Day of birth: 03.08.1977
Instrument: Fuckinī Guitar
Model: ESP Explorer
Single?: Yes
Children: No
Marriages: No
Hobbies: Music and all the stuff makin' fun
Nicknames: Jaymz, Alkemist
Pets: 8mm Nose with hairs upon 2 eggs
Favourite CDs of all time:
Metallica "Kill 'em all"
Favourite Metal song:
all from Metallica between 83-89
Favourite movie: Blade Runner, Conan,
Star Wars Episode IV-VI
Favourite food: Pasta, Chinese Food
Favourite book:
Shadowrun, Earthdawn (hehe...whats ever)
Favourite sex position: All the fuckin' stuff
Metal activities: This Question is just asked because Christoph wanted to show you all how much Metal he is. So please clap your hands for him and write your congratulations down in our guestbook. He needs that. I play fuckinī guitar... man...
Why do the others love me:
Cause I'm funny ... hehe
Why do the others hate me:
Cause I'm funny ... hehe
The hairs around my cock are also in red.
Some own words:
Be creative, never loose respect and donīt wear armbands with nails on it ;)