Well, well, well...! It's been a while since you've heard from us, but now we are back with some good news:

First of all we'd like to wish everybody a good, healthy, rich, drunk, whatever year 2004!!!

The work on "Book II" is close to an end. Right now Hagen and Felix are working on the last missing song, a ballad, which does NOT follow "Ti'An" of "Book I" - so do not expect "Ti'An, part two", as this one goes deeper to serve the concept of our new record. After mixing & mastering the whole thing, we should finally be done by the end of March. So the final release date depends on our company - should be some time in July/August due to advertising, which takes some more time - business!!

And here it is, the probable full track-listing of "Book II - The forgotten city":

1) Intro

2) The Restless Troll

3) Hirob´s Words

4) The Spells

5) Casket of the last Resident

6) Dark Destiny of Parlainth

7) Seance - Rebirth

8) Cursed Soul

9) Torgak´s Speech

10) Bearer of Light

11) Circle´s last Link

12) Discovery

13) Under one Sky

14) King´s Hall (Bonus track for Japan)

Watch out for further news and more pics coming soon.

Concerning live-dates we'll keep you informed as well. Right now there's no gig nailed, but we may have some surprises for the German fans later this year - we'll see and wait until gigs are confirmed - for the rest of the world: Make this album a success, and we will mess up your hometown!!!

So long, i'm off!