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24 Apriel, 2005

Great upgrade in the section of MP-3 !

There were added tracks from Dragon Steel (98), Dragon/Rock Ballads, House of the Winds and Thunder in the Night. And 2 tracks from the brand new album " WOlves of Odin".

12 Martch, 2005

The brand new album of the band - Wolves of Odin has been released!

For those who want to buy the album, check the section SALES. There are shops where you can buy the CDs, If you want to make a whole sale order you can contact Metalism Records directly.

22 December, 2004

Three tracks from the brand new album "Wolves of Odin" were added to the site. THE LAST FIGHT , THE LIGHT OF FIRES and THE LAST DAY OF LIFE .

Also in the beginning of 2005 some reconstruction of MP3 section is planned. there will be some new items added.

14 December, 2004

The work on the album "Wolves of Odin" is finished. The release of the album is planned for the beginning of 2005 by the label Metalism Records

1 December, 2004

News of the day! A joint project of HOLY DRAGONS and Devyatiy Val (Novosibirsk-Russia) (, the singer of DV- Dmitriy "von Juntz" Lomovtcev will sing all the vocals for the album DRAGON STEEL! The album will be remixed and some tracks will be a little shortened. Also the track "Time Eats Silently" will be removed.

30 November, 2004

A year has passed since Holy Dragons started working with the label Metalism Records and their first release of the albums "Judgement Day" and "Twilight of the Gods".

17 November, 2004

The work on the instrumental part of the brand new album "Wolves of Odin" is completely finished. Now the band will start working with the vocals.

31 October, 2004

Two Russian Language version albums of Holy Dragons "Thunder in the Night" and "House of the Winds" with the new remixing and the voice of the new singer Holger Komaroff are released on the 31 October 2004 .

And this is a great Halloween news!

You can order these CDs from any part of the world through the site

Whole sale and the retail purchase you can make through the site delivery by post to any part of the world.

28 October, 2004

Two members of HD leave the band. Jury Morev and Chris Larsson leave the band.

We still have the vacancies.

22-23 October, 2004

Two minites to midnight and there will be a birthday of Holy Dragons' leader, guitarist and composer Jurgen Thunderson! He'll be 31! Your congratulations, guys!
16 October, 2004 New materials to the topic INTERVIEWS were added. In to the section SALES new services were added.
5 October, 2004 Not a very good news. Due to the irresponsible attitude to his duties, not appearing on the voice recording session and losing ties with the band the drummer of the band Jury Morev was fired. Also there is a question if the bassist will also stay with the band. Currently the band will start to look for a drummer...
4 October, 2004 Recording of bass tracks for the new album is finished.
21 September, 2004 Band's vocalist Holger Komaroff caught a bad cold. So the voice recording is stopped for a while.
12 September, 2004 Chris's birthday. Band members and fans sent their congratulations
11 September, 2004 Holger's birthday. Today he has celebrated his 33-d birthday.
September, 2004 The release of the albums "Thunder in the Night" and "House of the Winds" (Russian language version) was shifted to the second half of this year.
20 July, 2004 Voice recording sessions for the new album started.
The first song "Master of the Seas" for the new album was recorded.
17 July, 2004 The band took part in a gig together with the death metal band NEFORMAT.
3 July, 2004 Great gig of HOLY DRAGONS, cool show, cool drive, HOLY DRAGONS at their best!!!
Warming up: a young band PHOENIX
25th of December, 2003 As a Christmas gift band presents couple of new mp3s for the fans of HD:
English version of the song "Cursed Spirit" (from english version of the "Gotterdamerung", 2003, vocals by Holger Komaroff - album which is re-recorded now and will be released in 2004, Russian version is already available)
"Sorry Mama" (from "Dragon Steel" album with vocal of Daniel Throne) - considered by some fans as best ballad in history of the band,
and 3)
only for X-mas period famous
"Christmas time" (from "Rock ballads", with vocal of Daniel Throne).
24th of December, 2003 Updated version of the site is online now! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all fans!
"Bright, X-mas star is shining on
In the night of christmas!
Time, X-mas time, magic time!"
(Christmas Time, album "Rock Ballads")
December, 2003 "Christmas Time" from the album "Rock Ballads" took the 8 place in the special European contest of christmas songs.
1st of December, 2003 The CDs have been printed. You can order them on this site and more details are available in sales page.

November, 2003

Metalism studio (Russia) together with the biggest Russian studio Soyuz Music present 2 official CD releases : Gotterdammerung, 2003 and Judgement Day, 2002

November, 2003

The band took the first place in the Internet contest in Murmansk "World Beat". The song selected for this contest was "The Cursed Spirit". Top five from the contest:








Cursed Spirit

Holy Dragons




Vodka time

Urban trad




Meie elu





Tea Lipton

Neuro Dubel




Walk right in

Dr. Dino & Lawbreakers


20 June 2003

We have been getting lots of letters demanding our albums to be done in English. And I'd like to comfort all the fans that by the end of 2003 "Twilight of the Gods" will be done in English and "Judgement Day" will follow. At the moment we're working on the prononciation of our singer and the English language material.

11 June, 2003

The band took the 4 th place in the international online song contest WB-29 as contestants from Kazakhstan. The song that competed there was "Thunder in the Night" from the album of 2000.

Official results of the Song Contest WB 29:

Pl Country Song Perfomer Pts


Russia Elevator Mashina Vremeni



Estonia Lebedinaja laul J.M.K.E.



Switzerland Valse d'Amelie Yann Tiersen



Kazakstan Thunder in the night Holy Dragons



Sweden Shape of things to come Vacuum


4, April, 2003 20 new MP3 files were put on the site of the band. Now the new 2 albums "Judgement Day" and "Gotterdamerung" are available in the MP3 format.
28, March, 2003

At present the band is engaged into busy rehearsing activity and preparation for the concert version of the current two albums "Judgement Day" and "Gotterdamerung".

16, March, 2003

The work on the Russian version of the new album "Gotterdamerung" was finished and the band started to prepare the English language version.

20, January, 2003

Holy Dragons' song "Robin Hood" is presenting Kazakhstan on the on-line song contest WorldBeat.

4, January, 2003

Holy Dragons return to the studio, to record the new album "Gottendamerung".

27, November, 2002

The band finished the re-recording of "Judgement Day", and is searching a label for realise/promotion of this album. If you have information, or you want cooperation with "HD", pleace, send me your information on e-mail/guestbook.

16 Sept., 2002

"Dragons" start recording the vocal parts for "Judgement Day" , and crafted songs for the new album and concert set with the new line-up.

16 Sept., 2002

New front-man in the band! This is Holger Komaroff, an old friend of the members of HD. In the beginning of 90ties, Holger played with J.T. in his band "Axcess", which played hard-rock of Black Sabbath type.

2 Sept., 2002

A new member in the band. New bassist Chris Larson from Black Fox (Kz).

June, 2002

The band is trying to find a singer to record him for the "JD". Also we're preparing the new programme with the new line-up.

29, March, 2002

The band finished the rerecording of instruments parts of the Album "Judgement Day". There will be 12 songs.

25 January, 2002

Due to problems on the server we had to remove some mp3 files. We removed demos from the new album and two songs from the mp3 section ("Go and Fly!" and "House of the Winds"). But we still left the labels as we hope that these problems are temporary, but these songs will not be loaded for the time being.

17, Dec. 2001

There have been some changes in the line-up of the band. Due to some strong contradictions in the creative and ideological views, two band members : Daniel and Steve left the band. The backbone of the band (Chris and Jurgen) will be searching for the new band members. And now HD will continue to exist as a studio project

31, Oct. 2001

The greatest day of all the dull year...Halloween!!!! Special celebration and the very special show devoted specially to this date!!! Again 3 hours of pure Heavy Metal and a scary costume show! Devils, whitches, ghosts and other nice guys were banging their heads in the Guiness pub. Featuring the Black Fox band again.

1, Oct. 2001

A local label released two albums one one tape called "Rage of the Dragon Lords". There were included "House of the Winds" nad "Thunder in the Night", plus two bonus tracks in Russian, totally 18 tracks, 90 minutes long. Circulation of this tape is 3000 copies, but unfortunately it is available only in Kazakhstan.

22, June, 2001

A big show in the open air, featuring the Black Fox band for the first time in public.

1, June, 2001

The band announces summer vacations.

May,14, 2001

The band has finished to work on the first instrumental part of "Judgement Day", including 8 songs total time 37 minutes.

April, 2001

The band started to work on their next album, the working title is "Judgement Day" .

Apr. 2, 2001

A fresh issue of Polish Metal Hammer with the review article about HD came out.

Jan. 29, 2001

A promo CD "Thunder in the Night" was released by "Dragonight Agency".

Jan. 26, 2001

The band expelled the drummer for his natural laziness. It is expected that his place would be taken by a drummer Alex from "Deathtrack".

Jan. 17, 2001

The band started to be officially promoted by "Dragonight Agency" (Poland).

Dec. 27, 2000

The work on the album "Thunder in the night" was finished

October 2000

The band composed 4 brand new songs for the album 2001.

Sept. 30, 2000

Holy Dragons presented a new concert set "House of the Winds", playing in the Club "Petrol Station Queen".

June, 26, 2000

The band finished the work on the album "House of the Winds".

Apr. 21, 2000

The band played a gig on the concert for the promotion of the release of the album "The Best". On the consert 350 tapes were sold.

Apr. 19, 2000

The release of the album "The Best" to the Kazakhstan market.

Jan. 8, 2000

A TV show interview and the beginning of their video rotation.

Dec. 10, 1999

A live music TV show, playing 4 songs and an interview and a debut release of "Christmas Time" video.

Nov. 14, 1999

A video for "Chrismas Time" from the ballad album was short. It is the first and the only one video so far. It was made for free by the fans of the band. Unfortunately the quality of the video doesn't satisfy the requiments of inernational standards.



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