UPWARDS OF ENDTIME was created in Hamden, Connecticut in 2003 as an obscure traditional Heavy Metal band by vocalist Philip Swanson, who once spent time with CT veterans Sanity Assassins and political Hardcore act Blastmat. Upon leaving Blastmat Swanson forged Lepus alongside Atrocity (US) members bassist Rich Flint and drummer Jeff White with guitar player Frank Jacovino. Initially the group took on cover versions by the likes of Misfits, Orange Goblin and Witchfinder General, the latter's 'Burning A Sinner' also being recorded on the debut demo session 'Myths Of Man' as well as being a hidden reverse track on the debut. These tracks would be recorded at Gallery Studios, the sacred ground where Fates Warning recorded their classic "Night On Broken". Shortly after this time Bill Ladely joined the fold. However, Jacovino dropped out shortly after. The group, with the addition of guitarist Matt Moran, evolved into UPWARDS OF ENDTIME and entered Ritchie Blackmores sound engineer Barry Brostrum's Innerspace Studios to cut a self-titled album, released via Swayingball Music. Paul Jacovino also aided on additional guitar. Bill Ladely was removed just after recording the debut and subsequently another Atrocity member, guitarist Scott Reynolds, joined the fold for recording of the second CD "Sadly Never Fore" at Underground Productions with Simon Tuozolli at the board. Scott Reynolds left just before UOE performed their first live show with Ogre in March 2006. Immediately there after two songs were completed in May 2006, a re-recording of the song "Upwards of Endtime" and a new song "Romasantas Beard" for the compilation LP "Unleashed from the Northeast". In addition to UOE Philip Swanson created the band Vestal Claret recording two songs for the same compilation that were cut to be released on a 12" split record with his German epic true metal band Atlantean Kodex whom Phil also handles vocal duties for. As of Summer 2006 Rich and Jeff have left citing their lack of interest in the current direction of the band, that moves toward the 70s HR/HM style of Black Sabbath, (70s) Judas Priest, Angel Witch, Witchfinder General, UFO, Bon era AC/DC and Uli era Scorpions. Now with the addition of a few old friends like  new bass player Paul Wise who wrote the song "The Gathering" off of the Sadly Never Fore CD with Phil in a band together over 15 years ago, new additional guitar virtuoso Tony Truglio of Liege Lord fame who shared first band experiences with Matt in the very early 80s, Jim  of Vetsal Claret on drums and Si also of Vestal Claret adding keyboards who also played keyboards on the "Sadly Never Fore" CD. UOE is preparing to release its third album to be titled "From Genesis to Apocalypse and Beyond" with the songs "From Apocalypse to Genesis and Beyond", "Damned to the Underground", "Passing Time", "Faith Long Lost", "Disappear", "Conclusion", "At Last", "Alone", "Men at Arms", "The Burning",  "Signs", "Search for Light", "Prayer for the Dying" and "The Sleeping Dragon" UOE will also being making a contribution to the upcoming Angel Witch tribute CD by Unbroken Metal with their version of "Straight From Hell" in a one time only appearance as "Lucifers Son" in a collaboration with members of Vestal Claret and Liege Lord. Phil Swanson is also presently recording a full length CD with his additional occult band Vestal Claret and has re-united with Bill Ladley in a new project called Earthlord that will be releasing a 2 song 7 in the Summer 2007.

Recently some lost demos were uncovered that feature Matt and Paul with the band "TRIBE" from 1987. Along with this demo also numerous other tapes were found dating back to as early as 1985. Samples from these tapes and more info can be found on this Tribe Tribute Page: