mp3)
4 - Emotional Destruction

Discography / DEMO - Noise Of Reality Sold out

This 8 song demo was recorded in Fredrik Fredrikssonīs studio in October -97, Blue House Studio and live on Annandagsrocken.

1 - I dont mind (wav)
2 - Rock nī Roll (realaudio)
3 - That is what we want
4 - Emotional Destruction (realaudio)
5 - Let me go (realaudio)
6 - Dont blame the faith (realaudio)
7 - Rock nī Roll (live)
8 - Let me go (live)