After a long time an update of the homepage. A huge sorry for keeping you waiting so long, but many things happened during the last months and we wanted to present you the final news. But as always in life things turn out to be more complicated than expected. What happened?

1. After the quit of Stefan as our drummer we started a long search for a new one, which is pretty difficult considering the skills our drummer needs to have. We tested a few candidates and now it seems that we have found the right one. Nothingīs decided yet, but we have a very good feeling about him. So expect Logar live back on stage in the next time.

2. We wanted to update the homepage with a new design and present you a few samples of our new songs. This turned out to be more complicated than we thought. As you can see, we still have the old style on our page and no new samples are uploaded so far. This will be changed when the final CD release is set.

3. The release of "Book II" is really going on slow. As you may know, the CD is completely finished for about half a year and our label tried to license the final CD to some bigger label, but no results so far. So our label MFE decided to release the CD by itself. At the moment we re-arrange our coverartwork and send the whole stuff to MFE which will release the CD during the next two months hopefully. A final release date needs to be set. So letīs see how good MFE will work for us ;-)

4. The Running Wild Sampler which should be released by Remedy Records semms to be put on hold. At least we havenīt heard of that label so far and considering the fact that we would be on the final CD with our version of "Riding the Storm", itīs a bad sign. So the only thing we can do is wait together with you what will happen with the sampler during the year. At least nothingīs officially announced.

You can see, although we havenīt posted some news during the last months we have worked hard and the bandīs still alive and preparing for the second CD release, which will hopefully please you.