[12/03/04] Long time with no updates but that was mainly due to some lineup changes. Specifically Alex is now the lead singer of Dream Devoid and Antonis is sitting behind the drumkit. The current lineup has performed live once in February but there are more shows on the way. Five new songs are ready (with more on the way), a couple of which are going to be recorded as a promo-cd followed by a video.

[11/03/03] Dream Devoid appeared live in the Paranoid Hellenic metal fest. This was the first live appearance after almost three years. It was a great show along with many of the best bands in Greece. Stay tuned as we will have photos and videos from the show uploaded really soon.

[01/03/03] The band's lineup is finally complete as Vaggelis Theodorakis is Dream Devoid's new keyboardist.

[19/01/03] Stavros Giannakopoulos is the lead singer of Dream Devoid. The line-up is almost complete as we are currently looking for the appropriate person to take the place behind the keyboards.

[15/10/02] We are pleased to announce the recruitment of Dimitris Tsakmakis as a lead guitarist. In addition, we will probably announce -in the following weeks- who will be assuming vocal duties in Dream Devoid.

[24/05/02] The 800x600 version of the site is now available.

[22/05/02] New site layout is up and running. Unfortunately for those running a 800x600 resolution, the layout is optimized for 1024x768 display, but soon an 800x600 version will be available.

[20/05/02] We finally got back to rehearsing, and four new songs are ready, and a few more are almost finished. In addition, there are some line-up changes starting with Maximos who replaced Fotis behind the drums.

[29/07/01] No updates for a while as some might have noticed, but that is due to my postgraduate studies in UK and the fact that Liberis is serving the army. "Aeons..." is going to be released very soon by Steel Gallery Records. Expect some lineup changes starting this September.

[14/03/01] Feel free to use the Bunghole search engive to access a large metal database.

[10/02/01] You can now read some reviews on "Aeons...". In addition I finally uploaded some sample mp3s, which you can find in the sounds section.

[16/12/00] "Aeons Of Forgetfulness" will be released worldwide after the agreement between the group and Steel Gallery Records.

[15/09/00] Dimitris (vocals) has left the band in order to pursue personal musical goals. Dream Devoid is now in search of a new vocalist. If you are interested e-mail the band. However an addition has been made to the bands' lineup as Vasilis Krilakis joined as a lead guitarist.

[23/06/00] The site is under heavy construction so be sure to check back often!!!

[20/06/00] "Aeons Of Forgetfulness" is out and is already receiving excellent comments from fans, even though it has not yet been reviewed by the press.