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This e-book is called Christian Logue’s Savage Grace Diary. Masters of Disguise is in many ways also a continuation of the ’80s metal band Savage Grace.

He was arrested in 2005 for practicing quack medicine without a license under a false identity. He later allegedly opened a clinic in the Caribbean claiming to treat cancer patients under that same identity, using unproven alternative treatments. He also reportedly runs a porn production company, and is currently using the Savage Grace website to attempt to recruit young women to supposedly keep him company. Wrote an autobiography about his time with Savage Grace, titled “Christian Logue’s Savage Grace Diary – My Life Leading the Greatest Heavy Metal Band You Probably Never Heard of.” (Metal-Archives)

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Details: Requiem Metal Podcast is a podcast run by Mark Rudolph and Jason Hundey. Both are previously known as co-editors in various metal fanzines. Learn more about them here. If you don't know what a podcast is, think of it as a radio show.


In Episode 096, the topic is Metal anno 1984. Of course Cirith Ungol are one of the bands being discussed and played.

Content for Episode 096:

Egypt (The Chains Are On) (6:58) Dio The Last in Line
The Sentinal (5:04) Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith
Back in the Village (5:03) Iron Maiden Powerslave
Gypsy (3:09) Mercyful Fate Don’t Break the Oath
Escape (4:23) Metallica Ride the Lightening
Haunting the Chapel (3:56) Slayer Haunting the Chapel
Mad Butcher (3:31) Destruction Sentence of Death
Witching Metal (3:13) Sodom In the Sign of Evil
Sacrifice (3:17) Bathory Bathory
Morbid Tales (3:29) Celtic Frost Morbid Tales
Drop Dead (1:08) Siege Drop Dead
Atom Smasher (4:12) Cirith Ungol King of the Dead
Psalm 9 (4:50) Trouble Psalm 9


The podcast can be downloaded for free as MP3, or streamed from Requiem Metal Podcast. The part with Cirith Ungol starts about 01:13:50.

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