These links are good educational sites for children. Due to the marketing strategies perpetrated by advertisers I do recommend supervised surfing of these links.

Parents Click this link to learn how to keep your computer running smoothly. An excellent site for any age. Lots of information on just about everything.

4Kids Treehouse More fun stuff

Intel® The Journey Inside(SM)

TechTV Open Up Your PS2  Fix the Disc Read Error problem by adjusting your laser.

www.kidsdomain Lots of fun stuff to do Excellent food for little minds

Cartoon network  Loreli gives this one two thumbs up!

Welcome To Hot Wheels® Showcase

E-mail Santa. E-Mail Santa Claus

Game spot Site for you gamers out there. My favorite toys we have hundreds of them.

Kites Make your own kite.

Kite Plans More kite plans. Build your own telescope


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