[October 24th, 2001]

Interesting update! Or so I hope, anyway... I've uploaded the member presentations, and it's all available in the band section. Check out what the members have to say about their backgrounds, favorite books and so on! Big thanks to White Skull's guitarist Tony Fontò for supplying me with this. As usual, if you have any questions or anything to discuss, there's a somewhat empty message board for that in the main section! One more thing, if you have questions for the band for an upcoming interview, please send them to me.

Metalized greetings,

So Sick

[October 24th, 2001]

Added a link to Kaleidoscope, Keyper7's excellent Official Roland Grapow Site in the links section. Definitely a site worth checking out if you're a fan of great guitarists with great websites.

[October 24th, 2001]

Presenting the new White Skull singer... Gus Gabarrò! Also, check back soon, since we intend to publish the member bios very soon, containing 14 questions asked to each member, including everything from backgrounds and earlier bands to 'if you were an animal'... I promise, it will definitely be worth checking out. Now... take a look at Gus!

[October 22nd, 2001]

Well, we're finally back after a long time without updates. However, there's a perfectly logical explanation to it. We're not entirely satisfied with the way the site looks, and the idea was to launch a new layout... After a major computer crash the new layout magically disappeared. The motivation after that was pretty low indeed. Beyond that, the band has been very busy lately, so we haven't been able to get news very often, since we get our news directly from the band. This is very understandable though, they've been recording a new album. Finally, the decision was made to keep updating this site, while sticking to this same layout, until our computer problems have been entirely worked out. Then the new layout will be presented :)

So, let me tell you what has kept the band so busy!

The new album has been recorded! I haven't been made aware of the title yet, but it's a concept album based on the Inquisition Story. It was recorded at the 'New Sin Studio', and the sound is very good very strong. Right now Tony is mixing the album, and it's expected to appear on the market in February, 2002. Here's something cool... The album has been recorded as two CDs, one with the singing in English, and one in Spanish. Soon we hope to be able to present some photos taken in the studio, as the album was recorded.

And finally, for the Swedish fans... The show that was supposed to be played in Falun has obviously not happened the way it should. Right now there is no conrete news about it, but it's either been postponed, or cancalled.

That's it for this time. If you have any questions, try the Forum on the Main Page.

So Sick

[May 17th, 2001]

Just a small update on Federica's departure: Federica is done with music for now, and wether or not she will be showing up 'in music' again is uncertain.

Added a link to in the links section.

[May 10th, 2001]

Alot of news this time...

After a long time without updates we are now forced to bring you some sad news from the band. Federica has quit White Skull due to personal problems. There have been some rumours on the subject lately, hence almost two months without any updates. This is indeed sad news, as Federica is quite a character, not to mention a great singer. In a way, however, it's good to know what's going on, now that it's finally official - not just in Italy.

Now that some time has passed by, we are able to announce to you that the band has found a new, male singer. His name is Gus Gabarrò, he comes from Argentina but is living in Italy since ten years. White Skull guitarist Tony Fontò describes his voice as "very good and strong, in some parts he sings like Federica, unbelievable." The band has done four shows already to test him, and "he is great!" (Tony's words, again...) Also, the reaction from the crowd has been very good.

Onto more news... The band is currently writing songs for the new album, which will be recorded from September 15th to October 31st.

The new album should be on the market next January.

Us Swedes will be happy knowing that White Skull will play in Falun, Sweden on either August 31st or September 1st. Either way the show is already booked, and I will get back to you regarding the venue and such.

One more thing, we are currently working on a new layout which will hopefully look better, and load faster than this one. Until it's all up and working we will be working on it (makes sense, huh?), thus not much will be happening with this site until then. But I can assure you it won't be long. The new page will contain alot of stuff we received from White Skull but did not publish yet, aswell as the answers to the questions asked to each member - should be fun!

Any questions can posted on the message board at the top of the main page.

So Sick


[March 26th, 2001]

I've finally gotten rid of the small lyrics-windows. They've been replaced with regular size windows (woopie-doo). Well what I'm trying to say here is that it won't be half as annoying to view the lyrics anymore, basically. And soon all lyrics will be available...

So Sick

[March 26th, 2001]

Some more lyrics from I Won't Burn Alone have been typed out and it's all available in the lyrics section... This means that all the lyrics from all White Skull albums will soon be available on the page, isn't that lovely, hehehe...

[March 23rd, 2001]

Today I've typed out some of the I Won't Burn Alone lyrics (Only ONE song, but there is more to come, hehehe...) Just like Embittered you'll have to access this one through a small window until I've thought of a way of overcoming some complications. Stay tuned... Oh, and heavy, too.

So Sick

[March 16th, 2001]

Um, the page is getting its usual makeovers... Nothing worth to mention right now, although there's a dead ugly Thank You list on the index page that shall expand soon. The interview with Tony Fontò is still being delayed. If there's somethig you'd like to see on the page aside from what's already there you can mail me and I'll see what can be done.

So Sick

[March 12th, 2001]

Well... We ran into some minor complications with the last update of the site. Some images refused to show up and so on. Right now we're just correcting the errors... Oh, and the lyrics section is being worked on as usual. For the time being, Embittered will have to be accessed through a weird little mini-window, due to the above mentioned complications...

[March 8th, 2001]

Just letting you know that the interview with White Skull guitarist Tony Fontò is being delayed for a while, until Tony is less busy. Any questions for the skull can still be sent to us. The band is is currently composing material for the next CD, and Tony told us that some songs have already been finished.

The lyrics section is currently being updated in reversed order. This means that apart from Public Glory, Secret Agony and Tales From The North, the lyrics for the Asgard EP have been typed out for you, aswell as the lyrics for the entire Embittered CD. Right now fingers are bleeding here, but the lyrics for I Won't Burn Alone will hopefully appear soon, too.

Finally, thanks go out to Tony for helping us out in getting all this done. Receiving not only this note via snail mail just recently was a reward for sure.

[March 3rd, 2001]

Okay, now the media section is being re-arranged, and the fan zone is available on the main page for easier access. We're also about to interview White Skull guitarist Tony Fontò, so if you have any questions for Tony you can mail them to

[February 28th, 2001]

Today a message board has been added to the page, and the media section has been updated. This means that the media section now contains a poll, a message board and the White Skull Quiz. Check them all out...

[February 28th, 2001]

Now we've also added a White Skull Quiz to the Media section! This one should be interesting for sure...

[February 28th, 2001]

The "Skull Poll" has been thrown up... Just a nice little poll for the fans. This time the Skull Poll wants to know what your favorite White Skull album is. You can access it via the media section. It's your turn to try it out!

We're also awaiting alot of member information from the band, as they are in the process of answering alot of questions that we sent to them. Stay tuned, for Skull's sake!

[February 24th, 2001]

Bigger update this time. The intro page has been slightly rearranged, and once again the pictures section has been updated and rearranged. We got alot of really great pictures from White Skull so check them out right away! Most of them are live pictures, but wait for more... There are also some other minor updates here and there.

[February 9th, 2001]

Today the pictures section has been updated (roughly...), with pictures of the band, some albums and different variations of the White Skull logo. Check it out...

Additionally, this news section has been turned upside-down since it makes alot more sense to have the latest news on top of the page. Oh well, we never claimed to be intelligent...

[February 7th, 2001]

Today we received the band history, which can be found in the history section or by clicking here. Besides that, the guestbook is also up and functioning. Be sure to sign it right away!

[February 4th, 2001]

The page now contains full lyrics for White Skull's two latest albums, 'Tales From The North' and 'Public Glory, Secret Agony'.

[February 3rd, 2001]

Today we celebrate our own birthday, since it's the first day for the White Skull Kingdom on the internet. This is our very first news announcement, aswell as the first sign of a White Skull page that is alive and well. So far the page doesn't contain alot, but soon enough there will be alot of interesting things appearing here. Be sure to check back soon!

The goal of this page will be to offer a good presentation of the band, of course, and also to be as accurate as possible in everything that is told on the page.

All news about the band itself will be received directly from the band, resulting in a 100% rumor free news section. For any questions, suggestions, love letters or hate mail, take aim at the webmasters.

Enjoy the page, and as soon as the 'media' section is up and running we hope that you will all participate in sharing thoughts about Heavy Metal ;)

Sincerely, So Sick & Schenin

So Sick, Schenin & White Skull 2001. All rights reserved.