ANGRA: left to right Rafael Bittencourt (g), Kiko Loureiro (g), Andre Matos (v), Ricardo Confessori (d), Luis Mariutti (b)



The Goddess of Fire. That's what Angra means in Brazilian mythology. An image of beauty but also of devistating power. The name Angra perfectly suits the 5 man band from Brazil whose music burns with passionate aggression but it also aesthetically pleasing. 

Angra was formed in 1991 following singer Andre Matos' departure from the band Viper. Matos met up with guitarist Kiko Louriero who's musical ideas were like his own. Later bass player Luis Mariutti joined. They came up with the name Angra for the band and completed their line up with guitarist Rafael Bittencourt and drummer Marco Antunes.

In 1992 Angra recorded their first demo "Reaching Horizons" it contains six songs. It is so successful that they're quickly signed to LMP. The band begans to work on their first album. Marco Antunes leaves the band and is replaced by Ricardo Confesori.

In 1993 their debut album Angels Cry is released. It is an immediate success especially in Japan. Angra garners many awards both as a band and for the individual members. Angra reaches superstardom in Japan. In 1994 Angra releases an EP "Evil Warning" in Japan as thanks to their Japanese fans for all their support. 

1996: Angra releases their 2nd album "Holy Land" which is a concept album about the discovery of South America. This album is also very successful and earns the band more praise from fans and critics. Later on Angra will release another EP "Freedom Call" which features remixed versions of some of their earlier songs, a new song Freedom Call, an excellent cover of Judas Priests Painkiller featured on a Judas Priest tribute album and 3 live acoustic tracks recorded a couple of years earlier at FNAC France.

1997: Angra releases a live EP "Holy Live", a six song album recorded in Paris. "Holy Live" gives all fans a chance to hear the "real" Angra. This album is also very successful.

1998: In September Angra releases their 3rd album "Fireworks". This album once again earns Angra considerable praise from the music press. "Fireworks" is rated as an album that sets the basis for the future. 
To sum up the impact of Angra-"Angra is in essence a heavy metal band, but with melodic, emotional songwriting combined with classical arrangements and amazing musical prowess."

1999-2000: News from the official Angra website. Andre Matos, Ricardo Confessori, and Luis Mariutti have left Angra due to unspecified problems. Remaining members Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro are in the process of looking for new band members. More info as it becomes available.  



Track listing: Evil Warning, Time, Reaching Horizons, Carry On, Queen Of The Night, Angels Cry Bonus Tracks: Don't Despair, Wuthering Heights. Demo album. No longer available. Most tracks appear on other albums.

ANGELS CRY 1993 debut album

Track listing: Unfinished Allegro, Carry On, Time, Angels Cry, Stand Away, Never Understand, Wuthering Heights, Streets Of Tomorrow, Evil Warning, Lasting Child, Bonus tracks: Evil Warning, Angels Cry (remixed), Carry On (remixed)... Excellent album, has great mix of metal and stunning melodies. Best tracks are Carry On, Angels Cry, Evil Warning.


Track listing: Evil Warning ('94 Version), Angels Cry ('94 Version), Carry On ('94 Version), Wuthering Heights (Edit Version)...

No information available


Track listing: Crossing, Nothing to Say, Silence and Distance, Carolina IV, Holy Land, The Shaman, Make Believe, Z.I.T.O., Deep Blue, Lullaby for Lucifer, Queen of the Night (bonus track available on Japanese imports)

Holy Land is awesome album. It not only has wonderful melodic metal but also interest additions of Brazillian and Latin rhythm drums. This in my opinion is their best album. Best tracks are Nothing to Say, Carolina IV, Holy Land, & Deep Blue.


Track lisiting: Freedom Call, Queen Of The Night, Reaching Horizons, Stand Away, Painkiller, Deep Blue, Bonus Tracks: Angels Cry, Chega de Saudade, Never Understand....

Great EP, features remixed versions of earlier songs, a new track Freedom Call, and an excellent cover of Judas Priest's Painkiller. Also features 3 live acoustic tracks recorded at FNAC France (released earlier on an EP)


Track listing: Crossing/Nothing to Say, Z.I.T.O., Carolina IV, Unfinished Allegro/Carry On...

Excellent live EP. Angra is an incredible live band. I wish they would tour in the US. Carolina IV live is awesome.

LISBON 1998 (single)

Track listing: Lisbon, Make Believe, Angels Cry..


Track listing: Wings of Reality, Petrified Eyes, Lisbon, Metal Icarus, Paradise, Mystery Machine, Fireworks, Extreme Dream, Gentle Change, Speed, Rainy Nights (bonus track)..

Excellent album. Great combination of metal and melody. Best tracks are Wings of Reality and Mystery Machine.

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