Externity X: l to r Eric Stewart (g), Steve Gerard (g), Keith Sudano (v), Robert Maziekien "Zeek" (b), Darren Patrick (d)


The unstoppable force now known as Eternity X began some fourteen years ago when singer/songwriter Keith Sudano began to piece together the band that he called Eternity. The early years passed, with members flowing in and out the doors, until the new decade, the year of 1990, which marked a more stable band, having added bassist extraordinaire Robert Maziekien (Zeek). One year later, Eternity released their first EP, appropriately entitled "The Never-Ending Dream." The four song album was sold directly to the fans by the band, bypassing middlemen and recording contracts.
Two years passed, and more new members entered the picture. Eternity once again set themselves to recording, and the end product was an EP known as "After the Silence," signifying the time that had passed since "The Never-Ending Dream."
With increasing focus, Eternity surged forward into 1994 to release "Zodiac," the band's first full-length release as well as their first concept album. Finally the band began to receive some well-deserved recognition, earning high marks in overseas magazines and reaching many new fans.
Over the course of the next year, Eternity went through a member shift yet again, as well as advancing their music to a greater level yet again. 1995 marked the release of the full-length album "Mind Games," an opus unparalleled in its emotional power. This album saw the band reaching farther into the style labeled progressive. (That is, the music became more powerful, emotional, and talent-oriented.)
In the span of the next two years, Eternity went through many changes. Due to legal reasons, the name Eternity was changed to Eternity X, a name which, incidentally, more accurately symbolized their musical direction. Along with the new name, their new album, "The Edge," was released. This marked many differences from the past Eternity X releases. First, it was the first album that kept the lineup of the previous one, with the exception of a new keyboardist. Second, this was the first album from Eternity X that was released under recording contract. Increased distribution brought new fans to the fold, and Eternity X has welcomed all of them.
The band embarked on their first European tour in 1998, playing shows in Germany and other European nations. After the tour ended, the band released the news that all members except Keith Sudano and Zeek had left Eternity X. In the face of the daunting task to acquire new musicians, Eternity X struggled and prevailed, adding drummer Darren Patrick and fleshing out the music with the dual guitar sound of Steve Gerard and Eric Stewart. As 1999 progresses, Eternity X is busy writing new material for two upcoming albums, "The Order" and "From the Ashes." The band is also working on formally releasing each of its previous albums.
In January/February 2000 the band decided to team up with the Danish based management agency Intromental Management, who firmly believes in the band and the possibilities for greater success. The idea of seeking management services was to assist the band in acquiring a more suited recording deal with a company that could better found the bands potential.
Now, with the right line up secured and the anticipated new album "From The Ashes" written, it is in the best interest of the band to pursue other avenues than what the previous record label could provide.
The new Millennium will see Eternity X rising from the Ashes of a stalling rock and metal scene, and like Phoenix breathe new life into the Musical World!
The overall music of Eternity X is multi-colored with all its many influences. Ranging from uncompromising basic hard rock to sophisticated technical metal, Eternity X's music is underlined by classically orchestrated keyboards that are used more for atmosphere than lead work. The interplay between all the instruments is hard to describe but easily understood.
Complicated drum patterns take turns with massive energy outbursts of steady rock drumming intertwined with fills of orchestrated guitars and bass lines, all used as both rhythm and lead instruments. With his passionate, emotional, and extremely versatile vocal capacity, Keith Sudano ranges from the deepest tone to the highest pitch to lift it up and bind it all together in the perfect unison that is, has been and always will be Eternity X.
"From The Ashes" is one of those rarely discovered albums where the music is so much more than just "music". Melodic metal has never been better and "From The Ashes" will stand its ground as the next highlight within this scene ... and beyond.



Debut EP. Track listing 1. One Of Us Has To Lose 2. Cold Like The Steel, 3. Eternity, 4. Behind These Guitars. No longer in print. Will be combined with After the Silence EP and two new tracks and be released as a full length album Once Upon A Dream


Track listing: 1. Anyone But You 2. I'll be back someday 3. The Last Days 4. Switchblade 5. Might Get Lucky 6. Forever 7. A Day In Verse (Original instrumental keyboards). This EP along with The Never Ending Dream will be combined along with two new tracks and be released as a full length album Once Upon A Dream...

ZODIAC 1994 (four stars)

First full length album. Track listing: 1. Zodiac Prologue 2. Aries 3. Taurus 4. Gemini 5. Cancer 6. Leo 7. Virgo 8. Libra 9. Scorpio 10. Sagittarius 11. Capricorn 12. Aquarius 13. Pisces 14. Zodiac Epilogue 15. Fast Forward (bonus track).

Zodiac is a concept album which depicts each sign of the Zodiac. Each song named after a sign from the Zodiac, tells a story featuring the characteristics of the respective sign. Each track is excellent, but the best are Aries and Pisces, (I'm partial to Pisces because that's my sign) Zodiac is great. Keith is able to express the meanings of each sign through his lyrics which helps the listener truly understand the individual signs.

MIND GAMES 1995 (five stars)

Track listing: 1. Firestorm 2. Mind Games 3. The Chase 4. The Savior and the Disease 5. Despair 6. Crawl Before You Walk 7. Viper II 8. Faith 9. Endless Journey 10. Eulogy 11. Eternity (bonus track) 12. Switchblade (bonus track)

Mind Games is the heaviest of Eternity X's albums. This is a semi concept album which explores the dark side of the mind. This album is also excellent. It combines both heavy progressive elements with intricate melody...


Track listning: 1. The Edge...(Introduction) 2. Fly Away 3. The Confession 4. The Edge Part 2, The Looking Glass 5. A Day In Verse 6. Imaginarium 7. The Edge Part 3, Existence Chapter 1,000,009 8. The Edge Of Madness 9. Rejection (for Alanis) 10. Baptized By Fire 11. The Edge, legacy/reprise

The Edge explores the journey on the edge of sanity. It is a very powerful album. It is filled with complex musical nuances. The Edge like its predecessors is quite excellent...


Track listing: 1. The Call 2. From The Ashes 3. Bitter Winter 4. Way Down Below 5. El Viajero 6. The Confession Part II (God Will Understand) 7. On Wings of Angels 8. On My Own 9. Alone, Quiet, Afraid 10. Prisons 11. Distant Eyes 12. Echoes 13. On This Stage 14. The Answer

From The Ashes will be released sometime during 2000. The CD that will bring you to the burned down ruins of the band as it was to the success it is now. "From The Ashes" will depict the story of rising against all odds. "From The Ashes" is one of those rarely discovered albums where the music is so much more than just "music". Melodic metal has never been better and "From The Ashes" will stand its ground as the next highlight within this scene ... and beyond. (taken from the Eternity X website)

From the descriptions of the songs from the band website and from past albums. From the Ashes is going to kick ass.


Track listing: 1. Overture 2. Prelude 3. Operation Wayward Son 4. Heroes 5. Reflections

The Order will be released sometime in 2000, following the release of From The Ashes. The Order is a "rock opera" type of story written for the "Mindcrime" lovers of the world. This story takes place in the future where mankind is united in a world order. The new government of this order must deal with a new threat coming from across the world in one of its regions. An illegal military coup has taken place after years of peace by a psychotic, yet formidable madman. The World government turns to its former elite soldiers to handle the job of "Removing the threat." The codename for the men chosen in this action is "Phoenix," This is their personal, haunting story...(from the band website)

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