Quintessence (USA)

Coined as a "Fantasy Power Metal" band, Germany's 6-piece, Logar's Diary imressed me right from the intro on this 11-track CD that is based around "Earthdawn", the role-playing game where "Logar", a magician, is derived from. So yes, it's safe to say this band is into some serious DM and musically they are Metal but they do tend to use the thematic scores of Folk, Renaissance and Medieval influences to make this concept a reality. They mention inflences around Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian and Running Wild; of course I always have bands to add; mine additions are Helloween, old Grave Digger, Rhapsody, Luca Turilli and Virgin Steele. Logar's sound is quite unique with a "ancient" delivery...probably done deliberately but don't assume they are outdated.....music has no boundaries anymore.

A brilliant release and I'm definately anticipating "Book II: The Forgotten City" and hope I get the chance to hear what the band does this time as far as the story and the maturity of the songwriting, cuz they definately are talented. Check out their cool website if you find the time, you won't regret it.

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